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Chapter 23 The Relationship Is Great

Chapter Twenty-Three is very closely related “I…” Being looked at by Gu Jinxi’s eyes, Ji Liufeng faced Gu Jinxi’s problem squarely for the first time.

Did he really know Gu Jinxi? In his eyes, Gu Jinxi is a little girl spoiled by Uncle Gu, isn’t it all?

Yan Chen stood by and acted as the background board for a long time. For the first time, he was a little angry.

It’s not because these people ignored themselves, but because of what they said to Gu Jinxi.

“You have never known her. She is better than you think. Losing her will be the biggest regret in your life.” Yan Chen suddenly said, causing all three of the people present to look at him.

Qiao Yiyi never looked at the bear who handed out the flyers. When he heard what he said, he was even more disdainful, “Excellent? What is good for you? Will you distribute flyers for you?”

Looking down slightly, Qiao Yiyi saw the bento hanging on the bear’s paw, and suddenly laughed, “It seems that you two have a good relationship? Seeing you speak for her like this, she will give you a bento again. Should… …It’s very close, right?”

“Jin Xi, how has your vision worsened? Even if Afeng doesn’t want you, you don’t have to be willing to fall for it. Let’s be with such a guy.” Qiao Yiyi sneered, obviously a little disdainful.

“Shut up! Qiao Yiyi, I’m not familiar with you, don’t call it so affectionate. Besides, when will my affairs be your turn to take care of, and I don’t live on the beach, who gives you the permission to control so much.” Gu Jin Xi said.

With a slight frown, Ji Liufeng was reflexively unhappy when he heard Gu Jinxi’s words, “Jinxi, Yiyi just cares about you, so why bother to speak like this.”

“I care?” Gu Jinxi’s words rose slightly, and there was a sneer at the corner of his mouth. “Then should I care? When she was filming, she went into the director’s room and talked about what the script was doing all night?”

“Gu Jinxi, what are you talking nonsense!” Qiao Yiyi was angry when he heard this suddenly.

Gu Jinxi looked at Qiao Yiyi with a slight smile, “Nonsense? Since you know that nonsense is a bad thing, please take care of your mouth later. Otherwise, I don’t mind going to the media. Before, help you on the hot search or something. Of course you should be quite happy, after all, black and red are also red.”

I have to admit that now Gu Jinxi’s sharp mouth is so good that Qiao Yiyi sighs inferiorly. But think about it, she is a big winner now, and it is normal for Gu Jinxi to jump the wall in a hurry.

Thinking of this, the mood that had been down to the bottom quickly rose again, taking Gu Jinxi’s counterattack as her jealousy.

“Hmph, since you don’t need help, then I won’t bother you. Of course, with your friendship with Afeng for so many years, I welcome you to come to Ji’s house for help if you need it in the future.” The voice fell, Joe Yiyi didn’t even give Monsoon wind a chance to say goodbye, and directly dragged him away.

When the two left, Gu Jinxi secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

Looking at the cute brown bear next to him, Gu Jinxi couldn’t help but smile, tiptoeing to pat the brown bear’s head.

Unfortunately, although the Brown bear is cute, it is not short in height.

Seeing Gu Jinxi’s effort to stretch out her hand and only touch the bear’s face, Yan Chen bent slightly and lowered her head to make her pat the top of her head contentedly.

“Thank you just now, I know you probably guessed who I am, but I still hope that you can help me guard this matter and don’t let people know that Jinniang is Gu Jinxi.” Jinniang’s Weibo has already It was the only pure land around Gu Jinxi, and she didn’t want to dye it black.

Looking at Gu Jinxi’s surprisingly quiet eyes, Yan Chen nodded solemnly, “Okay.”

“Then I’ll go first.” Seeing Mr. Brown Bear agreed, Gu Jinxi waved at him.

If I wanted to send her back, I got stuck in my throat, the raised hand felt the weight of the hand, and he lowered his head… well, a bear paw.

Watching Gu Jinxi all the way forward, Yan Chen felt relieved when she saw her driving. At night, if Gu Jinxi went back alone, it would be very worrying.

Turning around and walking to the place where he changed his clothes before, Yan Chen finally breathed a sigh of relief when he was relieved of his burden. Looking at the large bento box in his hand, he kept walking under his feet, and he had already entered the Qingcang Mansion on the side.

The security guard at the door noticed that Yan Chen had gone back and forth, and couldn’t help sighing that the president was not a good job. When the employees were off work, the bosses had to go back to get off work.

Yan Chen, who was considered serious by the security guard, was sitting on the sofa and the lunch box had been opened. Except for one box of rice, the other boxes contained the dishes prepared during the live broadcast tonight.

Maybe it was because of heat preservation. Although the time was delayed for so long, it was still warm. Yan Chen, who was a bit uncomfortable in his stomach after a meal, was caught by the scent, and his appetite immediately rose.

I tasted the tomato fish fillet that I saw before I saw it. The fish fillet is tender and smooth, with the sweet and sour taste of tomato. It is really appetizing, and I can’t help but move my index finger.

Sweet and sour pork loin should be regarded as a very ordinary home-cooked dish, and it is also a dish that everyone likes. Yan Chen himself is not picky, and he does not usually focus on which dishes he likes.

But I don’t know what’s going on. Today, I ate Gu Jinxi’s dishes. Although they were definitely not as delicious as they were just out of the pot because of time, he liked them very much.

