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Chapter 22 Do You Know Me? Ho ho

Chapter 22 Do You Know Me? Ho ho actually sometimes when you are hungry, it is really not suitable to eat delicious food, because after taking a bite, Gu Jinxi is even hungry now.

In order to save his energy and eat dinner as soon as possible, Gu Jinxi’s next movements were a lot more agile. Before long, a plate of sweet and sour pork tenderloin and vinegar cabbage was on the table.

After finishing the five dishes, Gu Jinxi took photos of them one by one, waiting to upload them to his Weibo after eating.

“Well, today’s live broadcast is over here. Next, it’s Jinniang’s time to enjoy the food.” Because the next task is to eat, Gu Jinxi’s mood is obviously very good, and his tone of voice is obviously up.

When I heard Gu Jinxi’s words, wailing sounded everywhere.

Some people simply reminded that Gu Jinxi could continue to eat live, and it’s not bad to be a live broadcast.

It’s a pity that Gu Jinxi didn’t want to show his face, “Next time, if I have a chance, I will consider it.”

Without waiting for other people to say anything, Gu Jinxi turned off the live broadcast interface with a quick glance. Others only saw the screen go dark: the anchor did not start the live broadcast.

Without immediately starting to enjoy the food, Gu Jinxi first used Wang Gang to get in touch.

Originally seeing Gu Jinxi’s live broadcast room closed, Yan Chen was disappointed for no reason. But within two minutes, I received a private message from Gu Jinxi: Hello, Mr. Wang Feng. I took a look and found that your location is also City A. You just said that you like my dishes very much. In order to thank you, I can treat you to dinner.


Yan Chen suddenly heard Gu Jinxi’s private message, but his mood was uncontrollable. Maybe it is because Gu Jinxi is no different from those women. She is only rewarded with 10,000 yuan, and she is going to invite herself to eat.

Secretary Wang also saw the private message sent by Gu Jinxi, and subconsciously glanced at his president’s face. It really didn’t look pretty… Isn’t this Miss Gu too casual?

Without knowing what kind of psychology, Yan Chen directly responded with four words, one of which was still punctuation, “Is your home?”

Shun along with her somewhat messy long hair, Gu Jinxi couldn’t help but feel funny when she saw this answer. She didn’t have a lot of affection for Wang Gang. “You misunderstood, if you need it, I can ask running errands to give you a copy. Lunch box for you. Of course, if you don’t need it, just forget it. Thank you very much for your support.”

In fact, this is not the first time that Gu Jinxi has given things away. It’s just that most of the gifts they sent before were desserts or snacks.

After all, if it’s just separated by a screen, it is really doubtful whether the food is delicious or not. Although Gu Jinxi doesn’t care much about the voices on the Internet, he can feel better if he listens less to bad remarks, isn’t it?

Seeing that he had misunderstood, Yan Chen’s mood improved slightly, but he did not apologize, even if Gu Jinxi probably misunderstood him just now.

Although Gu Jinxi said it was sent by errands, Yan Chen carefully stated a nearby address, thinking that he would let Secretary Wang pick it up at that time.

Write down the address, Gu Jinxi took advantage of the hot food, brought a large lunch box, full of vegetables. Anyway, she and Aunt Chen couldn’t eat so much, so don’t waste it.

After finishing the call to run errands, Gu Jinxi called Aunt Chen, and the two ate together.

After eating, Gu Jinxi touched her belly contentedly, before suddenly remembering that she didn’t seem to run errands yet?

After making a suspicious call, Gu Jinxi realized that something had happened on the way back from running errands.

Anyway, she has finished eating, so she can deliver it. The address is not far away anyway.

In the office, Yan Chen’s computer has been stuck on the Weibo page.

When the private message came, Yan Chen saw it at a glance.

Jinniang: Hello, Mr. Wang Feng, are you at home now?

Yan Chen knew that the home that Gu Jinxi was talking about was the position he had just reported, and he immediately hummed, indicating that he was at home.

Upon seeing this, Gu Jinxi took the lunch box into the garage with satisfaction.

Jinniang: Wait another fifteen minutes, and the lunch will arrive soon.

Wang Feng: Good.

Accustomed to Wang Gang’s concise and concise words, Gu Jinxi had no objection to going out for a drive at night.

Because Secretary Wang’s house is temporarily in trouble, Yan Chen can only go get the lunch by himself. So after estimating the time, he also took the coat on the side and walked out of the office.

When he arrived at the address, Gu Jinxi parked the car aside and got out of the car with the lunch box.

At first glance, Gu Jinxi noticed the Qingcang Building opposite. It is said that the Qingcang Building is the headquarters of the Yan family. The entire twenty-storey Qingcang Building is the site of the Yan family.

Yan family, I couldn’t help but think of Yan Chen. It was a coincidence.

Withdrawing his gaze, Gu Jinxi used his mobile phone to send a private message to Yan Chen again: Has it arrived? I am here.

Yan Chen, who was able to step out of the company’s door, saw Gu Jinxi’s private message and stepped back subconsciously, blocking his figure with the column beside him.

When he looked up and saw Gu Jinxi, who was carrying the lunch box opposite, he hesitated for the first time, not knowing whether to go directly or what to do.

After standing there and waiting for a while, Gu Jinxi received Yan Chen’s reply, saying that something was wrong, and asked her to wait a few more minutes.

