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Chapter 385 Miss Yun is really enjoyable

Chapter 385 Miss Yun is really enjoying it… “Chronic poison…” Mrs. Yun was shocked, and then looked at Yun Siyi angrily: “Mom knows you are not happy about this marriage, but what about you? You can poison yourself. If you want to make trouble, even if you faint at the wedding, it’s better than hurting yourself.”

With shallow tears in Yun Siyi’s eyes, she looked at Mrs. Yun in front of her. Tears kept accumulating in her eyes, and finally fell heavily, “Mom, I didn’t poison myself.”

“It’s not you, who else can it be?” Mr. Yun was also very angry, Qi Yun Siyi’s self-love.

“I don’t know…” Yun Siyi was also aggrieved.

From the side, Yun Cheng frowned slightly and watched this scene, and then asked, “Siyi, think about it, have you eaten or drunk anything before the wedding?”

Leaning on Mrs. Yun’s body, Yun Siyi didn’t look at Yun Cheng, and just said straightly: “I’m in a bad mood today. Since I woke up, I haven’t eaten anything or drank anything.”

“Where did this poison come from?” Mr. Yun looked at Dr. Nathaniel in confusion.

“I happened to see this medicine on the black market before. It was researched by a small research institute. To be precise, it is composed of two separate completely harmless medicines, but once they converge and penetrate into the panel, they will form a potentially toxic medicine. “With that, Dr. Nathaniel took Yun Siyi’s wedding dress and the suit jacket on Yun Cheng’s body.

He put the wedding dress and the suit jacket on the table in front of him, pointed to the wedding dress and said, “One of the potions was poured on this wedding dress, and there is another one on this jacket. If the two of them are not close, then Nothing will happen, but once the wedding dress is close to the panel, the toxicity will seep into the panel.”

“Yun Cheng, do you want to harm me?” Yun Siyi looked at Yun Cheng incredulously.

Facing the suspicious eyes of Mr. Yun and Mrs. Yun, a panic flashed in Yun Cheng’s eyes, “I don’t have one, how could I harm Siyi? She is my bride, parents, you have to believe me.”

Hearing Yun Cheng’s words, Mr. Yun also retracted his gaze, and said solemnly: “Xiao Cheng is right. He grew up when we watched him. I believe he would not do such a thing.”

“Dad, I’m your biological daughter, why don’t you believe me, but believe him? Do you think that I poisoned myself? I think I can’t live long?” Yun Siyi didn’t dare to talk.

Madam Yun frowned, no matter whether it was Yun Siyi or Yun Cheng, they were unwilling to doubt. Originally, they just hoped that two people could form their own family, who knew that something like this would happen.

Dr. Nathaniel didn’t say anything, he really didn’t have any position to speak on this matter.

“Okay, I will check this matter carefully. When did this wedding dress arrive?” Mr. Yun asked.

“The wedding dresses have been delivered for several days, and the only people in our manor should have handled them,” said Mrs. Yun.

He nodded slightly, Mr. Yun still had no clue as to who wanted to harm Yun Siyi, but the most important thing at the moment was another matter.

“Nathaniel, can you do anything about the poison on Siyi?” Mr. Yun asked.

After hesitating, Dr. Nathaniel nodded, “It should be no problem, I can go to the research institute.”

“Then I will trouble you.” Mr. Yun secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

When Dr. Nathaniel left, Yun Siyi excused that she was sleepy again and lay in bed to rest.

Fearing that it would affect Yun Siyi’s rest, Mrs. Yun, Mr. Yun and Yun Cheng also left the room together.

After everyone left, Yun Siyi lay on the bed for another ten minutes. After making sure that no one came in, he took out the antidote that had been prepared from under the pillow and drank it with his head up.

Thinking of everything going well now, Yun Siyi felt much better.

But she didn’t forget, now she doesn’t need to do anything.

Taking out her mobile phone from the drawer, Yun Siyi edited a newsletter: Everything went smoothly and proceeded as planned.

After the newsletter was successfully transmitted, Yun Siyi deleted the newsletter again so as not to be seen by others.

The news that the Yun family’s wedding was aborted has been spread because of the media. The Yun family itself is not an ordinary family, and big and small things are easy to attract attention, not to mention this time it is a wedding.

Yun Siyi’s fainting at the wedding led to the constant speculation of everyone, and all kinds of brain holes flew up.

But in these and other voices, the wedding dress at Yun Siyi’s wedding was picked up.

When Yun Siyi appeared in her wedding dress, she left a lot of video photos of her wedding dress. After Yun Siyi’s accident, the wedding dress also had an accident.

what’s up? Someone pointed out that Yun Siyi’s wedding dress was a product of plagiarism. The real owner of the wedding dress design is actually a little-known new designer, but her design work has won a competition award, which can be said to be a potential cutting-edge. Designer.

This wedding dress itself was designed by the design director of Gu’s wedding dress brand Dai Se personally for Yun Siyi. It was designed according to her requirements bit by bit, but it was said that it was plagiarized? Dai Se will not do it.

