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Chapter 11 Entrusted by Others

Chapter 11 Entrusted by others last night?

There are too few interactions between Gu Jinxi and Yan Chen, not even friends.

Under such circumstances, Gu Jinxi is still a little hard to imagine why Yan Chen actually sent himself to the hospital from home last night.

Someone called him to deliver it? how can that be possible!

When Gu Jinxi glanced over, his little suspicious eyes made Yan Chen a little uncomfortable for no reason.

After thinking about it for a while, Gu Jinxi thought that he was not even interested in entering her house to drink tea last night. He still put aside some absurd and charming thoughts, “Did you have anything to do with me yesterday?”

In addition, Gu Jinxi could no longer find a reason for him to go to his own home.

Fortunately, Chen Qing on the side heard Gu Jinxi’s words and realized that what she had just said seemed to have caused a misunderstanding.

Immediately, he explained: “Jin Xi, it was Aunt Qing’s car that broke down when she left Jinyuan. Fortunately, Yan Shao’s car passed by and took us to the hospital by the way.”

After understanding the whole story, Gu Jinxi couldn’t help feeling a little embarrassed. He glanced at Yan Chen, who had the same look over there, and then coughed lightly to cover up the embarrassment he had just thought about, “So it’s like thisโ€ฆ Yan Shao, trouble you. “

Opening his mouth slightly, Yan Chen’s words turned around, “Well, live alone, pay attention to yourself.”

Although it was Yan Chen’s rare words of concern, Gu Jinxi felt a suffocation when he heard the words.

Yes, she has to forget, now she is just a person. Without a father, without a husband, the original home is gone.

When the atmosphere was silent for a while, Yan Chen asked again: “What did the doctor say?”

“The doctor said that there is still some lack of nutrition, and the need for rest, emotional conditioning is very important.” In short, Gu Jinxi must maintain a happy mood and not excessively fall into sadness. In addition, even if you have been in a coma for a few days, even if you have a nutritional injection, you still need to be treated.

Upon hearing this, Yan Chen nodded slightly. I don’t know if it echoed the meaning in the words, or just signaled that I heard it.

“If you need anything, you can call me.” On the side, the secretary received a glance from his own president, and hurriedly stepped forward and handed out a business card with both hands.

Looking at the black bronzing business card in his hand, there are only simple names and a mobile phone number on it. Holding it, Gu Jinxi looked at Yan Chen for an instant, “Why do you help me like this?”

“I said, entrusted by others.” Yan Chen said indifferently.

Entrusted by others?

“To be honest, I really can’t think of anyone with such a big face that could please you.” Because of the words he had said at the funeral before, when Gu Jinxi thought about it carefully, it was full of loopholes.

But, no matter what it is, at least he is helping himself. Therefore, there is nothing to make people covet Gu Jinxi now, so he chose not to be true for the time being.

Although Gu Jinxi didn’t say what was behind, Yan Chen could see it.

The curvature of the corner of his mouth seemed to rise a little, and Yan Chen had to admit that Gu Jinxi was not disgusted by the cleverness of this woman. On the contrary, kind of like it.

The appearance of the lawyer’s letter has caused a lot of heated discussion on the Internet.

At this time, two hours have passed since the end of the live broadcast. Netizens have different opinions about this seemingly simple but not simple divorce.

But it was the lawyer’s letter issued by Yan Chen on the V that really introduced this matter. If you look closely, you can see that the object accused by this lawyer’s letter is not someone else, but the nurse who published the first post to bring this matter into everyone’s attention.

As the head of the Yan family, although Yan Chen is usually low-key and restrained, he can’t resist the screen-licking behavior of the majority of nymphomaniacs.

So Yan Chen, who is basically not online, has a group of diehard fans.

At this time, the group of diehard fans saw this lawyer letter sent by Yan Chen and couldn’t help but follow Yan Chen’s thoughts, and began to wonder if Gu Jinxi was wronged with ulterior motives?

After all, where Yan Chen’s identity is, he naturally sees more and deeper than those who are active on the Internet.

Suddenly, the trend reversed, and more and more people began to analyze this matter carefully.

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