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Chapter 389 Yun Cheng, he is dead

Chapter 389: Yun Cheng, he was dead. After Yan Chen came back, several people sat together and ate dinner.

At the dinner table, Yan Chen and Qi Yuran drank a lot of wine. Finally, at Qi Yuran’s insistence, Gu Jinxi asked Luo Qi to take him back to his residence next door.

Although Qi Yuran hasn’t come back for a long time, the house is cleaned regularly, so people can live at any time.

Watching the two of them leave, Gu Jinxi also cleaned the room and returned to his room.

“How about Yun Cheng?” After taking a shower, Yan Chen embraced Gu Jinxi on the bed.

“Everything went well.” Gu Jinxi stepped forward and kissed Yan Chen on the lips.

Faced with the touch of his sweetheart, Yan Chen stopped doing it. He immediately pulled the person over, searched for the lips, and kissed him heavily. It took a while before he let him go, “I’m in a good mood today?”

Smiling and leaning against Yan Chen’s chest, Gu Jinxi turned and lay on his body, “Not bad, today Luo Qi told me an interesting thing. I heard that an internet celebrity once talked to someone in order to get the upper hand. Overnight in the hotel.”

“There is indeed such a person, and she has succeeded in the upper ranks.” With his arms around Gu Jinxi’s waist, Yan Chen looked at her seriously.

“It seems that this is still a very inspirational story?” Gu Jinxi raised her eyebrows slightly.

“I think so too.” Yan Chen looked serious.

Unable to bury his face in Yan Chen’s chest, Gu Jinxi’s dumbfounded voice also sounded muffled, “You’re really not welcome at all, shameless? Face is a good thing, you still have to take it with you when you go out.”

“Now in bed, it doesn’t matter whether or not.”

Before Gu Jinxi could speak, he was sealed by Yan Chen.

The next day, Gu Jinxi unexpectedly got up late.

As soon as he walked out of the room, Xiao Qingyuan, who heard the movement, poked his head out of his room, “Mommy, Daddy has already made breakfast. It’s in the dining room.”

“Okay, Mommy knows.” Gu Jinxi said with a smile.

“Mummy, why did Daddy make breakfast today? Didn’t Mommy make breakfast?” Aside, Xiao Jingsheng stared at Gu Jinxi with big curious eyes and blinked.

Inexplicably embarrassed, Gu Jinxi coughed slightly, “Mommy is not feeling well today, so daddy recommended himself a pillow seat, ah no… your daddy also wants to make breakfast for you, okay?”

“But Daddy’s cooking is not as delicious as Mommy’s.” Xiao Jingsheng spread out her hands cutely, making no secret of her dislike for her daddy.

“Hush!” Gu Jinxi lifted her index finger lightly, “Sheng Sheng, don’t hit daddy’s self-confidence, or daddy will be sad.”

“Does that daddy cry?” Xiao Jingsheng asked curiously.

Thinking of the way Yan Chen was crying, Gu Jinxi couldn’t help but want to laugh. Xiao Qingyuan patted Xiao Jingsheng on the shoulder and said solemnly, “Daddy said, men can’t cry.”

In the end, this topic finally stopped when Gu Jinxi had breakfast. I have to say that there are two live treasures at home, and sometimes it is quite a headache to talk.

After having breakfast and letting the nanny take care of the two children, Gu Jinxi went out to work in the company.

Ever since Yun Cheng left the Yun family, Yun Siyi’s mood has continued to be in a better state. But for a few days, I stayed at home, and after a long time, my good mood is almost exhausted.

“Mom, just let me go for a walk, your daughter will be suffocated if I don’t go out again.” Yun Siyi hugged Mrs. Yun’s arm and shook it aggrievedly.

“Your body is still not well, mom will accompany you out in two days.” Madam Yun said, tapping Yun Siyi’s arm.

The same thing, I don’t know how many times I have said it before, and Yun Siyi is annoyed to hear it.

Immediately, Yun Siyi said dissatisfied: “Mom, you can’t deprive me of my freedom. Think about how many days I have been at home. I have never been at home for more than two days before. This time it’s almost half a month.”

“Siyi, you are obedient, mom is not feeling well today, and I will accompany you out tomorrow.” Madam Yun sighed lightly. Although Yun Cheng’s affairs have passed so many days, she still can’t let go.

After all, she grew up since she was a child. Compared to Yun Siyi, who is a better body, Mrs. Yun has taken care of Yun Cheng, who is relatively weak since she was a child. Now that something like this happened, I have to say that it was a big blow to Mrs. Yun.

Seeing that Mrs. Yun seemed to be really uncomfortable, Yun Siyi didn’t bother her anymore, “Mom, you don’t feel well and you said it early, or should you go back to your room and rest?”

“It’s okay, it’s just a little headache.” Madam Yun smiled faintly.

