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Chapter 387 I will pick you up in person

Chapter 387 came to pick you up in person and returned to the office. Gu Jinxi called Yan Chen, “Your subordinates have been temporarily requisitioned.”

“What?” Yan Chen was slightly puzzled.

“Don’t you think there might be sparks between Ada and Secretary Lu?” If it wasn’t for today’s thing, Gu Jinxi hadn’t noticed the two of them before.

Not to mention, I don’t know if I don’t pay attention. Once I pay attention and remember it, I realize that Secretary Lu has been attracted to Ada for a long time. It’s just that Adana is too wooden, really too wooden…

Yan Chen is still more concerned about the life-long events of his staff.

After Gu Jinxi’s reminder, Yan Chen also thought that Ada is indeed not young now. After all, he has been with him for so many years. He also knows that Secretary Lu has taken care of Gu Jinxi and his two children over the years. Care.

If two people can be together, it is really good.

Thinking of this, without Gu Jinxi’s words, Yan Chen directly adjusted a task for Ada, so that he didn’t need to follow him every day, but to follow Gu Jinxi’s side.

Gu Jinxi understood what Yan Chen said about letting Ada protect him, and he didn’t object immediately.

Ada didn’t expect that he was just coming to the Gu family to convey Yan Chen’s intentions, and he even changed the job with the next.

Knowing that Yan Chen attaches great importance to Gu Jinxi, Ada has no doubts about allowing herself to protect Gu Jinxi.

For Secretary Lu, it is of course beneficial for her to switch from Yan Chen’s side to Gu Jinxi’s side. In view of the fact that Ada is too wood, Secretary Lu has long decided to take the initiative on his own.

Now that people are under the nose, it is better to attack.

On the other hand, all the servants of the Yun family are in danger because of Yun Siyi’s affairs. Dr. Nathaniel had quickly contacted the small research institute, and the other party was skeptical about Nathaniel’s purchase of medicines, and did not sell him the medicines and antidote immediately.

But because Nathaniel’s contacts in the medical world were fairly broad, he quickly found a breakthrough. Not only did he buy the poison, he also got a message.

“He really bought this medicine?” In the Yun family study, Mr. Yun frowned.

On the chair on one side, Dr. Nathaniel sighed lightly, “I didn’t expect it, but you see…”

After that, Dr. Nathaniel handed their internal purchase records to Mr. Yun, “This is my friend stole from them. They have detailed records of every sale. Here, there is his signature. “

The evidence is as strong as a mountain, even if Mr. Yun is unwilling to believe it, he has to believe it.

“I treat him so well, how could he do such a thing…” Mr. Yun was heartbroken. He had never raised Yun Cheng as his own child, and wanted to marry his daughter to him, but he didn’t expect that he just raised him. A white-eyed wolf.

After Mrs. Yun came to the study, seeing Mr. Yun’s appearance, she couldn’t help but worry: “Husband, what’s the matter with you?”

“Yun Cheng this bastard thing!” Mr. Yun said in a deep pain, and whispered angrily.

“What’s wrong with Xiao Cheng? Why did you suddenly scold someone.” Mrs. Yun looked inexplicable, and immediately looked at Dr. Nathaniel on the side, “What the hell is going on?”

Upon hearing this, Nathaniel told Mrs. Yun that Yun Cheng had bought the medicine in private.

Mrs. Yun was stunned, she didn’t expect Yun Cheng to do such a thing.

“I’ll go to him and ask for clarity.” Without even thinking about it, Mrs. Yun planned to go to Yun Cheng. She still didn’t dare to imagine that the son she regarded as her own would hurt her daughter in this way.

“Wait!” Mr. Yun didn’t know what he thought of, and stopped Mrs. Yun.

Throwing away Mr. Yun’s hand, Mrs. Yun said, “I’m not sure if there is any misunderstanding in this matter, I’ll go and ask clearly.”

“What do you know? I’ll take care of this. Don’t bluff.” Mr. Yun stopped the human being first.

Leading people to sit on the sofa aside, Mr. Yun lightly pressed Mrs. Yun’s shoulder, “As you said, there may be any misunderstandings. I’ll let someone investigate it. First, you should pay attention. Don’t let it. The child is chilling.”

“Then check it carefully and see if someone deliberately provokes our Yun family.” Madam Yun thought of this possibility, and immediately felt that she had just gone to Yun Cheng directly and lacked consideration.

At the entrance of the study, a figure quietly left.

Yuanzhi Industrial.

Yan Zhiya picked up the coffee on the table and took a sip, only to feel that the mental fatigue at this moment subsided a little. When the screen of the phone on the side turned on, Yan Zhiya put down the cup and picked up the phone.

Swipe up with your fingertips. After reading the contents of the email, Yan Zhiya directly dialed out a call, “Proceed as planned.”

One day later, the results of Yun Cheng’s investigation came to Mr. Yun.

This time, in order to solve the problem in the bottom of his heart, Mr. Yun deliberately spent a lot of money to find someone to investigate Yun Cheng’s affairs, and strive to understand everything together.

But what he didn’t expect was that the result of the truth disappointed him.

