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Chapter 393 Finale

The 393rd chapter of the finale walked to Gu Jinxi’s side. Cheng Manqing watched Gu Jinxi’s belly, and couldn’t help but said, “Your due date is only one month left. Why don’t you take more rest at home?”

“The doctor said, walking around more is conducive to childbirth.” Gu Jinxi said with a smile while touching his stomach.

Although Gu Jinxi is heavier because of nutrition, fortunately, the meat is very honest, and his slender hands and feet will not give people a feeling of getting fat during pregnancy.

Yan Chen on the side is closely guarding Gu Jinxi next to him. During this time, he has reduced his work. Even if he wants to work, he will go to the study to work, and he will not carry a computer in the room.

Looking at the two people in front of him, Gu Jinxi smirked at Cheng Manqing and then at Jiang Zhe, “You two…what’s the situation?”

Turning his head to look at Jiang Zhe next to him, Cheng Manqing couldn’t help but laughed, “That’s what you saw, I’m with him…we are together.”

Gu Jinxi didn’t just know about Cheng Manqing and Jiang Zhe. It’s just what I knew before, it’s always Jiang Zhe’s unrequited love, Cheng Manqing’s refusal, I didn’t expect the two of them to go round and round or come together.

Both are his friends, and Gu Jinxi is very happy to see this scene.

“Congratulations, I didn’t expect that our beautiful Cheng Dabei was still chased by Dean Jiang. At this moment, it is estimated that many nurses are brokenhearted.” Gu Jinxi couldn’t help but joked.

“That’s right, the little sisters who are so tender and bubbling, even I feel a little distressed…” As soon as Cheng Manqing’s words fell, Jiang Zhe hurriedly pulled the person into his arms, “What nonsense? Am I not? Like them.”

After all these years, Jiang Zhe didn’t want to get into a crisis just because of Gu Jinxi’s words. He immediately gave Yan Chen a sign to let him take Gu Jinxi away.

Seeing Gu Jinxi having fun, Yan Chen returned him a helpless look.

Fortunately, Gu Jinxi didn’t want to make trouble. Gu Jinxi could see Cheng Manqing’s feelings for Jiang Zhe. It was just that Cheng Manqing had too many concerns before, so he refused to Jiang Zhe again and again.

Now that they can be together, as friends, she naturally can’t do the act of breaking up the two.

While Jiang Zhe was holding Cheng Manqing’s repeated assurances, Gu Jinxi took Yan Chen away.

The phone rang, and Gu Jinxi answered the call under Yan Chen’s stare, “I’m walking… Are you here too? Then I’ll be here waiting for you to come…”

When she hung up the phone, Gu Jinxi’s mobile phone was confiscated by Yan Chen. During this period, the time she spent playing with her mobile phone and computer was simply calculated by Yan Chen’s deduction.

“Jin Xi.” Di Fei pushed the stroller and walked over. Lan Ze next to her was still wearing a mask in a low-key manner. Because it was not in broad daylight, she did not use sunglasses.

Three months ago, Di Fei had just given birth to a son. Looking at Gu Jinxi’s belly, Di Fei couldn’t help touching her belly with her hand, with a look of hope, “I wish I was a girl, so I could take care of it. My son is the first to be strong, and he plans his future daughter-in-law. Now that there is a serious male-to-female ratio imbalance, I am afraid that he will suffer if he does not start to be strong.”

“Anyone can worry about this issue, but you can’t worry about it. You, Lan Ze’s son, and a lot of fans are waiting to call grandparents, okay?” Gu Jinxi said with a smile.

“That’s different. For Xiao Qingyuan and Xiao Shengsheng, I want to be your in-laws.” As he said, Di Fei winked at Gu Jinxi playfully.

Immediately afterwards, Di Fei looked at the two with emotion, “I really envy you and Yan Chen, he can still walk with you to go shopping, what do you want to do. And I…”

As he said, Di Fei glanced at Lan Ze disgustedly, “Doing everything is like being a thief, you have to be sneaky.”

Lan Ze smiled helplessly, and he was very helpless about this.

“You don’t want to be cheap and sell well, you are not happy? But many people are waiting for you to dislike Lan Ze, and then… take advantage of the emptiness to enter.” Gu Jinxi deliberately whispered.

“Dare he?” Upon hearing this, Di Fei glared at Lan Ze.

Seeing Lan Ze hurriedly enter the ranks of coaxing his wife, Yan Chen took the troubled Gu Jinxi away. Today’s Gu Jinxi is really noisy, and everyone will make trouble.

After finding a quiet corner, the two sat on the lawn.

