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Chapter 21 Yan Chen, a local tyrant

Chapter 21. The remaining time of the big local tyrant Yan Chen basically doesn’t need to be spent. When Gu Jinxi thinks about the recipe for live broadcast tonight, let Aunt Chen prepare the ingredients he needs, and the time is 4:50.

Because he planned to broadcast dinner today, Gu Jinxi simply chose the location of the live broadcast in the kitchen.

It’s just that it’s easy to show her face when she comes and goes. In order to avoid being exposed, she went to the storage room to search for a Rilakkuma’s headgear.

The chubby little head had just been put on, and the sudden weight and discomfort made it take Gu Jinxi a few minutes to get used to it.

When I changed my clothes and adjusted my status and opened the Weibo live channel, many fans were already waiting in the room.

Jinniang’s little padded jacket: Ahhhhh! Jinniang’s Rilakkuma headgear is so cute and cute!

Hehehe: Goddess, don’t you really consider showing a face? [Wronged]

Brown Sugar Macchiato: The instant noodles are ready, waiting for Jinniang to feed something delicious. [clever]

Cotton Jacket No. 2: Are you sure you can eat instant noodles later? [doubt]

Brown Sugar Macchiato:……

Looking at the happy people, Gu Jinxi put the prepared ingredients on the table and greeted everyone.

It’s a pity that everyone’s interest was too high. Before Gu Jinxi could say a few words, he was pulled to explain the “disappearance for no reason” during this period of time.

After the explanation, Gu Jinxi posted the dishes he had to make today on the top board aside according to everyone’s requirements.

In fact, the few dishes she plans to cook today are not difficult, and it can be said that she wants to eat now.

They are: appetizing tomato fish fillet soup, sweet and sour pork tenderloin, tomato prawns, vinegar cabbage and a hibiscus soup.

At first sight, the comrades in front of the computers and phones couldn’t help but swallow their saliva when they saw so many names of dishes. By the way, they doubted whether it was a wise move to watch the live broadcast at the meal.

Gu Jinxi couldn’t manage that much. In order to let himself eat dinner earlier, he moved his hands and started to process the ingredients.

Although Aunt Chen has helped to get most of the ingredients, Gu Jinxi can’t just be a spoon. She keeps the simple ingredients for herself.

“The first thing I want to do is the appetizing tomato fish soup. Tomato has the effect of cooling blood and calming liver, invigorating the stomach and eliminating food, clearing away heat and detoxification, promoting body fluid and quenching thirst, and enhancing appetite. And it is rich in carotene, vitamin C, and B vitamins. , Vitamin P, dietary fiber and lycopene. I usually like to eat it raw, but it’s a different experience to eat cooked.”

“It’s just that lycopene and carrots are fat-soluble, so cooked is better for absorption, and the absorption rate is lower when eaten raw. Grass carp contains B vitamins, niacin, unsaturated fatty acids, calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, selenium, etc. , The fat content is low, and beauty-loving girls are not afraid to consume too much fat.”

In the huge live broadcast room, only Gu Jinxi’s soft voice kept ringing. Everyone listened quietly, and everyone’s chat history was constantly updated from time to time.

Gu Jinxi handled the ingredients very quickly. He removed the black film and washed the grass carp and cut it into coin-thick slices. Add salt, pepper, cornstarch and mix well, then drizzle in a little salad oil and mix well.

Wash the tomatoes on the other side and break off the small pieces. Because of the high content of lycopene under the skin, the skin has not been removed.

Then put a little oil in the pot and stir the garlic on a low heat. Turn to high heat and pour the tomatoes. When the tomatoes are fried out of red oil, pour in water and boil for a few minutes, then change to low heat.

Put the ginger in, then put the fish fillets in without overlapping, wait for the fish fillets to change color and curl, then add salt and chopped green onion.

Each step was accompanied by Gu Jinxi’s careful explanation. When it was finally served, Gu Jinxi put the finished product on the table.

Appreciating the attractive scarlet more closely, the most obvious change is that the speed of refreshing the screen has increased.

Ultraman Universe: Across the screen, you can smell the alluring fragrance. The hero recognized that this dish was too fat at a glance. I just want to say to Jinniang, don’t move, let me come!

With Ultraman’s screen refreshing, rewards are constantly pouring up. At first, everyone followed the trend for this kind of small rewards, and following one by one, it can be regarded as a fun.

Until a reward information exploded a firework in the live broadcast room…

System: Congratulations to Jinniang for her first purple diamond in the live broadcast room. At this historic moment, I would like to line up on behalf of the netizens. Congratulations, hope…

A purple diamond is equal to 10,000 yuan. According to Jinniang’s age and number of fans, there must be a reward for it. It’s just that Jinniang said earlier that she doesn’t want everyone to waste money on rewarding her.

So everyone who is aspiring to join together will only make some small rewards that make Jinniang happy, but I didn’t expect that some people were anxious to show off.

At this moment, Yan Chen, who was sitting in the office with a tight eye, stared at the busy figure of Gu Jinxi on the computer screen, did not know that the low-key himself was considered anxious to show off for the first time.

And five minutes ago.

“President, Shao Shi just called and said that he would like to invite you to dinner together.” Secretary Wang walked into the office and saw Yan Chen who was serious looking at the computer, and he subconsciously lowered his voice a little while thinking that the other party was in the office.

In fact, when he received this call, Secretary Wang was also dumbfounded. Because always, Shi Qingfeng contacted Yan Chen by calling Yan Chen himself, and rarely through Secretary Wang’s side.

