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Chapter 15 You Are Really Good-tempered

Chapter 15 You really have a good temper. “Go ahead and deal with your eyes.” Ignoring Gu Jinxi’s words, Yan Chen went straight to the ophthalmology department.

When Jiang Zhe received the call and rushed to the ophthalmology department, he saw the patient Yan Chen had brought him, and the corners of his mouth twitched slightly, “I said Master Yan, I am also a director anyway, a doctor, and the vice president of this hospital. . You can’t give me some face, what kind of matter is that important.”

This is really not a big deal, because Gu Jinxi was taken away by the nurse and dealt with it within two minutes.

When she returned to Jiang Zhe’s office, she didn’t know what Jiang Zhe had said, and Yan Chen was obviously impatient.

Seeing her back, she didn’t even make her say a word to Jiang Zhe, and went straight to pull Gu Jinxi away.

“At least I should thank people, right?” She didn’t forget that they came directly in the director’s office and didn’t even register.

“Just tell me.” Yan Chen said without turning his head.

This time when I was out of the hospital, I didn’t encounter any one who didn’t have long eyes again, and the two got into the car smoothly.

In the car going back, it continued to be quiet. After contacting Yan Chen so many times, Gu Jinxi was used to it, but he didn’t feel embarrassed.

“I will take care of the matter this time. Don’t worry.” After a long period of silence, Yan Chen’s deep voice rang in the car.

I don’t know if it’s because of the small space, that low voice makes Gu Jinxi’s ears itchy for no reason.

Subconsciously rubbing his ears, Gu Jinxi didn’t care, “No, they’ve already planned this time, and they’ve already waited for me to jump into the hole. And you see, this video is justified and well-founded. There is no video in it, unless Li Yue speaks back, otherwise this is a dead end. And if I pull you deep enough, don’t hurt you anymore. Leave this to me and I will take care of it myself.”

“You?” It’s not that Yan Chen didn’t believe Gu Jinxi, after all, he also saw that she was different from other girls in intelligence. In the final analysis, she now has no patron of the family.

Even, apart from Gu’s year-end dividend, I am afraid she has no source of life. Yan Chen has read Gu Jinxi’s information, and he is pretty sure that Gu Jinxi is not suitable for going out to find a job.

“It’s me, why? Don’t you believe it?” Gu Jinxi said with a smile, but said nothing more.

She didn’t vowed to boast about what to go to Haikou, because Gu Jinxi knew that she hadn’t found the way she wanted to go.

However, if Gu Jinxi would be frustrated without the Gu family, then she would really have no face to face her dead parents.

“Then what happened just now? Just let people scold you. You really have a good temper.” Thinking of seeing Gu Jinxi just standing and being scolded just now, Yan Chen’s anger rose again.

“Otherwise, what can be done? Could it be like a shrew?” Gu Jinxi was amused. She didn’t want to, but couldn’t.

For one thing, her temperament prevented her from doing such a thing.

Secondly, it was Gu’s education that prevented her from doing such a thing. If she really scolded people in the street, no matter whether she was right or wrong, Gu Jinxi would have defeated the Gu family’s face.

Being blocked by Gu Jinxi’s words, Yan Chen was angry, but didn’t know what he was angry at.

Seeing Yan Chen driving with a calm face, Gu Jinxi seemed to be able to feel the aggrievedness in his heart. Want to laugh, more should be moved? At least she is not alone at this time.

Thinking of this, Gu Jinxi smirked, “Yan Chen, do me a favor.”

“Okay.” Yan Chen responded directly without thinking about it.

Looking at the decisive Yan Chen, Gu Jinxi said straightly, “You should be able to find the man who just smashed my egg? It’s the man with the sharp-mouthed monkey cheek in the middle. Help me find someone to beat him, and then ask him to help. Give Qiao Yiyi a word.”

“How do you know that Qiao Yiyi got him?” Yan Chen glanced at Gu Jinxi suspiciously. Secretary Wang has already found out that Qiao Yiyi did things against Gu Jinxi these days.

“I just know, you just do it.” Of course she knew. Not only did she know that the person was called by Qiao Yiyi, but she also knew that there were reporters among the onlookers.

If she hadn’t held back her mouth or hands at the time, she would have been labeled with various insults.

These are all Qiao Yiyi’s common methods.

Although knowing that Gu Jinxi deliberately did not say anything, Yan Chen did not continue to ask, “Then what do you want him to say?”

“Let him tell Qiao Yiyi, if you want to fight me Gu Jinxi, just come here upright and don’t engage in these unsuccessful things.” In Gu Jinxi’s words, there is disdain and arrogance, but it won’t make Yan Chen feel Any disgust.

Even if she has almost nothing now, Qiao Yiyi is the big winner.

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