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Chapter 382 Pack things up, get out of me

Chapter 382 Pack things up, get out of here… “Mr. Gu, everything is going well and everything is done.” When he returned to his residence, Secretary Lu called Gu Jinxi.

“Thanks for your hard work, then rest early, you will be busy tomorrow morning,” Gu Jinxi said.

After hearing this, Secretary Lu said, “Okay, Mr. Gu, by the way, Ada and the others went to the Quality Supervision Bureau. Do you need to say hello to Mr. Yan?”

Looking at the man who had just walked out of the bathroom, the bath towel around his waist blocked the fascinating position, and he seemed to notice Gu Jinxi’s sight, and he had already walked towards Gu Jinxi as the route turned around.

“No, I will tell him.” Gu Jinxi said.

“Okay, then I won’t bother Mr. Gu to rest.” Secretary Lu said.

When he hung up the phone, Yan Chen also sat beside Gu Jinxi. As soon as he stretched out his hand, he hugged Gu Jinxi in his arms, “What do you want to tell me?”

Because Xu had just taken a bath, Yan Chen’s body was hot, and the whole person was warmed up by him. Unconsciously, Gu Jinxi gave him a nudge, “It’s so hot, don’t lean so close to me.”

Grasping Gu Jinxi’s cool hand, Gu Jinxi held it on the palm of his hand instead, “Just the temperature of your hand, can you still dislike me for being too hot?”

“I’m just like this. It’s cold and hot, with cold limbs. It’s not the first day you know.” Gu Jinxi muttered.

Leaning to his lips and kissing, Yan Chen picked up Gu Jinxi on the sofa and walked to the bed, putting the person on the bed, “Knowing that I’m afraid of the cold, don’t you know that you are lying in the bed?”

Lie down obediently in the quilt, Gu Jinxi still couldn’t help but talk back: “There is air conditioning in the room, and it’s not cold…”

“When you know it’s cold, it will be frozen.” Yan Chen said in a deep voice, lying next to her.

Looking at Yan Chen next to him, Gu Jinxi turned around and hugged him. Holding him is like a big heater. It’s warmer than any air conditioner. “I almost forgot to tell you. Secretary Lu said, Ada and the others followed. I went to the Quality Supervision Bureau.”

“I already know, Ada has already called me just now.” Yan Chen tightened Gu Jinxi in his arms.

Feeling a little restless in Gu Jinxi’s arms, Yan Chen felt helpless, but still grabbed her restless little hand, “Don’t move.”

Unable to laugh, Gu Jinxi’s grasped hand placed Yan Chen’s chest, thinking that there will be a lot of things tomorrow, so he stopped making trouble with Yan Chen.

Early in the morning, the Quality Inspection Bureau released the latest “Test Report” that attracted the attention of the masses. At the beginning, it was only a small discussion among the masses. After all, everyone is not familiar with many professional things.

Until Aiken’s press release last night, Yuanzhi Industrial’s products were originally e-commerce products, and they actually sold unqualified electrical appliances to small e-commerce companies privately without testing.

It’s fine if it’s just those intercepted, but no one knows whether other substandard products have been sold privately or have entered residents’ homes.

All of a sudden, incidents of fires caused by the aging of electrical insulation materials emerged one after another. Yuanzhi’s actions were in vain for the personal safety of the people.

Aware of this incident, Yuanzhi stock fell for a while, and major stores also kept away from Yuanzhi’s electrical appliances. Not only that, many people who bought Yuanzhi’s electrical appliances also asked for their return.

Since noon, not only the company, but also those physical stores have also been resisted by the people.

In the office of President Gu, after reading the latest report, Gu Jinxi turned off the reporter who was broadcasting the interview.

When Secretary Lu came in, he put the files in his hands on the desk, “Mr. Gu, Aiken called me just now and asked me to thank you for him.”

“Sell him for a favor, and we will use it at that time, and his strength will still be useful for us.” Gu Jinxi will not underestimate anyone, not to mention Aiken, a reporter who has a special identity.

“But he also said that we seem to be too anxious. In fact, if we wait for a while, this matter can ferment more intensely. After all, from the current situation, Yuanzhi has a significant impact, but he cannot afford Criminal responsibility, once criminal responsibility is assumed, this matter will become a big issue,” said Secretary Lu.

Taking the coffee on the table, Gu Jinxi took a sip, “He looks at things from the perspective of a reporter, but I don’t want to look at things from the same perspective. How many casualties will be caused by a fire, everyone said. No. Maybe it was lucky and no life was killed, but maybe it was bad luck and it happened. Maybe Yuanzhi will get into trouble by then, and if I do it properly, I can take down Yan Zhiya at one time, but this way , My conscience will be restless forever.”

“Although the shopping mall is like a battlefield, I don’t want to involve innocent people and cause them to lose their lives. Therefore, even if the timing is close, it is better than killing people.” Gu Jinxi said with a faint smile.

She didn’t want to win, but she didn’t want to win too mean and cold-blooded.

Since having a child, Gu Jinxi has become more and more aware of the value of life. After all, everyone has parents and relatives, no matter what kind of person dies, there will always be someone sad for him.

