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Chapter 16 There is no room for negotiation

Chapter 16 There is no room for negotiation When Yan Chen called to explain, Gu Jinxi was obviously in a good mood.

She asked Yan Chen to beat the man, but this account was not on her head. The man would definitely not be willing to go to Qiao Yiyi.

Although it’s not difficult to deal with this kind of stuff, it can’t touch Qiao Yiyi’s muscles and let her get a little blood, even if the interest is good.

What she didn’t expect was that Yan Chen didn’t just beat people up just as she said.

The car slowly stopped at the door, and Gu Jinxi looked at Yan Chen slightly, “Go in and sit down?”

I thought he would still refuse, but I didn’t want Yan Chen to just hesitate, and then nodded in nostalgia.

Because a lot of the previous egg liquid was on the clothes, even though the face had been treated, Gu Jinxi was still uncomfortable. Immediately after entering the villa, he left Yan Chen in the living room and went back to the room by himself.

Aunt Chen has been in Gu’s house for more than ten years, watching Gu Jinxi grow up. During the accident of the Gu family, she did not stay at the Gu family who had already been taken into the house by the Ji family. Instead, she came to Gu Jinxi’s current residence to continue taking care of her daily life.

In fact, at the beginning, Gu Jinxi didn’t want to delay Aunt Chen, after all, she now doesn’t even have a source of income. Can’t stand Aunt Chen’s pleading, Gu Jinxi can only choose to compromise.

At this time, seeing Gu Jinxi bringing a man back, Aunt Chen was surprised, but she dutifully poured a cup of tea and walked over, “Sir, let’s have some tea first.”

When she saw Aunt Chen, Yan Chen remembered who she was. After all, the people involved in Gu’s family, he has read their information.

“Thank you.” Yan Chen nodded slightly, his expression indifferent.

After waiting for a while, Yan Chen’s cell phone rang before Gu Jinxi came down.

“Hello,” Yan Chen said.

“President, the cooperation with Gu has been initially negotiated, but there are still some details.” Secretary Wang’s voice rang on the phone.

Picking up the teacup, Yan Chen took a sip of tea, “Say.”

“That’s it. People on the Gu family feel that, after all, Gu has announced that it will be merged into the Ji family, and our proposal to unilaterally terminate the contract if Gu is merged into the Ji family is very unreasonable.” Secretary Wang said.

With a sneer from the bottom of his heart, Yan Chen’s low voice contained a hint of sarcasm, “I’m afraid that’s not from the Gu clan at all, but from the Ji clan. You should understand the intention of adding this article, and tell them directly, I’ll order There is no room for negotiation, otherwise they can choose not to sign.”

Secretary Wang, who had been clamoring for most of the day, heard his president’s words, and finally felt relieved, and immediately responded with a smile: “Observe the president!”

With a hum, Yan Chen didn’t care much and hung up the phone.

At the top of the stairs, Gu Jinxi looked at Yan Chen somewhat complicatedly. When he turned his head and the two eyes met, Gu Jinxi couldn’t avoid it.

Walking closer, Gu Jinxi’s cheeks still had a hint of pink because of the shower he had just taken, and when he approached, the faint fragrance of bathing flowers lingered in his nose.

“When did the Yan family cooperate with the Gu family?” asked softly, Gu Jinxi was sure that this was not there before.

“These two days.” That’s right, this is a cooperation case that Yan Chen has just drafted in these two days.

Sitting on the sofa opposite Yan Chen, Gu Jinxi hesitated slightly, “Why? The current Gu family, I am afraid it will not bring any benefits to the Yan family. It is better to find the Gu family than to find the Ji family.”

Yan Chen knew that Gu Jinxi was a smart woman, and even if he didn’t tell her, she would know sooner or later. What’s more, he was going to tell her about it, “I am not short of money, so the benefits do not matter to me.”

“But I know, you need time.” Yan Chen said a little bit, watching Gu Jinxi’s instantaneous expression, and proceeded without any hassle, “Once Ji’s merged into Gu’s subsidiary as a subsidiary, it will be difficult to guarantee. Its independence. So I want to use this cooperation case to buy Gu’s independence, so when you take the review, it will still be Gu’s.”

Gu Jinxi could understand Yan Chen’s words, but they were somewhat contradictory. On the one hand, I don’t want to owe Yan Chen too much for this matter, and on the other hand I don’t want the Gu family to be labeled as Ji family and become no longer pure.

Seeing Gu Jinxi’s hesitation, Yan Chen said again: “But you have to be mentally prepared. Even if you take the Huizhou Clan at that time, it is estimated that you will be cut out.”

“I understand.” Nodding slightly, Gu Jinxi found helplessly that even if she knew she would owe Yan Chen a lot for it, she still hadn’t found a reason to refuse.

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