“Bastard!” He slammed the results of the investigation on Yun Cheng’s face, and Mr. Yun was so angry, “Where is the Yun family I am sorry for you, and where your mother and I are not good to you, you must force us to death. Let you marry Is Siyi wronging you? If you don’t want to marry you, just say, we will force you to fail.”

With his head down, Yun Cheng picked up the results of the investigation on the ground and opened them one by one…

The information behind it turned faster and faster, Yun Cheng’s face also showed a trace of surprise, “Dad, this is really not what I did, I really didn’t…”

“Do you dare to say that you didn’t cooperate with people outside to rob your own business? Didn’t use the company to profit yourself? Didn’t you buy this harmful drug to harm your sister?” The more you talk, the more angry Mr. Yun is. A slap on Yun Cheng’s face.

Obviously he could avoid the slap of Mr. Kaiyun, but for some reason Yun Cheng did not avoid it. He was beaten to the side by the slap, “Dad, I really didn’t…”

“The facts are all in front of you, you still want to quibble! I really didn’t expect that I would raise a white-eyed wolf and almost killed my daughter.” Mr. Yun said angrily.

“Dad, why don’t you believe me?” Yun Cheng desperately shook his head, feeling very sad.

“I’m not your dad. From the beginning, there was no blood relationship between us. Starting today, if you leave the Yun family, you will have nothing to do with the Yun family anymore.” Mr. Yun said in a deep voice.

Yun Cheng, who wanted to come forward, was stopped by a bodyguard who didn’t know when he would come in. It was obvious that the distance between them was less than three meters, but he couldn’t get close.

Standing up, Yun Cheng’s ears were buzzed by the slap, but he insisted on standing straight. Even if Mr. Yun turned his back to him, he insisted on bowing deeply to him, “Dad, no matter what you think, you are my dad. I grew up under your cultivation when I was young. Yun Cheng. I don’t know why someone framed me like this. I will find out their frame of me. I only hope that you don’t get angry because of me before the truth is revealed. I can leave, but I hope that after I leave , You can take good care of mom and sister.”

Straightening up, Yun Cheng turned and left the study.

Listening to the movement behind him, Mr. Yun couldn’t help but finally looked back at his back.

Undeniably, Yun Cheng’s betrayal of the Yun family made Mr. Yun very angry. But besides that, he also began to wonder if he really wronged him because of Yun Cheng’s last words.

Yun Cheng left the Yun family without taking away anything.

When leaving from the Yun family’s manor, he refused even if the driver wanted to send him off, insisting on leaving the Yun family’s manor with two legs.

Outside the Yun Family Manor, it is not easy to get a taxi, and his stubbornness also made Mrs. Yun who was standing on the second floor watching him leave very sad.

On the contrary, Yun Siyi, who was next to Mrs. Yun, looked at Yun Cheng’s departure with a different kind of joy.

Yun Siyi hated Yun Cheng’s adopted son since she was a child. Even though she knew that the Yun family’s industry ultimately belonged to her, Yun Cheng could only help herself manage no matter how good she was now. But every time she heard her parents praise Yun Cheng and blame herself, Yun Siyi was very angry and jealous.

Over time, Yun Siyi didn’t know when she started, and she had a deep hatred for Yun Cheng, and she wished to kick him out of the Yun family and not to appear in front of her.

Now, she finally drove Yun Cheng out. As long as he is gone, Yun Siyi believes that her parents will no longer be able to oppose any decision she made.

After moving away from the Yun Family Manor, Yun Cheng was holding his face that was beaten. The pain on his face was naturally clear, but what he cared about was not the momentary pain or the humiliation of being beaten.

For Yun Cheng, since he knew his identity, humiliation has always been with him.

A car parked next to him, glanced at the driver in the driver’s seat, Yun Cheng opened the back seat of the car and sat on it.

In the car, Gu Jinxi looked at Yun Cheng who got in the car, her eyebrows were slightly tightened, “It seems that Mr. Yun has hit hard enough this time, why don’t you avoid it.”

“The harder you fight now, the more guilty you will be when the truth comes later.” Yun Cheng’s voice was light, as if the person who was beaten in the words was not him, but someone else.

Turning on the refrigerator, Gu Jinxi handed him a bottle of mineral water, “It’s iced anyway, put it on your face, it will swell into a bun later.”

With a chuckle, Yun Cheng took the frozen mineral water and pressed it against his face. The moment of chill made him frown, “Why did you come here in person?”

“In order to show my sincerity to my partner, I will pick you up personally.” Gu Jinxi said with a faint smile.

Leaning against the car seat a little tiredly, Yun Cheng lifted his eyelids and glanced at Gu Jinxi, “Whatever, you remember to find a hotel for my partner. As you know, I will bring a person, even my wallet. I didn’t bring it.”

“Don’t worry, I have booked the hotel. If you want to stay for a few days, you can stay for a few days.” Gu Jinxi said.

Rolling the mineral water in his hands, Yun Cheng said, “It’s not that I want to live for a few days, but they let me live for a few days.”

Gu Jinxi’s mouth twitched slightly, “Same.”

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