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Chapter 384 Righteous Words Bound You

Chapter 384: The right words are bound to you. When the door opened, Yun Siyi just said indifferently, “Didn’t you say it, don’t come to bother me?”

“Siyi…” Madam Yun looked at her daughter who was sitting on a chair in the room with her back facing her daughter, feeling a little uncomfortable.

Hearing the voice, Yun Siyi raised her eyes and turned to look at Mrs. Yun who entered the door, “Mom, why did you come in.”

With a sigh in her heart, Mrs. Yun walked slowly to Yun Siyi’s side, “Today is your wedding day at any rate. Be happy. You didn’t want to be so fast before. Mom has delayed you for so many days. You should also understand. .”

The corner of her mouth twitched, Yun Siyi looked down at the wedding dress on her body, every stitch and thread represented its preciousness, “I know Mom, I just want to be alone now.”

“Okay, you just need to understand. Mom doesn’t bother you.” Yun Siyi’s stubborn Mrs. Yun is very clear. It can be said that Yun Siyi’s current compromise is already the best result.

Seeing Mrs. Yun leaving the room, Yun Siyi couldn’t help dragging her skirt and walked to the window. The manor was full of her wedding photos, and all the guests arrived…

A person also appeared in her sight, she thought he would not come…

When Dai Jingze saw Gu Jinxi and the other two from a distance, he spoke to the person next to him and walked towards them.

“Miss Gu.” Dai Jingze stepped closer and nodded slightly towards Gu Jinxi.

Standing by Gu Jinxi’s side, Yan Chen frowned slightly when he saw Dai Jingze, and seeing him staring at Gu Jinxi at this time, a hint of discomfort appeared in his heart.

Perceiving Yan Chen’s mood swings, Gu Jinxi turned to look at him after greeting Dai Jingze, “What’s the matter?”

With Dai Jingze’s eyes meeting in the air, Yan Chen stretched out his hand, “Yan Chen.”

“Dai Jingze.” Reaching out and squeezing it, Dai Jingze’s mouth has a slight arc.

“I have no impression of someone as special as Mr. Yan. I don’t know, what is the relationship between you and Miss Gu?” Dai Jingze said coldly.

Hearing this, Yan Chen coldly replied four words, “Her man.”

With Yan Chen’s straightforward answer, Gu Jinxi couldn’t help but feel embarrassed, “Sorry Mr. Dai, Achen, he is not good at words.”

“Mr. Yan is just more refreshing, and what he wants to say.” Dai Jingze swept across the hands between the two, and withdrew his gaze faintly.

Noting Dai Jingze’s gaze, Gu Jinxi coughed slightly and said, “By the way, Mr. Dai, how about Mrs. Dai? Why didn’t I see her together.”

“She doesn’t like such a lively place, she likes to stay at home.” Dai Jingze said indifferently, not willing to mention his wife.

Nodding, Gu Jinxi always felt that the atmosphere right now was strange.

For some reason, she always felt that Yan Chen and Dai Jingze in front of her were surprisingly similar, and the low pressure of the two of them standing together caused the atmosphere to be a little weird, and people could not help but want to take them. Split apart.

Gu Jinxi didn’t feel relieved until he said goodbye to Dai Jingze, and Gu Jinxi took Yan Chen aside.

“Do you know Dai Jingze?” Although the two of them didn’t look like they knew each other, Gu Jinxi always felt that the atmosphere just now was a little weird.

“I don’t know.” Yan Chen answered directly.

Although the atmosphere of the two people’s first meeting was not right, since Yan Chen said they didn’t know each other, Gu Jinxi naturally wouldn’t doubt anything. Nodded immediately, exposing Dai Jingze’s incident.

She didn’t notice, Yan Chen’s eyes darkened.

Although Yan Chen didn’t know Dai Jingze, it didn’t mean he didn’t know Dai Jingze, and the sense of crisis that Dai Jingze brought to him made him unable to ignore it.

The wedding began.

Gu Jinxi took Yan Chen to the seats on both sides, the piano song “The Wedding in a Dream” slowly sounded, and the wedding host also stood on the stage.

The host is a friend of the groom and a well-known show host.

Right now he is standing on the stage, speaking in a low voice with a little affectionate words, “In the legend, the prince awakened the sleeping princess with an affectionate kiss, and at the same time, the most beautiful rose in the world was also full. Every corner of their lives. Today is a special day, because today, we will witness a beautiful love into the palace of marriage. Next, we have to invite the bride and groom to enter…”

The clap of applause continued to sound, and Gu Jinxi also clapped. Affected by the atmosphere of the scene, she also had a slight smile on her face.

This is the first time I have seen the groom Gu Jinxi, but at first glance, he feels very comfortable. He is a handsome young man. He also feels gentle and good-tempered.

Gu Jinxi had seen the bride Yun Siyi. Compared with the bridegroom, Yun Siyi gave people a worse impression.

When the bridegroom stood still, the bride there, under the leadership of Mr. Yun, slowly walked in the sight of everyone.

The white wedding dress clung to her panel, showing a beautiful figure. Layers of trailing skirts are like waves swept across, although dense but with layers, it has a different kind of beauty when walking.

The seductive V-neck is decorated with golden antique prints, revealing the sexy collarbone, and the slender waist is tightly tightened. The silk flowers on the wrists touch her waist from time to time as she moves.