The design director of Dai Se is a senior designer himself, with his own pride, how can he tolerate others to slander him? He didn’t say anything immediately, and directly showed the manuscript of his own design of this wedding dress, from the initial design to the final draft.

Gu Jinxi also knew about the troubles caused by this wedding dress, but seeing that the design director had already revealed the manuscripts, he estimated that this matter could not be spoiled, and he didn’t take care of it immediately.

But I don’t want to, the other party also has these things, and the other party’s time is earlier than the design director’s time. In other words, her design precedes the design director.

And the other party had applied for a job at Dai Se, so he brought that design draft, thinking that it was plagiarized by the design director at that time.

Seeing this, Gu Jinxi also knew that there was no way to deal with this matter simply.

Dise’s design director is Celia’s good friend for many years. Celia also called Gu Jinxi after the matter gradually fermented.

“Jinxi, Louisa can’t do such a thing, you have to believe me.”

“Celia, I didn’t believe you or suspected Louisa. I just don’t understand. I still need to understand this matter with her.” Gu Jinxi said.

Celia breathed a sigh of relief, “That’s good. Louisa was plagiarized when she first entered the fashion circle. She hates people who plagiarize the most. They say that Louisa plagiarizes, but she actually said she copied a newcomer’s. Design, I really don’t know what they think.”

“Perhaps because that newcomer is more spiritual,” Gu Jinxi said slowly.

Celia doesn’t care about spirituality, she only knows whether she is absolutely disdainful and plagiarizing with her friend’s arrogance, or plagiarizing a cutting-edge designer.

Gu Jinxi, who comforted Celia, directly asked Secretary Lu to call Louisa over.

Louisa came quickly, but her face was very bad, and she obviously suppressed a lot of anger.

“Luisa, sit down.” Gu Jinxi motioned to her to sit down.

When Louisa sat down, Gu Jinxi asked Secretary Lu to pour a cup of coffee in, and then put the cup of coffee in front of Louisa, “What do you want to say about this matter?”

“I didn’t plagiarize.” Louisa’s calm emotions were revived because of Gu Jinxi’s question.

“Well Louisa, I didn’t say that you plagiarized, I just want to know why your design is so similar to the other party.” Gu Jinxi asked.

She has seen the design drafts of two people. Although the final design is different in details, the four main positions are exactly the same.

In this way, there is no doubt that it constitutes Louisa’s plagiarism.

When Louisa heard that Gu Jinxi was not suspicious of herself, she calmed down some emotions, and then said: “I compared the design draft, and the places that were accused of plagiarism were all requests from Miss Yun.”

After all, the wedding dress designed by Yun Siyi, she has her own ideas, and as a designer, she can only do it. But she never expected that Yun Siyi would actually harm herself like this.

So far Louisa doesn’t know why Yun Siyi is killing herself.

“You mean, Miss Yun requested the design of the chest, sleeves, skirt and waist?” Gu Jinxi asked.

Luisa nodded slightly, “Yes, Miss Yun named these four positions according to her requirements, and we will play the remaining positions by ourselves.”

Originally based on Luisa’s temperament, she planned to give this not a heavy task to the designer under her hands. After all, with Yun Siyi’s request, there is not much to worry about.

But Yun Siyi called her to come, so she had to pick it up by herself.

“Yun Siyi…” Gu Jinxi couldn’t help frowning. She and Yun Siyi had no grievances and no grudges. Why did she have such a beautiful design?

“Did you have any holidays with Yun Siyi?” Gu Jinxi couldn’t help asking.

“I don’t have much intersection with Miss Yun.” This is also what Luisa doesn’t understand.

Seeing that Luisa had no other clues to understand, Gu Jinxi asked her to go back to her residence for a few days to rest. If things were not resolved these days, obviously she would not be able to go to work.

When Louisa left, Gu Jinxi called Secretary Lu in, “Go and find out if Miss Yun is awake. If she is already awake, help me make an appointment with her.”

“Good Mr. Gu.” Secretary Lu nodded slightly when he heard the words.

In the room, Yun Siyi heard Gu Jinxi’s offer to meet her. He hesitated for a while, and agreed to meet at noon the next day.

Because Yun Siyi’s current situation is still quite complicated, Mr. Yun and Mrs. Yun didn’t know that she had taken the antidote, thinking that her body was still in a poisoned state, so naturally they would not let her go out. So the place she met was in the Yun family’s manor.

Coming in a day later, Gu Jinxi’s mood was completely different from the day before.

Follow the steps of the servant and enter Yun Siyi’s room. When the door opened, Gu Jinxi heard the sound of the TV.

Seeing Gu Jinxi walk into the room, the servant closed the door.

“Come in.” Yun Siyi heard the movement and knew that Gu Jinxi was here.

Walking into the bedroom, Gu Jinxi looked at Yun Siyi who was lying on the bed eating fruit, with a hint of sarcasm in his eyes, “Miss Yun is really enjoyable.”

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