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Chapter 391 What to Sleep, Sleep, Get Up!

Chapter 391: What to sleep? Sleep, get up! At the door of the hotel room, Yun Siyi looked at Yun Cheng who opened the door, with red eyes, “Brother…I’m sorry…”

Looking at Yun Siyi in front of him, Yun Cheng was stunned, “Siyi, why are you here?”

“My parents know that I did the things before, and they are very angry. Brother, I just came to beg you to forgive me, so you forgive me? Okay, brother.” Yun Siyi took Yun Cheng’s arm. Begging.

There was neither good nor bad, Yun Cheng sighed softly, “Come in first, don’t stand at the door and be pestle.”

Passing by Yun Cheng, Yun Siyi still peeked at Yun Cheng with his eyes from time to time, for fear that he would be unhappy.

What she didn’t know was that her clumsy acting skills had been seen through by Yun Cheng. But she couldn’t see the coldness in Yun Cheng’s eyes, nor could she see his pretending gentle eyes.

Yun Cheng poured a glass of water for Yun Siyi, “Siyi, I have always regarded you as my sister. I really don’t understand why you want to do this.”

“Because brother, you are so good. Since childhood, my parents will only let me see you more and learn from you more, but my brain is not as smart as you, and I have not been able to do what they want. , I think that as long as my brother is not there, I can get praise from my parents…” Yun Siyi sobbed in a low voice.

“This is also my brother’s fault. I knew you had a mental problem, so I should take you to the doctor.” Yun Cheng looked at Yun Siyi with worry.

Only when you have mental problems, you have to see a doctor.

Yun Siyi was irritated by Yun Cheng’s words, but she still couldn’t break out, so she nodded aggrievedly, “Brother, as long as you don’t blame me this time, it’s fine.”

“Well, I won’t blame you.” Yun Cheng said comfortingly.

At this moment, Yun Siyi suddenly pinched her neck, and her expression of pain gradually spread. She wanted to speak aloud, but she didn’t know how she couldn’t say a word.

Lying down on the sofa in pain, Yun Siyi stretched out one hand towards Yun Cheng, begging for his help, but Yun Cheng just watched this scene coldly, and didn’t mean to help her at all.

When he saw a large amount of blood flowing from the corner of Yun Siyi’s mouth, Yun Cheng raised his eyebrows slightly and walked to Yun Siyi’s side.

At this time, Yun Siyi was so angry that she was almost dead when Yun Cheng pulled his hand away from her nose.

In a daze, Yun Siyi seemed to hear Yun Cheng’s voice calling for an ambulance, but immediately followed her and lost consciousness.

The Yun family held their wedding only half a month ago. Although the wedding was only half-time, it was still a popular event. Unexpectedly, half a month later, there will be another funeral…

Yun Siyi’s death was too sudden, but even so, Mr. Yun and Mrs. Yun still managed to do the funeral for her.

Yun Cheng has been arrested because of deliberate murder. When I saw Mr. Yun this time, Gu Jinxi saw that his sideburns had a lot more gray hair. Mrs. Lian Yun looked haggard.

“Two sorrows. If Miss Yun is alive in the sky, I don’t want to see them so sad.” Yan Zhiya comforted Mr. Yun and Mrs. Yun with a sad expression.

Mrs. Yun couldn’t help but wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes, “Siyi is a good boy, she is a good boy…”

Seeing that they were sad and unbearable, Yan Zhiya walked away a little thoughtfully.

The collision with Gu Jinxi had been predicted by Yan Zhiya. The eyes of the two were relatively speechless, only passing by. Yan Zhiya heard Gu Jinxi’s voice, “You are really ruthless.”

Ruthless? Yan Zhiya doesn’t think so. People don’t die for themselves. She can’t lose to Fang Xiaoyao and her daughter. This has become Yan Zhiya’s obsession.

Looking at Yan Zhiya’s back, Gu Jinxi turned her head to comfort Mr. Xiayun and Mrs. Yun. Because of the wedding dress, the two of them didn’t have a good face when they saw Gu Jinxi, but Gu Jinxi still didn’t care about their dislike, and left after a simple comfort.

Regarding the wedding dress plagiarism, Gu Jinxi has suppressed the matter, but it has not been resolved in a day. Obviously, it is not a good thing for Gu. Fortunately, it won’t be too long…

One night, a regularly sent email quietly entered Mr. Yun’s mailbox.

It was not discovered until early the next morning.

In the detention center, Yun Cheng was poured over his head with a basin of water before he woke up. Although the weather today is not a cold winter, the cold air has often clamored. When such a basin of water was poured down, Yun Cheng’s entire state was compromised.

“Why sleep? Get up!” The police shouted coldly, causing Yun Cheng to sit up wearing sexy clothes.

In fact, it was not the first day that he was treated like this. After a few days, he lasted a day or two, but obviously he couldn’t survive it today. Before starting today’s work, Yun Cheng already felt that his mind was swollen, obviously he had a fever.

According to the attitude of the police here towards themselves, it is even more impossible to see a doctor or take medicine.

Yun Cheng, who was dizzy, didn’t know what the other party was saying. Anyway, he pushed himself and stood up. He walked slowly and was pushed back, so he walked two steps as fast as he could.