Looking at the starry sky above her head, Gu Jinxi lightly closed her eyes, and the wind around her ears blew gently, bringing the fragrance of the earth. The silence at this moment, mixed with the light and shadow of happiness, made this starry sky more beautiful.

one year later.

Gu followed Yan’s pace and smoothly entered the international first-line enterprise, and its major companies also competed to enter the international ranks first. Among them, Tianyu Media has cultivated several international first-line movie stars, which are well-known internationally.

What is even more sighing is that even if they became a well-deserved international actress, they still stayed in Tianyu Media and never thought of leaving. According to them, as long as Tianyu is still there, they will still be there.

Because of the vigorous development of Yan’s Gu’s, City A has been driven by various economic industries at the same time, and the entire city is comparable to Shangjing.

Six months ago, Grandpa Yan passed away in City H. It is said that the old man walked peacefully, and he had no regrets. Although he didn’t leave a word, he also left his affection in everyone’s hearts.

Today is a special day.

“Are you ready? If you miss the time and cannot board the ship, you will lose a lot.” In the hotel, a reporter asked the assistant beside him anxiously.

“Immediately, I’ll bring more film.” The assistant said, and hurried back to the suitcase.

Don’t blame them for the turmoil here. It can be said that the reporters from different hotels have similar reactions.

For nothing else, today is the day when Yan Chen and Gu Jinxi held a wedding on the private island. The private island is naturally more confidential. Except for journalists who are allowed to enter, no one else can go to the island privately.

Just today’s material, perhaps the product of feeding them for more than half a year, no one dares to take it lightly.

In the villa on the island, Gu Jinxi sat in the room and let the makeup artist do his makeup. Friends all arrived. This wedding may not be the most luxurious, but it is regarded as the most enviable by netizens.

Not to mention the private island, not to mention that Yan Chen personally arranged for more than half a year, not to mention the wealth behind the bride and groom. Just talking about Yan Chen, handsome, gold and infatuated, is enough to fascinate most of the young girls.

For this wedding, Gu Jinxi not only sent invitations to his friends, but even sent invitations to several fans in private messages on Weibo. When they received the invitation from Gu Jinxi personally, they thought that Gu Jinxi’s computer was hacked and a liar came.

Until they received invitations from Gu Jinxi by mail, when they posted the invitations to the Internet one by one, they aroused envy, envy and hatred from many netizens, and even some netizens said they wanted to human them because they were really hateful.

The guests all got off the cruise ship. The first thing that caught your eyes was the huge fountain in the distance. Because of the distance, anyone in the fountain could not splash them, but because of its size, everyone could see the fountain at a glance. What is depicted is a picture.

The design of the fountain is designed by the world-famous architects personally. Taking advantage of the environment, this huge fountain is set by the mechanism and formed by the continuous loop of sea water. It can be said that the fountain will continue to loop until the mechanism Old and bad.

Luo Qi took Yun Cheng’s arm and walked along the path towards the villa in the distance, exclaiming, “The fountain painting is so beautiful.”

“Like?” Yun Cheng held Luo Qi’s hand on his arm.

“Of course I like it. Yan Chen is really nice to Jinxi.” Luo Qi said enviously, but there would be no jealous emotions, just simply happy for Gu Jinxi.

Yun Cheng frowned slightly, “I will treat you well, too.”

“I know.” Luo Qijiao said when he leaned forward and kissed Yun Cheng.

When he saw Qi Yuran from a distance, Luo Qi raised his hand to greet him. Although Yun Cheng on the side frowned slightly, he immediately changed his posture and held Luo Qi domineeringly in his arms.

Seeing Luo Qi and Yun Cheng getting along, Qi Yuran was also happy that she found her own happiness. In his eyes, Luo Qi who grew up together can be a younger sister, but not a lover.

Yan’s family had been on the island a few days earlier. Now Yan’s mother no longer speaks ill of Gu Jinxi. Obviously, she can see it clearly. Neither Yan Chen nor Gu Jinxi can control her.

After Gu Jinxi gave birth to another daughter, the daughter was successfully named Yan. Yan’s father and Yan’s mother were not too happy.

Zhu Xiqian is also a lot safer. Xu is no longer confused after thinking about it, knowing that Gu Jinxi can’t steal a man from her, and knowing that what she should do the most is not to watch out for others to snatch Yan Shen, but to want him. Stay with me.

After thinking about it, Zhu Xiqian also put aside the things she had used to, recalling the first years they were together, the simplicity of returning to life has made Yan Shen no longer so repulsive to her.

In the room, Yan Shiyue took Gu Jingsheng and Gu Qingyuan on the side of Xiao Zhuyin’s bed. Xiao Zhuyin, who had just drunk milk, was sleeping soundly. She didn’t know that her brothers and sisters had been waiting for her for a long time.

