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Chapter 20 Food Blogger

Chapter 20 Food Bloggers As a food blogger, Gu Jinxi has cooked Western desserts and can cook Chinese food. Various Hong Kong-style breakfasts are also her goals for learning.

In addition to the tutorials on shooting food, many fans also threatened to post the blade by posting food photos late at night. But she never uses her Weibo to make money, and her conscientious attitude is also commendable.

So for her being listed as a well-known food blogger, Gu Jinxi said without shame that she deserves her name.

But just like this, Gu Jinxi, who has been blogging every Sunday for more than five years, disappeared without saying a word and without the slightest message more than ten days ago. Many fans spontaneously organized a search operation. .

It’s a pity that Jinniang never exposes her photos. The only thing she travels abroad except for those dishes is a pair of delicate hands.

Clicking on the chat room, Gu Jinxi usually seldom communicates with people too much. After more than five years of blogging, he has only bubbling in a chat group of less than 500 people.

Jinniang: I’m back. I’m sorry to make you worry about me.

Matcha Pudding: Jinniang! !

Brown Sugar Macchiato: Jinniang, you finally appeared! Wipe tears

Jinniang’s little padded jacket: Jinniang, if you don’t come back, I will apologize with death. They killed the foxes on East Street, the strays on West Street, and the snakes on South Street.

Jinniang: What is it?

Cotton Jacket No. 2: Cough cough, that is, during your absence, Jinniang held an event on Weibo. Because of your absence, many small bloggers have emerged. Others say that Jinniang, you are in the past tense, threatening to take off your mystery and prove that you are a fake mother.

“Puff! Ahem…” He choked by drinking water accidentally. Gu Jinxi knew that some people had suspected that he was so ugly that he couldn’t see anyone, but he didn’t expect anyone to think of it.

Jinniang: It’s okay, the beam jumping clown will always leave.

Matcha Pudding: Star Eyes

Brown Sugar Macchiato: Jinniang domineering! Star eye

Seeing a group of rushing group members walking up the line, Gu Jinxi’s mouth was slightly bent, and his mood improved a lot.

Everyone is very curious about Gu Jinxi’s disappearance during this period. Gu Jinxi did not hide it either, and directly told them about his divorce, but it is impossible for Gu Jinxi to be involved in his actual identity.

When he heard that Gu Jinxi had been divorced at first, he was stunned.

Hehehe: Jinniang asks for marriage! I have a house and a car at home, no wife or girlfriend, my parents are alive, tall, handsome, and well-educated!

Jinniang’s little padded jacket: Where did this hehehe come from? Why do I look so stunned.

Cotton Jacket No. 2: The same eye is born.

Ultraman Universe: He is a little monster. He was so excited to hear Jinniang’s divorce just now that he changed his name.

Brown Sugar Macchiato:……

Matcha pudding:…

Ultraman Universe: But what he just said is true. He was our school grass when he was in college. There are models with cars and houses that don’t bother you.

Jinniang: Ahem, I don’t want that much for the time being, are you crooked a bit far?

Hehehe: Jinniang, I’m waiting for you.

Gu Jinxi couldn’t help but feel delayed.

Fortunately, Gu Jinxi said, other people stopped talking about the topic just now, but talked about the few bloggers who seemed very happy recently.

After thinking about it, Gu Jinxi made an announcement.

Announcement: The live broadcast will start at 5pm, so remember to come.

Hehehe: Hehe, live broadcast Jinniang’s last live broadcast was a year ago. Can he show his face this time?

Cotton Jacket No. 2: Just thinking about the beauty of our Jinniang, the superficial human being.

Ultraman Universe: Speaking of which, when the snake spirit was on the live broadcast yesterday, he took off his clothes on the live broadcast. Guess what?

Jinniang’s little padded jacket: Don’t pollute Jinniang’s beautiful eyes with glamorous bitches, but you can say if it is a fool. Smirk.

Ultraman Universe: But it’s just that you don’t care when you take it off, and you take off the fake breasts together. Is that ugly? I don’t know if it counts. Laughing thumpingly.

Infected by the joyful chat atmosphere for a while, Gu Jinxi went to his Weibo, and as expected, many people had already publicized her live broadcast.

In this case, she still think about the content of the live broadcast at night.

She didn’t know at this time, it was just a live broadcast on a whim, which was actually transmitted to a certain president’s cell phone.

“Five o’clock…” Yan Chen glanced at the time under the computer, and used the office computer to download Weibo in a ghostly manner.

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