There was a slight smile on Yun Siyi’s face. Although it was not strong, it was also very beautiful.

Walking towards her groom step by step, Yun Siyi’s eyes were fixed on him, watching the two approaching step by step.

Waiting to stand beside him, Yun Siyi looked down slightly, the smile at the corner of his mouth remained unchanged.

In the audience, Gu Jinxi leaned in Yan Chen’s ear and said, “What do I think, Miss Yun is weird today.”

“Where is it?” Yan Chen didn’t know Yun Siyi, so naturally she couldn’t feel her strangeness.

“Maybe it’s my illusion, it’s nothing…” Gu Jinxi originally wanted to tell Yan Chenyun that Siyi didn’t want to marry the bridegroom and then fell out with the family, but after all, today is someone’s wedding, at her wedding. It’s really bad to talk about this.

And her performance today, maybe she really compromised, right?

Just as the two were about to exchange wedding rings, Yun Siyi in sight suddenly fell on the stage.

In an instant, the scene boiled.

The groom watched his bride fall to the ground, and hurriedly picked him up, “Siyi! Siyi! Call the doctor!”

Madam Yun anxiously watched Yun Siyi being taken away, and hurriedly followed.

When something like this happened at the wedding, it was obvious that the host family had no time to take care of the guests on the spot, and all of them followed the bride and groom to leave.

Gu Jinxi sat in the seat, listening to the discussion from the guests around him, but he didn’t know what was going on at the moment, so it was not suitable to leave immediately. No one knows whether this wedding can continue.

Yun Siyi lay unconscious in bed, surrounded by her family. Because the groom Yun Cheng was adopted by the Yun family since he was a child, his relatives are from the Yun family.

“How’s it going?” Yun Cheng hurriedly asked when Dr. Nathaniel put down the stethoscope in his hand.

Dr. Nathaniel is the family doctor of the Yun family. It can be said that he is very familiar with Yun Siyi and Yun Cheng. At this time, when he heard Yun Cheng’s words, Dr. Nathaniel frowned and said, “I’m not sure yet, but I need to do a test.”

“Laboratory?” Mr. Yun couldn’t help being stunned. He didn’t understand why his daughter just fainted and had to undergo a laboratory test.

Until Dr. Nathaniel gave him an unsure answer, Yun Siyi fainted. If he guessed correctly, it should be poisoned.

Looking at Yun Siyi on the bed, Yun Cheng’s eyes were dim, “Parents, let’s withdraw today’s wedding.”

When Mr. Yun and Mrs. Yun saw this scene, they seemed to think of something, “Xiao Cheng…”

“Retreat, I’ve guessed Siyi won’t marry me a long time ago. She said that I am her brother and will be her brother for the rest of my life.” Yun Chengqiang supported the smile on his face, but his eyes were extremely sad.

The more he was like this, the more guilty Mr. Yun and Mrs. Yun became.

In the end, he could only choose to listen to him and withdraw the wedding first. After all, Yun Siyi is still in a coma, and this wedding naturally cannot go on.

But now that the wedding was revoked, Yun Siyi could still find a better reason because of Yun Siyi’s coma.

When Gu Jinxi and the others got the message that Yun Siyi was unconscious and the wedding was cancelled, they were not too surprised. Following the discussion crowd out of the wedding venue, Gu Jinxi finally couldn’t help but said to Yan Chen, “Do you think Miss Yun’s coma was an accident?”

“It should not be, if she guessed correctly, she should have designed it herself.” Yan Chen said.

“It’s a coincidence, I think so too.” Gu Jinxi was a little surprised that Yan Chen actually thought the same as himself. Obviously, he didn’t even know about Yun Siyi before, didn’t he?

Yan Chen obviously didn’t have much interest in Yun Siyi’s affairs. When he got in the car, he turned off the topic with Gu Jinxi, “When are you going to accept my marriage proposal?”

“So what are you doing in a hurry? Anyway, for you, you have children. The people who should be anxious look at me instead of you, right?” Gu Jinxi said helplessly.

For ordinary couples, it is the woman who is so anxious about the wedding after the child has given birth. Who knows that of the two of them, Yan Chen is anxious.

Thinking about it carefully, he has told himself several times about marriage proposals and weddings.

“I want to be justified to tie you up.” Yan Chen’s eyes were firm and serious.

Putting a hand around his neck, Gu Jinxi leaned forward and kissed his lips fondly, “The invisible rope is in your hand. No one but you can tie me.”

“Then when will you agree to my marriage proposal?” Yan Chen refused to accept Gu Jinxi’s fooling, and insisted on an answer.

Hearing this, Gu Jinxi couldn’t help sighing, “Just don’t ask…”

Holding her tightly in her arms, Yan Chen felt the temperature of the person in her arms, and then said for a long time: “Okay, I don’t ask. No matter how long, I will wait for you.”

“Yeah.” Gu Jinxi responded, and couldn’t help but bend the corners of her mouth slightly.

Compared to the two Gu Jinxi who left, there was a dark cloud covering the inside of the Yun family at this time.

After Yun Siyi woke up weakly leaning on Mrs. Yun, Dr. Nathaniel handed a laboratory report to Mr. Yun and Mrs. Yun, “Ms. Yun has a chronic poison.”

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