Because of her sweet sleep, her slightly opened little mouth, and suspicious liquid looming, her pink little face glowed with sweet blush, which caused her brothers and sisters to not bear to disturb her dreams.

Because today is Gu Jinxi’s wedding, the little guys are all wearing beautiful little dresses, and even Xiao Zhuyin who is sleeping on the bed is wearing beautiful little skirts.

“Sister, what should I do if Yinyin is still not awake?” After two years, Xiao Jingsheng’s appearance has grown a lot, and her facial features are more delicate than the soft and cute when she was a child. Today she is wearing a white wedding dress with a wreath on her head. Like an elf falling into the flowers.

“There should be time, let’s let Yinyin sleep for a while.” Yan Shiyue looked at Xiao Zhuyin on the small bed, but still couldn’t bear to disturb her so quickly.

Checking his watch, Xiao Qingyuan frowned slightly, “There are still twenty minutes.”

The nanny who specializes in taking care of Xiao Zhuyin was planning to come in to see the sleeping master, but suddenly saw three more, “Miss masters, why did you come in? Did the little lady wake up?”

I don’t know if the babysitter’s voice was louder, but only when her voice fell off, Xiao Zhuyin on the cot opened her eyes in a daze, looking at the brothers and sisters who were surrounding her cot.

Big eyes looked at them for a long time, then rolled over neatly and continued to sleep…

Seeing Xiao Zhuyin just woke up, Xiao Jingsheng said excitedly: “Mother-in-law, can you help us put Yinyin in?”

The gaze fell on the cart that Xiao Jingsheng was pointing to, and the nanny hesitated slightly, “It’s okay, but now there are so many people outside, are you going to take the little lady out?”

“Mother-in-law, please…” Xiao Jingsheng said pitifully, blinking her eyes.

Seeing the babysitter still hesitated, Yan Shiyue said, “I will take care of Yinyin.”

Xu was more reliable than Yan Shiyue, and the nanny finally agreed. He carried Xiao Zhuyin from the small bed to the stroller, fastened her seat belt, and then covered her with a small quilt.

All ready Xiao Zhuyin was finally pushed out of the room by a few people. Yan Shiyue was fourteen years old. It was not a problem for her to take care of a Xiao Zhuyin. So although someone saw Xiao Zhuyin taken away by them on the way, she fell down. No one stopped them.

Pushing the stroller on the grass, Xiao Zhuyin was very happy because he was no longer sleepy when he came outside, babbling his hands babblingly.

It was just a few people playing for a long time, Xiao Qingyuan and Xiao Jingsheng were called away, for no other reason, they are today’s little flower girls.

At the beginning of the wedding, a piano was vacant at the scene. No one was playing but the piano sounded constantly. The band members played the piano as if they had rehearsed countless times.

As “The Wedding in a Dream” sounded, Gu Jinxi slowly walked towards Yan Chen who was waiting for her to approach step by step. The familiar piano sound was exactly the piece Gu Jinxi once played, in the music she herself played. In the voice, marry the one she loves most.

Along with the flashing flashes, many people shed tears at the scene. The more I watched them walking along the way, the greater the fluctuation in my heart at this moment.

Xiao Zhuyin was lying in her stroller, looking at the two familiar people on the stage, her two chubby little hands slapped, looking really upset.

Yan’s mother walked to Xiao Zhuyin’s side, watching her entertaining herself, she couldn’t help but gently touched her face with her fingers, “I know how happy your parents are when you are so young. ?”

On the stage, Gu Jinxi and Yan Chen stood opposite each other.

Holding Gu Jinxi’s hand, Yan Chen slowly said affectionate vows: “Whether it is poor or rich, whether it is health or disease, I love you and respect you. Even death cannot separate us.”

There was a sweet smile on the corner of his mouth, but Gu Jinxi’s eyes were a little wet, “There are billions of people on earth, thank you for staying for me. You have met thousands of people, but None of them touched you, and then you met me, so thousands of people proved that we are a natural match. Mr. Yan, please advise for the rest of your life.”

Unable to hold the person in his arms, Yan Chen realized that he really looked at himself too highly, and the excitement at hand had already exceeded his imagination. After a while, he restrained the growing emotions in his heart, “My wife, I love you.”

“I love you too…” Gu Jinxi hugged Yan Chen tightly. At this moment, she felt that she was a complete person.

As someone once said, everyone is born half a person. Only when you find the other half of your life will you become complete and become a complete person.

She believes that from this moment on, happiness will not abandon her again.

Because she will hold it tightly.

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