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Chapter 390 Never Return to Yun Family

Chapter 390 is absolutely not allowed to return to the Yun’s house… Throwing the things you just bought on the ground, Yun Siyi’s words are slightly cold, “The housekeeper, send everything to my room.”

“Yes, miss.” The butler nodded slightly.

With a cold snort, Yun Siyi went upstairs with an angry stomach. Every time the high heels stepped on the floor, they creaked, obviously very uncomfortable.

At the entrance of the study, Yun Siyi saw the open study and went straight in, “Dad, you are looking for me…”

The response to her was an oncoming blow. Yun Siyi only felt a sharp pain in her forehead, followed by the sound of broken porcelain.

Opening her eyes, Yun Siyi felt something flowing down her face…

Mrs. Yun, who was originally sitting in the study, saw this scene. Although she felt distressed at that moment, the anger on her face was not restrained.

Standing there, Yun Siyi looked at her parents in the study, inexplicably panicked, “Dad, what are you doing? Do you want to kill me?”

“Kill you? I’ll kill you the truth!” Mr. Yun said angrily.

“I am your only daughter, whoever kills me will give you the end!” Yun Siyi also said hard.

Mr. Yun was so angry that Yun Siyi said, “With a daughter like you, I can’t feel at ease even if I die. I really don’t know what evil I did to raise a daughter like you.”

“I don’t know what you are thinking about!” Because of the things she did, Yun Siyi was a little guilty, and immediately walked to Mrs. Yun’s side, “Mom, look at my dad hitting me, I feel so painful now.”

Madam Yun looked at Yun Siyi’s bleeding wound, but still couldn’t hold back holding the silk scarf to hold down the bleeding wound, “Your hand is too heavy!”

“I’m still serious. I won’t teach her a lesson. One day she killed someone and became a murderer. Do you want me to take money to make her commit crimes?” Mr. Yun said angrily.

“I didn’t mean that. It’s not that time.” Madam Yun couldn’t help but soften her voice.

“It’s not that time, but it’s still so bad now, Xiao Cheng was driven out by her, she still wants his life! I really didn’t expect that I spent so much money to train you, I actually brought you up like this. “Mr. Yun pointed to Yun Siyi, really hating iron but not steel.

Having been scolded by Mr. Yun by pointing her nose, Yun Siyi is still annoyed at this time even with a guilty conscience, “Yun Cheng, Yun Cheng, if you open your mouth and shut your mouth, it is Yun Cheng. Have you forgotten that I am your daughter? Yun Cheng is just The dog you picked up has nothing to do with you, I am your daughter!”

Listening to Yun Siyi’s extremely angry words, Mr. Yun coldly huffed, and then looked at Mrs. Yun on the side, “Did you hear that? You thought it was someone else’s slander on her just now, what about now?”

Yun Siyi didn’t understand what Mr. Yun meant, and looked at Mrs. Yun on the side, but looked disappointed at her, “Siyi, Mom really didn’t expect that you would do something like this. You really Yes, I’m so disappointed.”

“Mom, what are you talking about?” Yun Siyi always felt that something seemed to exceed her expectations.

Without waiting for Mrs. Yun to speak, Mr. Yun threw a USB flash drive in front of Yun Siyi, “See it for yourself!”

The intuition here might have a great influence on him, but the arrow has to be sent on the string. Even with that intuition, Yun Siyi gritted his teeth and plugged the U disk into the computer.

When the picture of the hotel room came into view, all of Yun Siyi’s blood rushed directly to the top of her head for an instant. In the picture, Yun Siyi was overwhelming with Domotozhai. It was obviously a very enjoyable thing to be placed in front of her parents at this time. But Yun Siyi felt extremely ashamed.

And what embarrassed her was more than that. The words Yun Siyi once said to Domotozhai sounded again now, that is to say, her framing of Yun Cheng was exposed.

She wanted to defend herself, but what she said was so clear that she couldn’t defend herself.

“Siyi, tell mom honestly, are all the things you just said true? You forced Xiao Cheng to leave?” Madam Yun obviously still couldn’t accept this result.

Faced with questions from her parents, Yun Siyi wanted to speak a few times, but was a little afraid.

In the end, he nodded, “What about me? The person I hated the most since I was a child is Yun Cheng. Why does he get your love? You scold me every day because of him. I hate him triumphantly. appearance.”

“Because of him scolding you every day? I only know that every time you make a mistake, your brother intercedes for you. Why do you scold you every time? Which time is it not you who did the wrong thing.”

“He is so good, then what do you want my daughter to do? You don’t care about me, and I don’t care about you. The most regrettable thing I have done in this life is to have the wrong child and become your daughter!” Tears kept streaming down. Yun Siyi wiped away the tears mixed with blood on her face with her backhand, and then ran out of the study.

Seeing this scene, Madam Yun was also heartbroken, tears filled her eyes, “I’ll go see her…”

Yun Cheng knew about the Yun family at the first time. This result was naturally in his expectation.

In the restaurant box, when Yun Cheng arrived, Domoto Sai was returning the menu to the waiter, “We will serve these dishes first, and we will talk later if necessary.”

