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Chapter 392 Yan Zhiya Is Crazy

Chapter 392 Yan Zhiya went crazy and drank the bitter tea in her sip, Yun Cheng smiled bitterly, “Actually speaking, I and them are also relatives. In terms of blood relationship, they should be my second uncle and Second aunt. My father used to be the head of the Yun family’s previous generation. Unfortunately, an accident prevented him from taking my mother back to the Yun family formally before he died.”

“Later, the Yun family changed ownership and came into their hands. And my mother, who was hit hard by her father’s death, became depressed after giving birth to me and jumped off the building to die. By mistake, I was adopted by them. ……Hearing this, I should actually thank them, right?” At this point, Yun Cheng himself smiled.

Immediately afterwards, he said: “But then I learned what went wrong. They knew of my existence, but they were afraid that I would be instigated, so they just raised it by their side. And my father was by their side. Killed. The hatred of killing the father is not shared. No matter what you do, it is worth it.”

“I can see that they are sincere to you.” Gu Jinxi said.

“What about the sincerity? If it is true, then how to explain the things during this period? I have given them time and time again, but they let me down.” Yun Cheng angrily drank the tea in the cup.

Having said this, Yun Cheng looked at Gu Jinxi with a hint of warning, “I hope you will not interfere with these things. Our cooperation does not include things that interfere with me.”

“I see.” She doesn’t have much friendship with the Yun Family, and there is really no need to fight Yun Cheng for the Yun Family.

Nowadays, Yuanzhi’s vitality has been greatly damaged by Yan Zhiya’s affairs, and Yun Cheng quickly cannibalized Yuanzhi’s market share like a leech. The speed is staggering.

Regarding the plagiarism of the wedding dress, it was also clarified after Yan Zhiya’s accident. In order not to be retaliated, the new designer had already confessed to Yan Zhiya.

For a while, Yan Zhiya’s reputation was stinky and stinky.

Just out of the teahouse, Gu Jinxi met Luo Qi. During this period of time, Luo Qi and Gu Jinxi had frequent contacts. Perhaps because there were not many people I met here, he liked to run to Gu Jinxi’s house every day.

Because Gu Jinxi doesn’t have much time at home, she is very familiar with the two little guys.

“Jinxi, it just happens to happen. When I first went shopping, I saw two very cute skirts. Let’s go to your house to change Shengsheng and Xiaoyuan.” Luo Qi was holding Gu Jinxi’s. Walk the arm forward.

Hearing Luo Qi’s words, Gu Jinxi couldn’t help but laugh, “It’s okay to change the skirt to Shengsheng, Xiaoyuan is a boy.”

“Anyway, they are young now, and wearing skirts doesn’t violate peace at all. And don’t you think that Xiaoyuan wears a skirt more of a cold feeling? Anyway, it is completely different from Shengsheng.” Luo Qi said with a smile.

“Come on, then, I can’t persuade Xiaoyuan.” Gu Jinxi shrugged slightly. She has no objection to Luo Qi’s harm to her son, as long as she can persuade her.

Neither of them noticed that there was a car behind them staring at them, and as the speed of the car increased, it approached them bit by bit…

“Gu Jinxi… Gu Jinxi… I want you to die… I want you to die…”

From the corner of his eyes, he saw the car approaching suddenly behind him. Luo Qi subconsciously pushed Gu Jinxi to the side. The next second he was knocked into the air, and then he fell to the ground.

Blood kept spilling from Luo Qi’s mouth, and although Gu Jinxi, who was pushed away by Luo Qi, had a bit of skin, there was nothing else. At this moment, seeing Luo Qi vomiting blood, he hurried to her side, “Luo Qi! Luo Qi! Call an ambulance! Come on!”

“No time, I’ll take you to the hospital.” Yun Cheng slowed down Gu Jinxi one step away from the teahouse. Originally, he was only wondering what was going on here, until he heard about Gu Jinxi that she knew that it was her.

Stepping forward and holding Luo Qi in a hug, Yun Cheng hurried towards his parking position, and Gu Jinxi followed closely.

When he was sent to the hospital, Luo Qi was still vomiting blood, and Gu Jinxi was panicked. Because he was pushed away by Luo Qi, Gu Jinxi looked back and saw the scene after Luo Qi was hit. The person in the driver’s seat was not someone else, it was Yan Zhiya.

She didn’t expect that Yan Zhiya would be so frantic and want to die with her!

Two hours after Luo Qi was still in the rescue, the news that Yan Zhiya had been arrested had arrived, but Gu Jinxi was not happy at all. She doesn’t want to care about Yan Zhiya’s life and death, but only hopes that Luo Qi will not have an accident.

She really didn’t expect that Luo Qi would actually lie in the rescue room to save her.

“Don’t be afraid, it’s okay.” Yan Chen tried his best to comfort Gu Jinxi, even if he knew that the comforting effect was of little use.

“Blame me, if Luo Qi doesn’t push me away, she will be fine.” Gu Jinxi couldn’t help but feel sad.

“If she doesn’t push you away, you two will be hit together.” Yun Cheng sat aside, and he did not leave for so long.

Although I know that what Yun Cheng is talking about is the truth, but two people were hit, and the two people shared the strength of being hit. Maybe it would be better?