But as soon as his voice fell, he heard a soft female voice coming from the computer, the key point was a bit familiar.

After holding back the motion of the probe, Secretary Wang saw that Yan Chen didn’t respond, so he couldn’t help but yelled again, “President?”

“Don’t go.” Yan Chen replied faintly after regaining his gaze.

But two seconds before his sight was retracted, he returned to the computer leisurely again. Well, this tomato fish fillet looks delicious…

Secretary Wang just wanted to say something more when she saw her president frown.

Suddenly, Secretary Wang felt a sense of crisis and subconsciously kept silent.

“How to reward?” Yan Chen looked rigorous, as if he had encountered some difficult problem to overcome.

Secretary Wang was stunned, “Huh?”

“Isn’t it possible to give rewards in the live broadcast room?” Rarely, Yan Chen repeated his question patiently.

Knowing what Yan Chen meant, Secretary Wang nodded subconsciously, “Yes, you can give a reward, as long as you top up on the platform.”

So, their boss recently fell in love with an internet celebrity? Still a live broadcaster?

Even though Secretary Wang racked his brains, he didn’t want to understand how his CEO was related to a live broadcast celebrity.

For the first time doing this kind of platform recharge, Yan Chen found it troublesome and asked Secretary Wang to do the whole process.

And Secretary Wang also saw the anchor himself, uh…a bear head? I don’t understand what the live broadcast style is.

Thinking that Gu Jinxi must be short of income recently, Yan Chen thought for a while, and he was not so special. He rewarded him with a purple diamond worth 10,000 yuan.

Gu Jinxi, who was followed by a certain president, didn’t know so much at this time. She was still busy with the remaining dishes.

The recipe of Furong Custard is simple, and it has been steamed smoothly during Yan Chen’s busy recharging kung fu. Add two drops of light soy sauce, three drops of oil, and gently pour it on top of the custard, then add some chopped green onion and coriander, and the seductive hibiscus soup has gained a lot of swallowing saliva.

In front of the camera, Gu Jinxi started the next tomato prawn without stopping.

After cooking the washed fresh shrimps, Gu Jinxi took the opportunity to sit down on a chair next to him and dealt with the onions and garlic by the way. “To make it easier to eat later, I will peel off the skin first, so I will pay for it. I have to wait a while.”

Taking advantage of time, Gu Jinxi returned to his live broadcast room and suddenly saw a system purple diamond prompt on the right.

Gu Jinxi must be aware of the fact that a purple diamond costs 10,000 yuan, but she has received such a reward in vain, and she is no longer just an accident.

Checking the name of that person, it is actually easy to recognize. Although he is not the first person on the local tyrants list, he occupies the first place on the diamond list.

And this person’s name is also very eye-catching, called Wang Gang.

Thinking about it, Gu Jinxi couldn’t help but said, “Wang Gong, are you there, Wang Gong?”

“Yeah.” It was Yan Chen’s answer, a simple one word, but it made people unable to ignore his existence.

“Thank you for your reward. I know you only give me rewards if you like me, but I still hope that you don’t waste too much money. After all, reward me, and you have to divide half of the platform. Also, you guys don’t line up too much. I’m rewarded, I’m not going to accumulate more, so I might as well go out and buy something delicious.” Gu Jinxi really doesn’t like making people think that she’s making money, even if she knows she’s short of money.

Banana Milk: Jinniang, I don’t want to go out and buy something delicious, I just want to eat something you…make delicious.

Hehehe: Get out! Don’t molest my daughter-in-law!

Jinniang’s little padded jacket: The upstairs group retreats! Jinniang is mine!

Yan Chen looked at Gu Jinxi’s words seriously, she didn’t seem to want to reward herself? But he also knew she was short of money…

Thinking of what he was entrusted to, Yan Chen couldn’t help but sigh in his heart. He would rather Gu Jinxi be a woman who loves petty and cheap, so that he can give her money directly instead of trying every means to change channels to give money and be disgusted.

Wang Feng: The dishes you cook are delicious, I like them very much.

Seeing the other party’s serious answer, Gu Jinxi couldn’t help but smile. Of course, he couldn’t see the cute bear’s head, but the appearance of shaking his head and shaking his head was too cute.

Gu Jinxi clicked on Wang Gang’s information and noticed the other party’s login area…Huh? Actually in A city.

After receiving the rewards for nothing, Gu Jinxi also had an idea.

Presuming that the shrimp might not be so hot anymore, Gu Jinxi put the matter down first, turned around and peeled the shrimp shells.

Pour an appropriate amount of oil into the pan, add the chopped green onions and ginger after the oil is hot, stir fry until slightly discolored, and then add the prawns.

Stir-fry until the color changes, then add tomato sauce, and stir-fry for about two minutes with a little water.

The beautifully colored tomato prawns came out, and Gu Jinxi couldn’t resist the temptation. In the presence of tens of thousands of netizens in the live broadcast room, the hand of sin reached out to the plate of prawns.

Seeing that Gu Jinxi would rather show her delicate chin in order to eat a prawn, the angry netizens instantly extinguished their anger and licked the screen one by one.

In the office, Secretary Wang looked at the plate of prawns and couldn’t help swallowing, “President, would you like to go to Miss Gu’s house as a guest? She can’t finish eating so many dishes, right?”

“Just go, I won’t take you.” Yan Chen snorted, unhappy.

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