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Chapter 18 Did she divorce for you?

Chapter 18 Did she divorce for you? Under Shi Qingfeng’s resentful sight, Yan Chen picked up a piece of matcha-flavored pound cake and took a bite, followed by another bite.

It was time for afternoon tea, Shi Qingfeng was also greeted by the smell of the cake, “Achen, this cake is a heavy oil cake, and it will make you fat more easily.”

“It’s okay, I exercise a lot.” Yan Chen took another slice of cocoa without hesitation and ate it bite by bite.

Yan Chen’s taste is very good, so he ate two slices of the cake in front of him. Shi Qingfeng couldn’t help but want to eat it even more. “If you are a brother, I will give you two choices, or divide the cake in your hand. Some, why don’t you help me ask that girl, where did you buy this?”

Ask Secretary Wang to bring in a cup of coffee. Yan Chen doesn’t eat cakes very often. Although it tastes good, he is a bit greasy.

“Do it yourself, you can’t buy it outside.” Yan Chen raised his eyebrows and looked at Shi Qingfeng with a little teasing.

Sitting on the chair, Shi Qingfeng stared at the cake in front of him, “Where did you find the cute girl, this is too cute? Or, if you don’t like her, let me have it.”

“Isn’t it easy for Master Shi to want a cook? Just go to any cake shop and dig out one?” Yan Chen said lightly, his voice a little bit colder than before.

It’s a pity, Shi Qingfeng didn’t hear it at all.

When Secretary Wang came in with coffee, she saw Shi Qingfeng in the office, and she was a little surprised how his own president had just specifically ordered only a cup of coffee.

Putting down the coffee, Secretary Wang smelled the sweetness of the cake and couldn’t help but said, “Where did Shi Shao buy the cake? It smells very good.”

“I bought it. I didn’t even give me a slice of Achen until I wanted to eat it. I don’t know which girl gave it to me, so precious.” Shi Qingfeng complained and continued to look at Yan Chen sadly.

Secretary Wang knew where Yan Chen went today, so when she heard Shi Qingfeng’s words, she immediately thought of Gu Jinxi, “Ms. Gu did this?”

After keenly noticing the words Miss Gu, Shi Qingfeng’s ears were pricked up, “Miss Gu? Which Miss Gu? How come I don’t know where there is a Miss Gu next to Achen?”

“Let’s go out.” Yan Chen didn’t seem to hear them, eating cake and drinking coffee to himself. Not to mention, the occasional afternoon tea like this is not a taste.

When Secretary Wang left, Shi Qingfeng simply lay his upper body on the desk, without any image, “Which Miss Gu is it? Little star? Little model?”

“Gu Jinxi, you should recognize her.” After eating the cake seven or eighty-eight, Yan Chen placed the remaining half of the cake in front of Shi Qingfeng, while drinking the remaining coffee.

As soon as he put a piece of cake in his mouth, Shi Qingfeng was thinking about which Gu Jinxi was from, and suddenly thought of the recent quarrel between the Gu family and the Ji family. It seems that the divorced woman in the Gu family is called Gu Jinxi?

I didn’t notice it for a while and almost made the cake choke.

After finally eating the cake in his mouth, Shi Qingfeng’s voice was a little trembling, “So…that…she divorced for you?”

Shi Qingfeng couldn’t imagine that his friend actually hooked up with a married woman and got a divorce. No matter how you look at it, it’s a bit disillusioned.

“You can’t stop your mouth if you have something to eat? I dare to talk nonsense.” Yan Chen glared at Shi Qingfeng, and Yan Chen was a little speechless. Apart from his active brain cells, his mouth is not locked.

Seeing Yan Chen’s reaction, Shi Qingfeng finally breathed a sigh of relief, “It’s not good, it’s not good.”

Not to mention that Shi Qingfeng has expressed a lot of interest in Gu Jinxi, only that an uninvited guest has also come to Gu Jinxi’s villa.

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