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Chapter 383 A life is not small

Chapter 383 A life is not a small one… “I have more than three million in Kari, you take it and pay it back.” Quan Jijun said angrily.

“That’s more than three million…I’ve already bought the bag before.” Madam Quan hesitated.

“You!” Quan Jijun was almost out of anger with a heart attack.

Seeing him being angry, Mrs. Quan also said angrily: “Who told you to buy a bag of 500,000 yuan for that vixen, is it wrong for me to buy a bag?”

“I have lost my job now, and you still spent the three million, how can you pay it back?” Quan Jijun said angrily.

Madam Quan was also angry when she heard this, “You are a man, you should think of a solution for money matters!”

The foot of the man stepping on Quan Jijun’s chest pressed hard again. Hearing a cry from Quan Jijun, the man said, “When I don’t exist, right? Is the discussion finished?”

Enduring the pain in his chest, Quan Jijun is now embarrassed, “Brother, we really have no money to pay back now, or else, can you give me two days of grace? I can borrow it from my friend.”

Looking at the Quan Jijun in front of him, the man’s gaze swept over him, took off the Rolex watch from his hand, and hung it on his wrist, “It’s not impossible, let’s get some interest first.”

“Yes, you can, brother interest, I will definitely borrow money right away.” Quan Jijun thought that the interest rate he was talking about was this table, and he quickly agreed.

Kneeling down, the man patted Quan Jijun’s face, “Count you out.”

Unexpectedly, when he got up, he looked at Mrs. Quan who was aside maliciously.

Taking a step back subconsciously, Madam Quan’s eyes dodged, “You…what are you doing?”

“Come here!” The man grabbed Madam Quan’s wrist, ignored her resistance and struggled, and went straight into the room.

Seeing this scene, Quan Jijun was shocked and hurried to catch up. With a bang, the bedroom door closed in front of him.

The men in the room who had been rummaging around saw this scene, and they all smiled and walked to Quan Jijun’s side, but stopped him from smashing the door, and sneered at him one by one.

Madam Quan’s struggle and crying kept coming from the bedroom, but Quan Jijun stood at the door, but couldn’t get into the room no matter what. With Mrs. Quan for decades, even if Quan Jijun is outside, he still has a lover, but it is just for fun. For him, the relationship between husband and wife for decades is naturally the most important.

Right now, watching her being insulted and unable to do anything, Quan Jijun collapsed.

In the evening, Yan Zhiya, the president of Yuanzhi Industrial, issued an order downward as the president. That is, all the electrical appliances of Yuanzhi Industrial that have been sold for less than one year will be subject to a comprehensive inspection. Once unqualified electrical appliances are found, Yuanzhi will compensate ten times.

A sentence of ten times compensation shocked many people.

You should know that if the number of electrical appliances is less than thousands, and the number is tens of thousands, ten times the compensation, if the amount is large, even a large company may not be able to handle it. Unless, she has a small amount of self-confidence.

Moreover, from the apology letter posted by Yuanzhi Industrial, this incident was caused by Yuan Zhiyuan’s deputy general manager, Quan Jijun, alone. Of course, even if he has already punished Quan Jijun, this incident cannot be eliminated. Influence.

To calculate, the effect of ten times the compensation is obviously much more useful than the letter of apology.

At the moment, because this announcement gave Yuanzhi time to breathe, but it was far from enough to save the situation.

What Yan Zhiya didn’t expect was that while Yuanzhi was in this gap, someone was quietly eating away the cake in their hands. It’s just that there are too many things that Yan Zhiya needs to pay attention to, and he didn’t notice for a while.

Two days later, a piece of news came to everyone’s eyes.

[The former deputy general manager of Yuanzhi Industrial, Quan Jijun, committed suicide due to guilt, leaving a suicide note on the scene.

The name Quan Jijun is not an Internet celebrity in these days, but it is better than an Internet celebrity, but compared to an Internet celebrity, Quan Jijun is facing a one-sided curse.

But his suicide has inevitably attracted the attention of many people.

Yan Zhiya made a statement on behalf of Yuan Zhi, expressing certain sorrow for the death of Quan Jijun. The suicide note left by Quan Jijun before his death was also made public. For the previous incident, Quan Jijun alone took all the blame.

To this end, Yan Zhiya immediately held a press conference and made a comprehensive apology for the previous incident.

Gu Jinxi looked at the scene of Yan Zhiya’s press conference in the live broadcast. Gu Jinxi didn’t believe the sadness and sorrow on her face at all. All she thought was that everything came by coincidence.

The phone rang, and Gu Jinxi picked it up.


“See?” Yan Chen’s voice rang from the other end of the phone.

After hearing this, Gu Jinxi said helplessly: “Of course, can I not see such a big thing?”

“Any thoughts?”

“I just think… it’s a coincidence.” Gu Jinxi paused slightly, and then said: “One life, the dead, the death of the whole army can save a lot of trouble.”

After all, in this incident, Yuanzhi’s electrical appliances did not reach the store, nor were they sold to customers for use. It can be said that all the dangers are in the conjecture of everyone, and they have not really happened.