“What Mr. Gu said is that life is much more expensive than timing.” Secretary Lu nodded, not squandering life for his own benefit. It is indeed more convincing than those who are honest but cold-hearted and cold-blooded.

On the other side, Yuanzhi Industrial.

Yan Zhiya was sitting in the frighteningly quiet conference room. She didn’t speak, and everyone was afraid to say anything, for fear that she would become a bird and be caught by Yan Zhiya.

“Kefni!” Yan Zhiya screamed lightly.

Kefney, who was standing on the side, couldn’t help but tremble, “Madam.”

“Bring things up.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Kefney motioned to the assistant not far away, and the organized files were neatly placed on the table in front of the high-levels.

Tapping the desktop with her fingertips, Yan Zhiya saw everyone looking at each other but did not dare to touch the file, and said in a deep voice, “What are you doing in a daze, let’s open it!”

As her voice fell, the senior officials picked up the files in front of them and hurriedly opened them.

Looking at the high-levels, Yan Zhiya’s eyes finally fell on the middle-aged man who was wiping sweat on the left. “Why didn’t anyone tell me about this batch of aging insulation materials?”

“Mr. Yan, I was just confused for a while. I just wanted to minimize the loss for the company. I didn’t expect it to be…” Quan Jijun was panicked. He has been following Yan Zhiya for seven or eight years, and he also knows Yan Zhiya’s methods.

“Unexpectedly?” Yan Zhiya smiled coldly, grabbed the folder at hand and smashed it directly on Quan Jijun’s face. Because of a mistake, Quan Jijun didn’t dare to hide.

Because the edges of the file folder were originally uneven, this throw directly left a clear blood mark on Quan Jijun’s face.

But even if he felt the bloodstain, Quan Jijun didn’t dare to say anything, let alone touch it.

“Unexpectedly, you know how much trouble it caused the company? After so many years of work by my side, don’t you know that you have to use your brain when doing things?” Yan Zhiya cursed.

With his head down, Quan Jijun didn’t dare to refute it even if Yan Zhiya scolded him so much. Because he knew that this time, he caused trouble.

It was his eagerness for quick success that caused this trouble.

“President Yan, I was wrong…” Quan Jijun bowed his head to apologize.

Ignoring Quan Jijun, Yan Zhiya said straightforwardly: “Pack things now and get out of here!”

Quan Jijun was slightly stunned, “Mr. Yan, I can make up for it, please…”

“This time, we must give them an explanation. Fortunately, no life was killed, otherwise, you will have to pay for your life!” Yan Zhiya said coldly, without a trace of temperature in her eyes.

“But Mr. Yan, I do it all for the good of the company. I just hope to reduce the company’s losses. I do it all for the company…” Quan Jijun grabbed the table and refused to let the security take him away.

“I only look at the results.” Yan Zhiya said lightly, and then signaled the security to take the person away.

When Quan Jijun was taken out of the conference room, all the senior officials were sitting on pins and needles, and Yan Zhiya said, “Now let’s talk about it. How should we deal with the current situation?”

“This…” The senior executives looked at each other, not daring to speak out one by one.

“Since Quan Jijun has been expelled from the company, the position of deputy general manager is vacant. Whoever handles the matter this time is the one who owns this position. A good position is obtained by those who have the ability.” Yan Zhiya said. , Faintly caused a commotion.

Many senior executives with relatively low positions are also eager to try, trying to step up on the grounds of Quan Jijun.

On the other hand, due to this Yuanzhi electrical incident, the stock has fallen to a halt. If the stockholders cannot be held well today, obviously once the market opens, it will be the result of a continuous decline.

Being expelled from the company, Quan Jijun was embarrassed.

Going back to the community where he lived in a vague way, before he got home, he heard the noise as soon as he walked out of the elevator.

“Please, don’t snatch things from our house…” Quan Jijun’s wife was pulling a man to prevent him from taking things from the house.

Seeing this scene, Quan Jijun rushed forward with bloodshot eyes, “Who are you?! Dare to come to my house to grab something, I will call the police to arrest you!”

“Repay the debt.” The man kicked the coming Quan Jijun to the ground and watched him fall to the ground. He stepped forward and slammed on his chest, “If we don’t want us to take things, then pay them. Money.”

“Repay the money…What is the money…” Quan Jijun looked at his wife dumbfounded.

Madam Quan had already cried and turned into tears. At this time, seeing Quan Jijun coming over, she could only say: “I don’t know why this happened. I just owed them more than six million, and I could pay it back slowly before, but This time, they must ask me to take the money right away…”

“What did you do? Why do you owe so much money!” Quan Jijun really didn’t expect this to happen, and he was immediately angry.

“I just want to bet two, but I’m not lucky…” Madam Quan said while crying, and then, as if thinking of something, hurried to Quan Jijun’s side, “Husband, you should pay me back the money soon. Otherwise they say they want my hand.”

I have known that my wife loves gambling, but Quan Jijun has never cared so much. He feels that small gambling is pleasing and he doesn’t care too much. But when this happened just after losing his job, Quan Jijun was also angry and wanted to beat her.

It can be imagined that the situation is now a foregone conclusion. It is obvious that these people are not going to reach their goals.

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