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Chapter 2 My Girl, Little Boy


She graduated from Dae Taeyang Elementary School, an elite group school district where the children of the Nanda Ginda family in Gangnam flock to.

Her father raised investors to expand the printing and dyeing business, which had been robust, but the business failed because it failed to read the economic trends at the time, when Chinese factories armed with cheap labor and growth continued to slow.

At that time, she was 15 years old, and she attended Taeyang Middle School, where she transferred to Busan as she was expelled.

But for her, that day was a splendid light and a ‘liberation day’. The three and a half years from her fifth year of elementary school to the first semester of her second year of middle school were a nightmare that she wanted to erase from her memory.

“Don’t you know that I hate Taeyang kids? They are boring.”

[You have to show that you have definitely changed. How long will you live in their memories as a little boy?

what has changed I’m still in the middle of nowhere with no job, and I’m bickering and going back and forth between Albanians and Albanians. Would that change her appearance? As much as ant poop? Dramatic changes need to be made to create a dramatic scene. What can be said to be a change is that it has moved away from holding glasses. Also, the cheeks that were full like candy bites on both cheeks were gone. like melted candy.


“Wanna die? When was the last time ‘Kobongi’ was banned?”

Her name was probably ‘Kobong-soon’, and because she lived as someone’s ‘Kobong’, the name she was called by her friends naturally became ‘Kobongi’.

I curse those times when I was a coward forever. And I still can’t forget the child who started the curse.

A boy who was alone in the midst of the elite of the sun who said that he flew. This kid is a thug who will remain in a bad relationship for the rest of his life.

[Then I’ll go alone. If you go and build elite networks, it will be of great help in getting a job… … .]

I’m really powerless and a white beast without a back, who pours curses whenever I can and is attracted to Yoo Ji-hee’s words.

[Since the salaries are high and the families are big, is there somewhere I can put you in? … I also want to… … .]

Yes, I am an unemployed person, whose livelihood is more important than face. So just close your eyes, don’t, just don’t go

However, I do not want to show the appearance of a swan without a job in front of this gangster, stomping his feet under the transparent lake.

I don’t know if I can succeed in good form and go on stage proudly by driving a Benz like crazy. no. The girl doesn’t want to be tied up under any circumstances.

If we do run into each other, yes, around that time would be good. The moment when you see off this gangster with the Grim Reaper in front of the brimstone inferno. At that time, they will say goodbye to each other as well as the reunion.

As he did, with one corner of his mouth rolled up, he made arsenic and said ‘Bye-bye’.

It was Yoo Ji-hee, a voice from hell and distant heaven, who broke her creative imagination.

[According to the source, this gangster said he wouldn’t come to this reunion… … .]

“I’ll go.”

After cutting Jihee’s words, her call sign came out at once.

Without this gangster, there is no reason not to go. It is a very cool problem-solving.

At this point, he will break away from his image as a gangster, and he will say goodbye to the past when he lived as a gangster’s gangster and a glasses-holder.

At 10 o’clock last night, Kangmin diligently shared his lips with Jiyeonsoo’s lips, who appeared as the main character of the drama ‘Gyusu’.

She must have been the woman who pretended to be a nobleman last night with her long hair swept away and with a virtuous and dignified face.

But now, with his mind resting on his lowered lips, he was letting out a loud moan between the exchanges of breaths.

In one day, the woman was transformed from a virtuous nobleman’s gyusu into a dense slut. Her wavy hair has long since been loosened.

Whoa, the corruption of the son-in-law of a noble family… … ! oh control… … !

The man’s lips swallowed the woman’s lips densely. His lips and tongue were devoured sweetly and softly, as if her lips were Michelin Star’s best pudding.

The smell of the man’s sharp skin burned her as much as her cruel lips.

A suit without a single wrinkle, a white shirt, a cold face… … . The woman thought she wanted to mess with each and every thing caught in this man, and even to have this man’s ruthlessness.

In order to reach the tall Kangmin, Jiyeonsoo hardened his wigs. The wind made his immaculate shirt slightly stained with her powder and lipstick.

At last, he seems to have messed up his angle a little bit, pointing to the right angle. A satisfied smile bloomed on Jiyeonsoo’s face like flower petals on a spring day.

Contrary to his sober expression, the already excited man boldly lifted the woman’s dress from his thighs to his chest.