In a daze, Gu Jinxi fainted suddenly…

At this moment, there was another turmoil, and Gu Jinxi was also sent in.

“What’s wrong with me…” Gu Jinxi couldn’t help asking when he woke up, looking at the bright sun outside the window.

Holding Gu Jinxi’s hand, Yan Chen’s eyes were filled with deep affection, “Jinxi, you are pregnant…”

“Huai…” Gu Jinxi’s eyes widened in astonishment, and Gu Jinxi really didn’t expect it to be because of this.

Looking at her flat stomach in disbelief, Gu Jinxi couldn’t help but raised her hand and touched it, “Why?”

“Why not? The doctor said that for more than two months, it happened to be when we were exercising frequently.” Yan Chen kissed Gu Jinxi’s hand amusedly.

The tips of her ears blushed, and Gu Jinxi withdrew her hand in embarrassment, “You really have no face and skin. You dare to say anything casually.”

“Just to you.” A smile flashed across Yan Chen’s eyes.

Suddenly thinking about what happened before the coma last night, Gu Jinxi’s heart tightened, “By the way, what about Luo Qi? How is she? Is it okay?”

Seeing Gu Jinxi’s nervousness, Yan Chen hurriedly said: “Don’t be nervous, she’s fine now, but the injury is still serious, so it will take a longer time to recuperate. But…”

“But what? Are there any sequelae?” Gu Jinxi couldn’t help but worry.

“But what? You’ll know if you go and see.” Yan Chen pretended to be mysterious, which made Gu Jinxi’s curiosity more and more prosperous.

Gu Jinxi has thought about many things, but he has not thought about what happened before him…

Although Yun Cheng stayed outside the rescue room last night, Gu Jinxi wondered why he stayed. But she didn’t expect that he actually… fell in love with Luo Qi.

Putting the office computer aside, Yun Cheng raised his eyes to the two people at the door, “It didn’t take long for Qiqi to fall asleep, so don’t bother her.”

“Qiqi? How long have you known each other? It was so affectionate.” Gu Jinxi couldn’t help but vomit.

“One day. To be correct, less than twenty-four hours. However, love at first sight only takes a moment, so it has been a long time since I saw her.” When Yun Cheng said of Luoqi, a smile appeared in his eyes. .

Meeting Yan Chen’s gaze, Gu Jinxi raised his eyebrows slightly: What you said was nothing but him?

Yan Chen nodded slightly: it was him.

Thinking that Qi Yuran hadn’t been impressed by Luo Qi for so many years, Gu Jinxi suddenly felt that perhaps Yun Cheng was a good result. Of course, the premise is that Luo Qi can like Yun Cheng.

Thinking of this, Gu Jinxi and Yan Chen didn’t bother them, and withdrew first.

The news that Yan Zhiya was arrested quickly reached Yan’s house, but no one expected that Grandma Yan, who was far away in H city, also received this message at the same time. She, who had not had much time, was even more excited by this incident and entered the rescue room.

Everyone who learned the news rushed to City H from their respective places. Before they came, everyone actually had a little intuition, but no one said it.

Grandpa Yan seemed to be ten years old all night, and he was a little dumbfounded when he sat there. When Grandma Yan’s body was pushed out, Grandpa Yan finally couldn’t help crying…

It is said that the man has tears and does not flick it lightly, but he is not sad. Grandpa Yan sat on the side of Grandma Yan’s bed and cried all night, and it was useless for anyone to persuade him.

Gu Jinxi was also very sad. Grandma Yan always remembered her kindness, and she never expected that her old man would go so fast.

The death of Grandma Yan was a big blow to the Yan family.

For a whole month, the entire Yan family was shrouded in an atmosphere of heavy sorrow, and it was not until a month later that it slowly dissipated.

Grandpa Yan did not return to Shangjing either, but chose to stay in City H. Gu Jinxi and Yan Chen continued to stay in Paris for half a year, and then they returned to City A with the two little guys and the unborn child in their stomachs.

The previous two children were born abroad, but the child in his stomach, Gu Jinxi still hopes to be born in his own country.

Regarding the child in Gu Jinxi’s belly, both Xiao Jingsheng and Xiao Qingyuan expressed great expectations. According to Xiao Jingsheng, as long as the younger brother/sister is born, she will not be the youngest in the family.

More than eight months of pregnancy is not that big. Perhaps he has experienced twins before, and now Gu Jinxi is pregnant with this child, and feels much more relaxed.

In order to facilitate the child’s birth certificate, Gu Jinxi had obtained the certificate from Yan Chen, but Yan Chen always wanted to give Gu Jinxi a wedding. In order not to be harassed by Yan Chen, Gu Jinxi also promised to wait until she finished giving birth. It is up to him to toss.

After returning to China, Gu Jinxi posted on Weibo again and saw the fans who had been waiting for her for a long time. I have to say that she was moved at that moment.

It’s like you’ve been away for a long time, but when you come back, someone still remembers you. The touch at that moment is very moving.

The streets at night are as cold as water, and the heat of the day has faded. The cool breeze blowing at this moment is much more comfortable than staying in the room with an air conditioner.

Because of this, there are more and more pedestrians walking at night.

“Jin Xi!” From a distance, Cheng Manqing and Jiang Zhe walked from a distance.

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