Even if everyone resists Yuanzhi, it will not last long, after all, no substantial harm has occurred.

But Quan Jijun’s death was different, he was a real life.

“Do you suspect that there was a problem with his death?” Yan Chen asked.

“I don’t want to doubt, but I hope he just can’t think about it.” If it weren’t for him, his death could only be…

Thinking of that possibility, Gu Jinxi couldn’t help but feel a little guilty. Gu Jinxi really didn’t want to add any life to the matter between her and Yan Zhiya.

“Don’t think about it so much. I checked. He and his wife owed millions of debts, perhaps because they didn’t have the money to pay the debts and were forced to ruin.” Yan Chen comforted.

Hearing this, Gu Jinxi nodded slightly, “It should be.”

Standing up and walking to the window, Yan Chen looked at the bright sun outside, “Yesterday Sheng Sheng said that he wanted to eat tempura. In the evening I made an appointment with a Japanese food.”

With one hand on his chin, Gu Jinxi had a slight smile at the corner of his mouth, “I see, then you remember to pick me up.”

When he hung up the phone, Yan Chen put the phone in his pocket and stood in front of the window with his hands in his pockets, his expression cold.

What he didn’t tell Gu Jinxi was that he not only found out about Quan Jijun’s debts, but also found out the problems of these debts. Those debts weren’t actually owed by Quan Jijun’s wife, but she deliberately.

At the end of the press conference, Yan Zhiya felt tired, but because the stone fell in her heart, she felt a lot more relaxed.

Kefney followed Yan Zhiya back to the office and couldn’t help but said, “Madam, fortunately you are here, so there is no major trouble now.”

“Who said there was no big trouble?” Yan Zhiya glanced at Kaifni lightly.

“Is there anything else?” Kefney couldn’t help but her heart tightened.

“If you have no brains, you can’t stop the trouble.” Yan Zhiya snorted coldly.

She lowered her head in a serendipitous manner, and Kefney dared not say anything.

When she saw the text message that she had just received on her phone, Yan Zhiya frowned slightly, “Go out and do things, what are you doing here?”

“Yes, ma’am.” Kefney hurriedly left the office.

When people left, Yan Zhiya hesitated looking at the text message on the phone, and then made a call…

The phone was connected, and before Yan Chen could speak, Yan Zhiya said, “It seems that you are really struggling for Gu Jinxi. Such a small matter is worth your investigation.

“A life is not a trivial matter.”

“But even if you find out that Quan Jijun’s wife’s debt is related to me, what about it? Quan Jijun hurt me so miserably this time. I have no reason to do nothing, right? It’s cheap to make him a pauper. He’s here.” Yan Zhiya said calmly.

“is it?”

“Of course, it’s also a nephew, Achen, you have no reason not to believe in your own aunt, right?” Yan Zhiya said.

“Believe it or not, it’s not me who has the final say.”

Yan Zhiya smiled faintly, “Well then, let’s let time tell you the answer. This is the fact, and it is also the fact that you can know.”

Hanging up the phone, Yan Zhiya really had a headache for Yan Chen’s intervention. But thinking that this place is not domestic after all, and it is not Yan Chen’s territory, she does not believe that she can still lose to him.

At night, Gu Jinxi returned to the room after coaxing the two children to sleep. He saw Yan Chen sitting on the edge of the bed with his back to him. Gu Jinxi went up and knelt down on the bed and hugged him, chin resting lightly on his. Shoulder socket, “What are you doing?”

“Just taking care of something,” Yan Chen closed the computer in his hand and put it aside.

Seeing his movements, Gu Jinxi couldn’t help muttering, “It’s mysterious, are you hiding something from me?”

Turning around and holding the person in his arms, Yan Chen lowered his head and kissed his lips softly, “What are you thinking about? I just think about tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow? What will happen tomorrow?” Gu Jinxi was slightly puzzled.

A chuckle appeared at the corners of his mouth, Yan Chen lowered his head and nostriled Gu Jinxi’s nose, “You, have you forgotten the invitation from the Yun family?”

Suddenly remembered, Gu Jinxi opened her mouth slightly, “Really forgot…Fortunately, you remind me, otherwise tomorrow’s meeting will be troublesome.”

Yan Chen smiled. For Gu Jinxi, who is rarely confused, Yan Chen feels differently cute.

He carried the person to the bed and lay down together, Yan Chen pulled the quilt to cover the two of them, “Go to sleep, today you have been tired all day.”

“Um…” Gu Jinxi looked at Yan Chen who was close at hand, closing his eyes with a smile on his lips.

In the newly decorated manor, roses transported by air dotted the manor. The wedding photos of the bride and groom started from the gate and extended to all corners of the manor.

The air seemed to have the sweet smell of wedding.

Starting from eleven o’clock, one after another luxury cars continued to drive in through the gate. The housekeeper at the gate instructed the security guards to check the invitations and kept greeting the guests.

In Yun Siyi’s room, she has already painted delicate makeup and put on a wedding dress that symbolizes happiness, but there is not much smile on her face.

She was the only one in the empty room, which seemed a bit lonely.

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