As I walked, my whole person suddenly fainted to the ground…

Before he fell into a coma, he heard that the policeman was scolding himself. Very good, he remembered…

“Xiao Cheng…” A familiar voice rang in his ears, and the warmth of the whole body made Yun Cheng think that he had hallucinations in a daze.

When he opened his eyes and saw the familiar environment in front of him, Yun Cheng was still a little stunned.

“Xiao Cheng, my parents are sorry for you…” Madam Yun took Yun Cheng’s hand and sat on the edge of the bed crying sadly.

Turning to look at Mrs. Yun sitting on the edge of the bed, Yun Cheng spit out a word from her dry throat for a while, “Mom…”

“Eh, it’s mom, mom will pour you some water to drink.” Mrs. Yun said, took the water cup on the side and poured some warm water for him.

Outside the door, Mr. Yun leaned his back against the wall, listening to the movement in the room, he clearly wanted to enter the room, but he didn’t dare to enter. Listening to the voices of the two people inside, they took heavy steps and finally left.

After drinking the water, Yun Cheng’s condition improved a little, “Mom, why am I here? Aren’t I in the detention center?”

“Because you were acquitted.” Madam Yun said softly.

“Siyi… have you found the person who killed Siyi?” Yun Cheng asked anxiously with his weak voice.

And his appearance made Mrs. Yun even more guilty.

Holding Yun Cheng’s much thinner body, Mrs. Yun couldn’t help but shed tears, “I’m sorry Xiao Cheng, it’s my parents who I’m sorry to you, for causing you to suffer so much, for causing you to be wronged…”

“It’s okay parents, as long as they can find the murderer, everything is worth it,” Yun Cheng said thoughtfully.

“Mom didn’t expect that Yan Zhiya was so cruel, what kind of hatred and grievance she had with our family, she actually harmed you like this. Not to mention killing Siyi, she also made you a murderer.” Madam Yun thought of this. , I was so angry that I wanted to kill Yan Zhiya.

“It kills two birds with one stone. It seems that her goal should be our entire Yun family.” Yun Cheng said, couldn’t help but cough.

Upon seeing this, Mrs. Yun worriedly offered him water again.

When he drank the water, Yun Cheng said, “But mom, how can she be caught by such a fine person?”

“God has eyes. Your sister probably thought she could not be trusted before the accident. She left the recording of her conversation with Yan Zhiya. Because of the timed transmission, it was only transmitted to your dad’s mailbox yesterday, which made you suffer more. So many days of suffering,” said Mrs. Yun.

“So it’s like this…” Yun Cheng said weakly.

After speaking a few more words with Yun Cheng, seeing that Yun Cheng was really working hard, Mrs. Yun asked him to rest more, and she left without disturbing him.

What Mrs. Yun didn’t know was that after she left the room, Yun Cheng opened her eyes.

Compared to his previous weakness, Yun Cheng’s eyes were clear, and everything went so smoothly, which made him feel a little surprised. I have to say that Yan Zhiya originally gave him a set, but he did not expect that the accident helped him.

It is said that Fu Wushuang does not come singly, but Yan Zhiya knew that she had coaxed Yun Siyi into suspended animation to frame Yun Cheng, but the fact that she had killed her with poison was exposed. Over there, she had previously worked with Mrs. Quan and her lover to kill Quan Jijun and forged suicide at the same time. After the two incidents, she suddenly lost two lives on her back.

Naturally, the police would not let Yan Zhiya carry two lives on his back. After the incident was exposed, they immediately went to Yan Zhiya’s residence to apprehend him.

Unfortunately, they were still a step late, and Yan Zhiya absconded in fear of crime.

That night, the news of Yan Zhiya’s absconding was spread, and the wanted order for Yan Zhiya was also issued.

A week later, Gu Jinxi met Yun Cheng.

After recuperating this week, it is obvious that Yun Cheng’s overall condition has improved a lot.

“Yan Zhiya absconded in fear of sin, now you should feel at ease.” Yun Cheng smiled and looked at Gu Jinxi in front of him. Now Yun Cheng no longer pretends, and his smile is a bit arrogant and arrogant, but it is also the most arrogant. The real him.

A capable person has always been arrogant.

“People haven’t caught it yet, and An Xin is not counted.” Gu Jinxi’s voice was light, and he immediately asked: “Yun Cheng, tell me honestly, do you know that Yan Zhiya will really poison Yun Siyi? Since their call is recorded in your hands, I don’t believe you didn’t let anyone guard Yan Zhiya.”

With a smile, Yun Cheng unhurriedly soaked the tea on the table, “Since we are partners, I am not afraid to tell you. You guessed it, I do know that Yan Zhiya is going to kill Yun Siyi and want to use Yun Siyi’s death came to frame me. So I took the plan and asked her to help me. Of course, I deliberately pushed back the timing of the email for a few days. The few days I stayed in the detention center was regarded as my guilt. .”

“What is your grievance with the Yun family? From the very beginning, you haven’t told me the truth.” Gu Jinxi frowned slightly.

Pushing the tea in front of Gu Jinxi, Yun Cheng picked up his teacup, “That’s a long story…but I know Mr. Gu didn’t have so much time to listen to me back then, so I will make a long story short. Simple. In other words, it is four words: deep hatred and great hatred.”

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