“Okay sir.” The waiter stooped and said with a smile.

When the waiter left, Domoto Sai elegantly arranged the bowls and chopsticks, and then sat there, “Jing, how are you going to thank me for this incident?”

“Do we still need to talk about thanks?” Yun Cheng raised the tea cup in front of him and laughed softly.

“I don’t have to, but I have already thought about thanking you. How about taking a personal promise?” With a light laugh, Domoto Sai raised his head and drank the tea in the cup.

Yun Cheng said indifferently: “Not very good.”

With a light sigh, Domoto Sai shook his head helplessly, “For you, I even got on the bed, you are not moved at all.”

“Anyway, the person in your bed will change every month. Yun Siyi looks good and has a good figure, and you are not at a disadvantage,” Yun Cheng said slowly.

“That’s true, your sister looks pretty pure on the outside, but it’s really not a normal wave on the bed. It’s just a pity, it’s always a bit greasy to eat too much.” Domoto Sai shook his head helplessly.


There was a knock on the door, and Domotozai who was talking couldn’t help but pause.

Yun Cheng looked at Gu Jinxi who walked into the box and directly introduced Domotozhai: “This is Mr. Gu of the Gu family.”

Seeing Gu Jinxi’s face, Domotozhai couldn’t help but his eyes lit up, “Miss Gu is so beautiful.”

“If you die, put away your thoughts.” Knowing what kind of person Domoto Sai is, Yun Cheng persuaded him without even thinking about it.

“Oh? Miss Gu is still a thorny rose?” Domotozhai was full of interest, with full confidence in the corners of his eyes and eyebrows.

“Is it a thorny rose? But there is a bomb next to Mr. Gu. As long as you get close, you will be blown to death.” Yun Cheng said.

Domotozhai was obviously not frightened by Yun Cheng’s words, looking at Gu Jinxi’s vision with full aggression.

“He is the friend you are talking about? It seems that Miss Yun’s vision is not very good.” Gu Jinxi sat down beside Yun Cheng lightly. For Tang Benzhai, Gu Jinxi didn’t like it from the beginning.

Don’t mind Gu Jinxi’s words, Domotozhai smiled and sat next to Gu Jinxi, “Get to know, I am Domotozhai. Have you heard of Hokkaido Tangmoto?”

“I haven’t heard of it.” Gu Jinxi said lightly, “Yun Cheng, I’ll have something to do later.”

“Okay, let’s make a long story short.” Seeing that Gu Jinxi was in a hurry, Yun Cheng warned Xiatang Benzhai immediately, regardless of whether she was really in a hurry or not.

When he finished talking with Yun Cheng, Gu Jinxi left the box directly, showing no interest in what Domotozhai said. Maybe the Japanese flower boy is very attractive in the eyes of many girls, but for Gu Jinxi, compared to the flower boy, she likes mature and attractive men.

She doesn’t like a body that is too slender and thin, and she doesn’t know if she was nurtured by Yan Chen. At the moment, if it weren’t for Yan Chen’s body that looks thin and undressed, she doesn’t have eight-pack abs and no mermaid line… …In Gu Jinxi’s eyes, it is a symbol of lack of figure.

In short, she not only likes Yan Chen’s face and voice, but also his figure.

After Yun Siyi returned to the room, he informed Yan Zhiya of the message without hesitation. When Yan Zhiya heard that Yun Siyi had actually ruined this plan, she was immediately furious.

But this is the end of the matter, and it is not a question of who is to blame right now.

Although Yun Siyi had been reviewing, it was that she hadn’t paid attention, which led to the current situation. But Yan Zhiya thought differently from her. She felt that there was obviously a problem with that Domotozhai.

He immediately sent people to investigate Domotozhai, but the message from the people who came back surprised Yan Zhiya.

The people sent to bring back several photos for Yan Zhiya, not only Tang Benzhai and Yun Cheng, but more importantly Gu Jinxi. At this moment, Yan Zhiya finally understood. During this time, she felt that what was wrong with Yun Cheng came from.

“It turns out that the person behind Yun Cheng is Gu Jinxi…”

She did not expect that she designed Gu Jinxi by herself, but she also made her come back. In the current situation, where did they design Yun Cheng? This Yun Cheng is not easy…

The current situation is not difficult to imagine. She and Gu Jinxi are standing behind each other. Since this is their struggle through the Yun family, she can’t even lose!

Now, once Yun Cheng returns to the Yun family, it is only a matter of time to control the Yun family with his skills and scheming. And once he takes control of the Yun family and joins forces with Gu Jinxi, then he will be at a disadvantage.

With the help of the Yun family, Yan Zhiya didn’t think she could still beat Gu Jinxi. Yan Chen still has a lot of fears about himself, but the Yun family doesn’t have these things.

Yun Cheng, absolutely can’t return to Yun’s house!

A plan was brewing, and Yan Zhiya walked aside and called Yun Siyi.

When she hung up the phone, Yan Zhiya sat on the sofa aside and poured herself a glass of red wine, “Yun Siyi, this is what you promised yourself, no wonder I. Yun Cheng, absolutely can’t go back to Yun’s house.”

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