“A headache is not a disease. It hurts to kill you. What a trivial thing.” Immediately, Yun Siyi called a servant, “Help my mother go back to the room to rest. If I can’t take care of my wife, I will ask you to settle the account.”

Mrs. Yun wanted to say something, but was interrupted by Yun Siyi, “Mom, don’t be aggressive, you see that your complexion is so bad, go and rest.”

Faced with her daughter’s concern, Mrs. Yun finally nodded, “Well then, you can rest in your room, and Mom will go back to your room.”

“Yeah.” Yun Siyi nodded repeatedly, watching Madam Yun leave.

An hour later, Yun Siyi was standing on the street with Yun’s car behind him. The driver rolled down the window and said, “Miss, do you need me to follow you?”

“No, I will call you to pick me up before I go back.” Yun Siyi said lightly, put on sunglasses and walked towards the mall not far away.

After holding back at home for too long, Yun Siyi started shopping as soon as she entered the mall. As she bought more and more things, she also regretted not letting the driver follow. Otherwise, where would she need to bring these things by herself?

But after thinking about it, Yun Siyi stored her things on the first floor and continued shopping.

“Miss Yun, this is your card…” The store manager respectfully handed Yun Siyi’s credit card with both hands. The store manager naturally offered to Yun Siyi, who had spent hundreds of thousands in the store.

After taking the card, Yun Siyi walked out of the store and planned to visit the next store, but just a few steps out of the store, the things in her hand were taken by someone.

Without waiting for her to get angry, when she saw that person’s face, the anger on Yun Siyi’s face turned into a smile, “Domoto, why are you?”

“What’s the matter, my dear, don’t you want to see me?” The boy named Domoto has a handsome appearance. With short light gray hair, he looks more and more handsome. He is a typical Japanese anime boy.

Especially when he laughs, the seeming evil spirit can easily seduce an ignorant girl.

“Of course not, where did you go before? When I was looking for you, you would not see me.” At this point, Yun Siyi was slightly aggrieved.

“You still blame me? My girlfriend is going to marry someone else, so I’m not allowed to feel sad? Besides, didn’t I go on the day of your wedding?” Domoto Sai said this, and sighed.

Seeing her boyfriend’s sadness, Yun Siyi couldn’t help but carry a trace of guilt on her face, “Domoto, you know, how can I marry someone else if I love you so much? Don’t worry, we will be together soon.”

“My dear, I believe in you.” Domotozhai lowered his head and kissed Yun Siyi, looking at her shy appearance, with a touch of calculation in his eyes.

In the hotel room, Yun Siyi was lying in the arms of Domotozhai.

Touching her smooth back, Domoto Sai’s slightly dumb voice rang in her ears, “Yi, my mother asked me to take you back. When can you go back with me?”

“Tangmoto, I haven’t dealt with things on my side yet, let’s wait a few more days.” It’s not that Yun Siyi doesn’t want to go back with Tangmoto, but she hasn’t told her parents about Tangmoto, so she can’t go back with him now.

“Do you want to marry your brother? You don’t want to be with me at all.” Domoto Sai said coldly.

Upon hearing this, Yun Siyi hugged him hurriedly, “Don’t get me wrong, Tangmoto, I really don’t have that idea. I hate Yun Cheng since I was a child, how can I be with him. It was never my idea to marry him, it was me. Parents’ wishes. But don’t worry, I have driven Yun Cheng out of the Yun family. This time it took me a lot of effort to convince my parents of Yun Cheng’s wolf ambition. Next, as long as I get rid of him, I will be with you in the future. My parents will definitely not object to the same thing anymore.”

“Really all right? Your brother seems to be quite capable.” Domoto Sai hesitated a little.

“Don’t worry, someone will help me this time. Even if the evidence is fabricated, no one will be able to find out. Yun Cheng, he is dead.” Yun Siyi eagerly wanted to show her love to her sweetheart, not knowing what she was saying right now. The words have been passed on to another place verbatim.

Satisfiedly pulling Yun Siyi warmly for a while, Domoto Sai said unconsciously: “Yi, your brother likes you so much, and your parents want you to be together so much. Are you really willing to go back to Hokkaido with me?”

“Toumoto, I don’t want anyone but you. Yun Cheng is worthy of me. He is just a stray dog ​​that my parents picked up. After so many years of good life, he has exhausted his benevolence and righteousness. He actually wanted to marry me. The toad wants to eat swan meat.” Lying in the arms of her beloved, Yun Siyi didn’t care what she could say or could not say, and she said all the thoughts hidden in her heart one by one.

But as soon as I entered the house, I was blocked by the housekeeper, “Miss, sir is waiting for you in the study, let you come back and see him in the study.”

“I know, I will go back to the room and put things down.” Although I don’t know what’s going on, Yun Siyi still agreed.

But without waiting for her to go upstairs, the butler once again blocked her way, “Mister ordered, you go to his study as soon as you come back.”

This time, the butler deliberately emphasized the word immediately.

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