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Chapter 24 Let go of my baby

Chapter 24 Let go of my baby, the white little Pomeranian, and listen to the cheerful piano tunes in his ears, and always get up and make a fuss from time to time.

When Gu Jinxi appeared, the little guy who was not afraid of life ran to Gu Jinxi, and his little round head shook.

Kneeling down, Gu Jinxi tentatively raised his hand on Xiao Pomeran’s head, feeling that the other party did not refuse, and finally touched it boldly.

The soft hair touched her palm a little bit. The more he looked at it, the more Gu Jinxi remembered the little Pomeranian who had been with him for so many years.

In a blink of an eye, everyone was gone, leaving only one person alone.

“Who are you? Let go of my baby.” The sudden sharp sound made Gu Jinxi’s hand unable to help.

When he looked up and saw that the person speaking was staring at him, Gu Jinxi had to withdraw his hand, “Sorry, I just looked at it so cute. I also raised a Pomeranian before, but it’s a pity…”

“Come here, baby, don’t be stupidly carried away without knowing.” The girl ignored Gu Jinxi’s words and interrupted directly.

A trace of unhappiness flashed under his eyes, and Gu Jinxi didn’t pay attention to the girl anymore.

I don’t know when the piano sound has already come to an end. At this time, the man in a dark blue suit was sitting in front of the piano. When he met Gu Jinxi, Gu Jinxi saw a trace of surprise in his eyes.

The girl was still holding Xiao Hiromi over there, whispering and blaming it for getting close to the stranger, and talking, she walked to the man in the dark blue suit.

Just nodding his head slightly, Gu Jinxi ignored the two of them, and planned to turn around. I just walked over, but I was just wondering who was playing the piano here.

Just as Gu Jinxi turned and left, a voice mingled with a faint smile but undeniable sounded behind itself, “Are you a resident here?”

Look carefully, the man looks very beautiful, his eyebrows are even more delicate than the girls around him, but he doesn’t show the slightest femininity. At this moment, he was still sitting in front of the piano, but he didn’t feel the calmness of playing the piano just now.

There was a sloppy breath spreading all over his body, and the collar of the shirt that was torn apart revealed a delicate collarbone. At this time, when he looked at Gu Jinxi, he was even more glamorous.

Such a beautiful man Gu Jinxi is indeed rare, so when he heard what he said, Gu Jinxi couldn’t help but glance at him more, “Is there a problem?”

“It’s just that I haven’t seen you here before.” Qi Yuran said with a smile, stood up and walked in front of Gu Jinxi. The tall figure suddenly approached, making Gu Jinxi feel oppressed.

I subconsciously wanted to retreat, but in the next second I felt a tight waist, “Don’t be nervous, I just think you are familiar.”

Looking down at someone’s hand on his waist, Gu Jinxi slapped his wolf paw off with a smile without a smile, “Really? Sir, your way of reaching out is very old-fashioned.”

Looking at Gu Jinxi’s left hand faintly, Qi Yuran smiled brighter, “Your hands are so beautiful, do you mind changing to another way of saying hello?”

Looking at Qi Yuran’s outstretched hand, Gu Jinxi looked at Qi Yuran suspiciously. The surprise in his eyes just now, should he recognize himself? What is he doing now?

Gu Jinxi’s cultivation made her naturally extend her right hand, watching him raise his hand for a kiss, the warm breath touched the panel on the back of her hand, Gu Jinxi also trembled slightly for no reason.

Maybe, still think this person’s attitude is weird?

“Nice to meet you, beautiful lady, my name is Qi Yuran, how about you?” Qi Yuran stared at Gu Jinxi with scorching eyes.

“Gu Jinxi.” Slowly speaking his name, I didn’t see Qi Yuran’s strange look this time. “It seems that Mr. Qi does know me?”

The answer to Gu Jinxi was Qi Yuran with a faintly excited smile, “I don’t know what I know, I just guessed it before. But if it’s Miss Gu, I know a little bit more.”

Frowning, Gu Jinxi didn’t understand Qi Yuran’s words.

It’s a pity that Qi Yuran didn’t mean to explain. When Gu Jinxi didn’t speak, she said to herself, “Actually, I have been paying attention to Miss Gu for a long time and want to give Miss Gu something.”

“What is it?” Gu Jinxi said in confusion.

For Gu Jinxi, when we first met, I couldn’t think of what else he would have for himself. As for what he said about paying attention for a long time, it seems that it is not surprising that the person who strikes up said these things.

Qi Yuran raised an eyebrow and motioned to Gu Jinxi’s right hand, “reach out.”

Respond to stretch out his hand, palm up.

I saw Qi Yuran holding Gu Jinxi’s soft little hand in one hand, affectionately, “I want to give myself to Miss Gu, I hope you can be my girlfriend.”

The corners of his mouth twitched slightly, Gu Jinxi was about to take out his hand, not wanting to pull Gu Jinxi’s hand directly from Qi Yuran’s hand.

“Fun?” Yan Chen’s cold side sounded in his ears.

The sudden loss of the temperature of the palm of the hand made the heart suddenly fall, and when he raised his head to look at Yan Chen, Qi Yuran returned to the previously scattered appearance, “The chief executive does not go to work in the company, and he even cares that the artists of his subordinates will not fall in love. ?”

“Which way are you to fall in love?” Yan Chen said angrily.

Raising an eyebrow slightly, Qi Yuran said, “President, I don’t know what falling in love is, do you know? I can remember that someone only talked about a first love, or the other girl chased your ass for two full years before agreeing. And if I remember correctly, that girl was frozen by you before she persisted for a month…”

“Isn’t there an announcement today? What time is wasted here.” Yan Chen looked at Qi Yuran with a headache.