A flyer was delivered to him. Gu Jinxi looked at the staff in the cute brown bear puppet costume before him, smiled kindly, and accepted the flyer.

Thinking of live broadcasting with his round bear head in the afternoon, Gu Jinxi has an instinctive love for such cute little things.

He took out his phone and snapped a photo.

When five minutes later, the cute brown bear appeared in front of him again and stood still, Gu Jinxi was still confused.

“Anything?” After a while, Gu Jinxi finally asked.

The Brown Bear shook his head and pointed a finger at the bento in Gu Jinxi’s hand.

Following his hand, Gu Jinxi saw the bento in his hand and shook his head with a smile, “No, this is what I want to give to a friend.”

I saw the Brown bear awkwardly trying to take something from his pocket, but the paw was too big to take it out.

To avoid driving the bear crazy, Gu Jinxi kindly helped him take out the things in his pocket. It was a mobile phone…

Um, the page happens to be a private message chat box between her and Wang Feng.

“Are you Wang Gang?” Gu Jinxi was surprised. She thought about several possibilities, but she didn’t expect the other party to appear in this way.

Although, this bear is also quite cute.

The big bear’s head nodded, and Yan Chen’s old face in the puppet’s suit was black and red.

Looking at the big bear paw, Gu Jinxi wondered if the other party could hold his lunch box, “Or, take your clothes off first, otherwise you won’t be able to hold it.”

Hearing this, Yan Chen shook his head quickly.

If he can see her, he still needs to do this?

In fact, at the beginning, he asked the student who was wearing the puppet uniform to help. But the family was called back for dinner by the family, and he kindly lent the puppet uniform to Yan Chen before leaving.

Since Gu Jinxi had been waiting for a while, Yan Chen looked at the puppet suit in his hand and decided to fight him in person. But this is definitely the first time that President Yan Da has lived in most of his life.

Since the other party was unwilling, Gu Jinxi had to work hard to put the lunch box on the bear’s paw. Fortunately, it was not too difficult, although the process took a long time.

Seeing that there was still a stack of flyers in Yan Chen’s pocket, Gu Jinxi thought about what the other party had sent to him before, “Are you working?”

Yan Chen nodded, but because Yan Chen was not used to it, he seemed to shake his head.

“Work-study?” Gu Jinxi only wanted to know that the other party might be a student.

But if she were a student, she still couldn’t accept the fact that the other party actually gave herself a reward of 10,000 yuan.

As if guessing what Gu Jinxi was thinking, Yan Chen shook his head quickly.

To prevent Gu Jinxi from thinking too much, Yan Chen lowered his voice and said, “My brother gave you a reward. He has money.”

Yan Chen’s lowered voice became more magnetic. Even if Gu Jinxi was not a voice controller, he couldn’t help but feel a little sultry when he heard this voice.

But when he looked up and saw such a big cute bear head, it turned out that fantasy was for disillusionment.

Just when Gu Jinxi was about to leave, a familiar voice rang from behind, “Jinxi, why are you here.”

The heart quivered suddenly, the monsoon wind…

Turning around, Gu Jinxi saw not only the monsoon wind, but also Qiao Yiyi beside him.

Although Qiao Yiyi was wearing a hat and a mask, Gu Jinxi still saw her at a glance. Should it be Yuanjia Luzhai?

“Why am I here, what’s the matter with Mr. Guan Ji?” Gu Jinxi said lightly, trying not to let people see her mood swings.

“Jinxi, Afeng only cares about you. You also know your current situation. If you have any difficulties, you may wish to tell us. How can you say that you and Afeng have known each other for so many years, not to mention the relationship between husband and wife in those years , Even the friendship of your childhood sweetheart, can’t watch you suffer, right?” Qiao Yiyi was aside, with concern, as if every word was for Gu Jinxi’s sake.

Gu Jinxi’s mood has always been very weak, but there are not many people who can see her true feelings, and naturally neither can the person in front of her.

With a faint smile, Gu Jinxi forgot that there is a Mr. Xiong next to him, “I am not all thanks to you in my current situation. Even if I have difficulties, how can I ask you to help? That’s not seeking a tiger’s skin and ruining myself. ?”

“Jin Xi, I know that everything was the fault of Uncle Gu back then, and Yiyi also enlightened me. I won’t blame you again. For so many years, we have lived together for three years, and no one knows you better than me. What about you Nor, now Uncle Gu is not here, how do you take care of yourself?” Ji Liufeng was obviously dissatisfied with Gu Jinxi’s stiff mouth.

In his guess, Gu Jinxi should be someone who needs mercy now, instead of being able to stand with his head high, as if he was still the tall Miss Gu from the past.

“Do you know me?” Gu Jinxi smiled, but couldn’t reach the bottom of his eyes. “Monsoon wind, I don’t know anything in your eyes. Have you really understood me?”

Gu Jinxi admitted that she had never learned the skills to make money since she was spoiled and grown up. From small to large, what she has learned is to make herself better, but she seldom mixes into the whirlpool of interests.

She plays the piano very well, but only the teacher and dad know. Her dance is comparable to professional level, but she rarely skips outside.

She likes cooking, because she once read a book that said it is a very happy thing to wash hands and make soup for a loved one.

But these, the monsoon wind does not know anything. Because he hadn’t understood himself carefully all the time.

Only at this moment did Gu Jinxi really understand how stupid and stupid he was before. It was because of such a person that my father was so deliberately planning for himself.

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