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Modern Family S11 Episode 11 Review

Episode 11: Father’s Evidence

Recently, Jie’s kennel business has been bleak, and the garage is full of unsalable kennels. In order to make room, he called Mitchell and Claire to take away the old things from the garage, or they would throw them all in the trash. Those bits and pieces contain a lot of memories. Mitchell picked up the Atari game console and remembered that he was on vacation when he was a child, but his father ended early despite his objections. He returned home early and bought the game console later. make up.

Claire also remembered this, but Jie denied it. Father has always refused to admit his mistakes, so Mitchell and Claire turned the garage upside down, looking for evidence that Jie ended his vacation early. The effort paid off, and through all kinds of connections, Jie’s “criminal evidence” was finally found.

Claire feels triumphant at the thought of making her father admit his mistake. She called Margaret, Jie’s old secretary, to ask if Jie was in the company instead of the resort. Margaret’s answer surprised Claire. It turned out that at that time, the company was facing bankruptcy, and Jie paid his employees’ salaries out of his pocket. Afterwards, he worked hard to develop a well-loved wardrobe to help the company get out of trouble. It’s no wonder that Jie wants to end his vacation early, he wants to use the saved money to pay his wages. When the company’s operations improve, I will buy game consoles to compensate Mitchell.

While Mitchell and Claire were looking for evidence, Jella took Joe to the pet store. The best way for Jie to cultivate Qiao’s business skills from an early age is to learn on the ground. Jie put on the appearance of a successful businessman and wanted to discuss with the shop owner about selling dog kennels. It’s useless to discuss it. The store owner naturally refuses to spend wronged money in his hands for things that no one wants.

Qiao Yu on the side is amazing, as long as the shop owner spends one hundred dollars to buy all the inventory. Then carry out promotional methods, each dog sold comes with a kennel. The shop owner felt that it was profitable and cut the price down to fifty dollars. Joe did not show weakness, and asked the boss to give away a pet dog for free, which would kill two birds with one stone. Jie is proud of his son’s business acumen.

On the other side, Gloria and Cameron took Manny and Lily around in the mall respectively. Speaking of which Gloria was a little upset, her first business was disturbed by her opponent. A few days ago, when the customer showed the house, the competitor pointed out the lack of the house in front of the customer. Gloria also admitted that the house she represented was not as good as the other party’s, but she could not use this method to grab customers.

Cameron was equally unhappy. The “Teacher of the Year Award” was snatched by Debra, and she wanted to grab the position of vice principal from Cameron. The most annoying thing is that Debra is also in the mall, watching her proudly choose the dress to wear at the election party, Cameron is not angry.

Gloria had a plan. No matter what dress Debra tried on, she would pick one of the same style. Gloria is tall and shows her temperament in everything she wears. Debra, who was short and chubby, was dwarfed, and after several times, her self-confidence was seriously affected. There was no way to think about the party anymore.

Give it a peach, and repay it with a plum. Cameron changed into sleeveless T-shirt jeans, Manny and Lily also changed into hippie clothes. When Gloria’s opponent led the client to see the house, they jokingly visited the “quasi-neighbors”, completely familiar with each other, as if they were their own home, scared the client turned around and went to Gloria’s place again, and finally made it happen. Luo Liya’s first business.

Phil met his father a few days ago, but he didn’t expect it to be the last. In the mourning meeting, Phil talked about his father’s sternness and care. Mitchell and Claire listened in their ears, and couldn’t help holding Jie’s hand. In the future, they must cherish the time spent with their father.

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