After thinking about it, maybe these dishes are in line with his taste, right?

Compared to Yan Chen who was late for dinner at this time, Gu Jinxi was not in a good mood after returning to the residence.

After lying on the bed and adjusting the emotions affected by seeing the monsoon wind, it took a while for Gu Jinxi to sit up from the bed and go to Weibo to post the picture of the finished dish he had just made.

Sure enough, as soon as Gu Jinxi posted those photos, the number of comments kept rising. Of course, most of them are still licking the screen… even if they already know which dishes have entered Gu Jinxi’s belly.

I chose a few interesting comments and replied. When Gu Jinxi was about to quit, she saw someone @她.

Wang Feng: Thank you, it’s delicious. @锦娘V: A few home-cooked dishes were broadcast live today, not much gossip, the picture above! [Picture][Picture][Picture]

Jinniang V: Thank you for your affirmation. [Smiley face]//@王罙: Thank you, it’s delicious. //@锦娘V: There were a few live broadcasts today…

Since it is not the first time that Gu Jinxi has done food delivery, seeing the brief exchange between the two, most of the people who watched the live broadcast before have guessed this.

Gu Jinxi, who sent it down after sending it out, didn’t even know that it was easy to do it by himself, but Yan Chen on the other side of the phone received several private messages.

After taking a shower, Gu Jinxi, who was lying on the bed, received a strange call.

“Miss Gu, right? I’m Officer Tao from the police station.” A middle-aged man’s voice came over the phone.

Hearing the other party claiming to be Police Officer Tao, Gu Jinxi quickly remembered who the other party was, the police officer in charge of his father’s case, “Hello, Officer Tao, you called me so late, is it because of my dad’s case? what……”

Before she finished speaking, Gu Jinxi had a slight meal. How could she forget that her father’s case was closed long ago, and there can be no clues left.

In Gu Jinxi’s self-deprecating self-deprecation, the police officer on the opposite side was also slightly embarrassed, “Miss Gu, you should know that your father’s case has been closed. No matter the evidence at the scene confirmed that he committed suicide.”

“I know, I forgot for a while, I’m sorry, Officer Tao. Then, what are you looking for?” Gu Jinxi said softly, his left hand tightened slightly into a fist.

Seeing Gu Jinxi’s words like this, Officer Tao couldn’t help but pity her a little bit. Although Gu Jinxi’s current reputation in City A is not very good, Officer Tao has never been a gossip. He likes to see everything with his own eyes and listen with his own ears.

That’s why I called her at this time, “Didn’t you say that you want a video of your father before he died? If you still need it, come to the police station at ten o’clock tomorrow morning.”

“Okay, thank you Officer Tao, I will be there on time tomorrow.” Gu Jinxi’s expression was slightly dull, and his eyes were red unknowingly.

When he hung up the phone, Gu Jinxi took a deep breath to control the heat and humidity in his eyes. He held the corner of his mouth hard and smiled firmly and fragilely.

When the alarm clock went off at eight o’clock in the morning, Gu Jinxi rubbed his aching temples. I didn’t sleep well last night, and I felt very uncomfortable.

I couldn’t help closing my eyes and slept for another half an hour before Gu Jinxi opened his eyes and got up.

“Miss, this Jinyuan has a good environment. The air is very fresh in the morning. Do you want to go for a walk?” Aunt Chen suggested when she saw Gu Jinxi coming out of the room.

In fact, Aunt Chen wanted Gu Jinxi to go out more to get out of the shadow of Gu’s father’s death sooner. But the first step, don’t think too far.

“Okay, I’ll go for a walk first, and come back for breakfast in half an hour.” Without breaking Aunt Chen’s careful thoughts, Gu Jinxi thought that he was not hungry anyway. If you don’t worry, it’s not bad.

For those who care about themselves, Gu Jinxi always hopes to return the care of the other person as much as possible.

Hearing Gu Jinxi’s words, Aunt Chen laughed happily, “Well, Aunt Chen will make you a good meal. Just go out for a walk.”

Out of the house, Gu Jinxi entered the central park in Jinyuan. The environment of Jinyuan is quiet, coupled with special attention to the environment, resulting in a tree in ten steps here, always surrounded by the fragrance of flowers.

A faint floral fragrance lingers in the nose, and the slightly cool morning breeze escapes the summer heat, making it much gentler. There was a faint piano sound in my ears, beautiful and nice.

Ok? Piano sound?

Anyway, there is no specific direction, Gu Jinxi simply walked in the direction where the piano sound came from.

On the cobblestone path, several elderly grandparents pass by Gu Jinxi from time to time. Everyone has a friendly attitude towards Gu Jinxi.

Suddenly, the sound of the piano came to an end.

Looking through the gap between the trees, Gu Jinxi seemed to see a white piano in a vague way. A black figure flashed past, and the piano sounded again.

A cheerful “Puppy Waltz” came to life, humorous and interesting with its unique liveliness, as if a living puppy was chasing its little tail in circles in front of him.

This “Puppy Waltz” is no stranger to Gu Jinxi. She raised a little Pomeranian a long time ago. At that time, her favorite was to play “Puppy Waltz” in front of it.

Unfortunately, after the little guy passed away, Gu Jinxi gradually seldom played.

When Gu Jinxi crossed the path and saw the man playing the piano with his back facing her, he couldn’t help but be attracted by the little Hiromi at his feet.

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