Hearing this, Qi Yuran snarled at Gu Jinxi, “I found my muse.”

Since it was Yan Chen’s friend, Gu Jinxi didn’t want to worry about the matter just now. Naturally, he ignored the nasty remarks Qi Yuran said, “I’m going back to have breakfast. Let’s talk.”

When he turned and walked, Gu Jinxi realized that his hand was still being pulled by Yan Chen. Instead of pulling out his hand, this area took Yan Chen’s hand back.

It wasn’t as if she was going to leave, but as if she was going to take Yan Chen away.

Noting that he was still holding the girl’s hand, Yan Chen’s eyes flickered slightly, and he took the initiative to let go of his hand, “I will send you back, just on the way.”

“If you don’t mind, can you add me a pair of chopsticks?” Although it was a question, Qi Yuran had already moved in Gu Jinxi’s direction first.

The girl who was left behind holding Xiao Pomeran watched this scene and stamped her foot angrily, but she didn’t dare to do anything to make Qi Yuran angry.

Obviously he was alone when he went out, and became three people when he came back. Gu Jinxi was also a little helpless.

As soon as Aunt Chen saw the number of people coming back, although she was shocked at first, she quickly reacted, “Miss, breakfast is ready, you take the two gentlemen to eat first, and I’ll get some more.”

Fortunately, it was originally prepared for two people. Although there is one more person now, Aunt Chen estimates that she can still handle it.

In the restaurant, Gu Jinxi took a bite of siu mai from time to time while eating the soup dumplings in his mouth. She made the soup dumpling yesterday, and it tastes good.

“Xiao Jinxi, this soup dumpling is not the same as outside. You did it yourself?” Qi Yuran blinked at Gu Jinxi as he ate.

“You can’t stop your mouth if you have something to eat?” Gu Jinxi was barely confused by his name. “Also, my name is Gu Jinxi. You can call me Miss Gu.”

After taking a bite of the siu-mai, Qi Yuran is obviously very at ease here, and has no sense of being a guest at all, “Miss Gu is more talented, or Xiao Jinxi is cute.”

It sounds like I know you well… Gu Jinxi is speechless.

“Then if you don’t want to, let’s take a step back. I won’t call you Xiao Jinxi, and you can’t let me call you Miss Gu. Then, how about I call you Jinxi?” Qi Yuran smiled at Gu Jinxi , An expression that you are taking advantage.

Okay, I’m too lazy to say anything about Jinxi, at least get rid of Xiao Jinxi?

Seeing Gu Jinxi’s acquiescence, a smile flashed across Qi Yuran’s eyes.

After eating breakfast, Qi Yuran still wanted to stay, but it was a pity that he was urgently summoned by a company phone.

After hanging up the phone, Qi Yuran’s gaze swept across the powerful background board on the side, and he didn’t believe that the company would suddenly have any urgent summons.

But now that he knew where Gu Jinxi lived, Qi Yuran didn’t worry about her running away, and immediately went home in a good mood.

Qi Yuran left, Gu Jinxi thought that Yan Chen should be leaving too, but he stared at him for several seconds…

“Aren’t you going to work?” Gu Jinxi blinked and looked inexplicable.

Moreover, she just realized that if Qi Yuran is a resident here, what about Yan Chen? He is also a resident of Jinyuan?

“Take a half-day vacation today.” Ahem, being a boss is so convenient, and taking a vacation is also a word of my own.

Nodded clearly, “Then you also live in Jinyuan?”

“I have real estate, but I rarely live in. I come here occasionally.” Yan Chen said.

Looking at Gu Jinxi in front of him, Yan Chen’s lips moved slightly, but he couldn’t help but said, “Qi Yuran has too much love history and it’s not suitable for you.”

Qi Yuran, who was leaving, was thinking about today’s Qiang Liao, which seemed embarrassing. When he was groping for the next step, he suddenly sneezed and touched his nose. She couldn’t help but sigh that there are always silly people who want to harm me.

“Huh?” Gu Jinxi looked at Yan Chen suspiciously.

“It’s Qi Yuran, you should know him. He is Shangyi’s brother. He has just won an international award. Recently, he has been very popular. Although he is a loose person, his work is considered conscientious. He is emotionally laced. There is a lot of news.” Although Yan Chen knew that most of them were gossips, he didn’t intend to explain it too clearly to Gu Jinxi.

Qi Yuran didn’t know that Yan Chen had dug a big hole for him. He just felt that the weather hadn’t been so good recently, otherwise, why would he sneeze continuously?

Gu Jinxi’s face was stunned, no wonder she felt a little familiar with Qi Yuran.

It’s what Yan Chen is worried about, which is exactly what she doesn’t worry about, “Don’t worry, I know he’s joking. Besides, I’m past the age of star chasing, and I don’t want to fall in love with any actor.”

What’s more, with so many things about her now, where is there time to fall in love?

“He is more playful, maybe it’s not a joke, anyway, you should pay attention to it.” Yan Chen was still worried, and said more.

Knowing that Shangyi is an entertainment company under the Yan family and Yan Chen is the big boss, Gu Jinxi still understands that Yan Chen is so worried about the emotional life of his cash cow.

When seeing that the time was already 9:40, Gu Jinxi suddenly remembered that he had to go to the police station, “I’m going out, are you okay?”

“Where? I’ll see you off.” Yan Chen said straightforwardly.

“Go to the police station. I’ll just go by myself. It may not be convenient for you.” If Yan Chen goes to a place like the police station, he is not sure if he will be arrested and scribbled.

After thinking about it, I understood what Gu Jinxi was worried about. Yan Chen didn’t care. “Don’t worry, no one dares to write randomly. I’ll go back and drive, and you will wait for me at the door.”

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