This man’s hand gestures pinpointed the woman’s excitement point. All of a sudden, the woman’s body was reflected in a hazy reflection in the naked light.

“Alas… … .”

Perhaps because the woman’s moaning had stimulated him even more, the man’s hand penetrated the woman’s bra.

Finally, just as the finals were about to begin, a sharp phone call cut through the ripe atmosphere.

Even in a hot and urgent moment, the man took out his hand, which had been digging into his bra, and put it in the pocket of his suit, and crawled to his cell phone. The skill of changing from hot air to cold air was very useful.

The owner of the phone is a key figure in the investment club where the man is a member.

“This is Lee Kang-min. Yes. no. As long as interest rates rise, there is no need to hang money from China. Since the stock market crash, the value of the yuan has been falling, and large-scale investment of funds will not be enough. In a situation in which factories around the world are in recession, investment in emerging markets itself does not guarantee returns. The virtuous cycle will be broken. It is correct to return it. Yes, we’ll talk again tomorrow.”

More than half of this man’s words were uninterpretable codes, but the man’s low-pitched voice is the only answer that heightens her excitement.

Why does a man who responds with a gust of wind blowing in such a hot air current look so charismatic?

As soon as Kang-min ended her phone call, she resumed her exquisitely cut off bed scene with her. He is a smart man who never forgets the order.

It was a cut cut in her bra, so his hands were pointing back into the bra, and he had to do a ready action.

Again, the cell phone bell announces NG.

I can’t stop here.

“Don’t take it, Kangmin… … .”


However, it is Lee Kang-min who is firmly a workaholic. Even in a situation where the heat is boiling, work is ‘first’ rather than a woman.

“This is Lee Kang-min.”

A voice like a machine that even threatens AlphaGo.

[Hey, aren’t you coming today? What if you don’t come after you have prepared all the seats?]

“tired. I think you said you weren’t going?”

[Jooyoung was upset. We’re getting married in two years, and we don’t even get engaged, we don’t announce to her friends. This is So-yeon who comes to me and meets me. Come today and make an official announcement. Her only wish these days is an engagement ceremony other than reunification. If the engagement ceremony is cumbersome, you can make an announcement. Please grant a wish to a living person. You are my future wife.]

No matter how hard it is, CEO Shim’s stinging nagging will make you sigh. However, CEO Shim’s voice did not stop, whether he could not hear his sigh or wanted to ignore it.

[It’s the weekend, isn’t it urgent? Where are you now?]

“JS Hotel.”

[Are you kidding me? You’ll just have to take the elevator. Are you with a girl?]


[Come over quickly, then.]

Does that mean it’s over quickly? I’m not fast enough? You can’t enjoy it slowly.

“Joo Young-in, are you there?”

[He’s already here.]

“For now, I know.”

Joo-Young was a friend who had been on the same course together from her elementary school through high school, and she was also the woman he had chosen for her arranged marriage two years earlier.

She had agreed not to touch, meddling in each other’s private lives until she got married, but little by little she tries to invade his territory. So it was right for her to write a contract. Kangmin again realized the importance of the contract.

It’s not difficult or difficult to announce the marriage, but it’s true that I felt uncomfortable about stepping into the news for nothing. Two years is a long time that can touch quite a lot of businesses, but there is no guarantee that Oh Joo-young won’t have an accident and endure it well.

Kangmin hangs up and tells Jiyeonsoo who is proudly exposing her perfect body line.

“Not today.”

“Mr. Kangmin… … to go like this? There’s a den that hurts a woman’s self-esteem. you.”

Kang-min gave Ji-yeon-soo’s one-piece dress, which was shouting for hurray to the fullest. Then he dyed her bald earlobes with his breath.

“Have we decided not to intervene in our own lives? Let’s not forget, Jiyeonsoo.”

He wants to threaten this bad man Lee Kang-min, but then he is a man who will never show his face again.

Jiyeon-soo had no choice but to resign, biting his lip.

“Okay, I’ll wait. call. If you leave first, I’m going to hurt myself more, so I’ll go first.”

Kang-min waited for Ji-yeon to return to being a virtuous and kind woman again. Because learning is a business that feeds on image. That was the only manner he could show now, and he was a gentleman.

And he, too, cooled the man who had been burning with momentum.

No matter how cold-hearted a man he may be, it is not easy for him to cool off the heat that has risen above the boiling point.

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