Thanon Nimmanhaemin Shopping Street in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thanon Nimmanhaemin (or Nimmanhaemin Road) is located in Tambon Sutep, Amphoe Muang, Chiang Mai. Comparatively, this road bares the resemblance to Sukhumvit in Bangkok. Even the length, and the business size of this road cannot compete with Sukhumvit, the percentage of the road’s luxury and high class shops are similar. A trip in Chiang Mai cannot be complete at all, if the tourists miss the shopping at this road. Thanon Nimmanhaemin is a commercial and entertainment area. It combines a diversity of atmosphere. For 50 years from the past, this road has grown into being one of the most important trade areas in Chiang Mai, where products, service, drinks, and pleasant atmosphere is all provided for the everyone.

Especially, Thanon Nimmanhaemin Soi 1, it can best represent the whole Nimmanhaemin Road. Soi1 here can still wholly preserve locals’ uniqueness, culture and traditions of Lanna people. We can see that the Soi is full with grade A shops, which are uniquely embellished in their own styles, such as galleries (e.g. Kong Dee gallery), home decorating stores that hold the most various product ranges (e.g. Mai Mung Ngern shop, and Suriyan-Jantra shop), scented candle shop (e.g. Maew Jai Dee Shop), and cotton handcraft shops, which produce such jubilant works, with a price from 100 baht up until many ten thousands baht.

Thanon Nimmanhaemin Soi 9, the coffee road, this Soi is full of many famous coffee shops, the several brands are well-known in local area, within the country, or even imported from overseas. The shops’name are, for example, Va-Vee Coffee shop, 94 Coffee, Starbucks. Right in the front of the Soi, there stands Black Canyon restaurant, Mon Nom Sod, and To and Sod shop. Walking a bit further, the visitor will see Doi Chang coffee shop, Maze Café, Doi Tung Coffee shop. These coffee shops are favorite places of teenagers, students, workers, Thai and foreign travellers for many activities; meeting one another, playing internet, having a chitchat, relaxing, reading, and tasting a variety of coffee tastes. It is the perfect place for coffee lovers to browse various coffee shops before making a visit at the one they choose. Moreover, Thanon Nimmanhaemin Road also divides some parts of it as Bakery & Ice-cream route. There are many shops with yummy ice-cream for tourists to choose, such as Mont Blanc, that its owner flied to Japan to specially study how to make desserts in Japanese style. Its method and taste is genuinely in Japanese way.

Furthermore, there are homemade ice-cream shops for visitors to choose for his or her favorite flavors as well. At Ring-a-ding Ice cream shop, or Home Fresh Ice-cream on Thanon Nimmanhaemin Soi 5, you will get a chance to try a yummy sweet ice-cream here at a lower price. Apart from this, these following brands are also in the Ice-Cream route; Mars, Ice Monster, i-berry, Udom Taepanich’s ice-cream shop, etc. For clothes & jewelry, Thanon Nimmanhaemin consists of many fashionable items for selecting, such as MiWa shop, where imported bags and shoes from Korea, Japand, Europe, and America are sold here. Also, Nong Fai’s Mignone shop at Nimmanhaemin Soi 13 has participated in JIRA&WASA project. Any girls who loves fashionable clothes, do not hesitate to drop by here.

How to get there:

  • For the transportation, from Chiang Mai city, drive along Huai Kaew Road, passing Kad Suan Kaew. At Rin Kham intersection, turn right onto Nimmanhaemin Road. Another way to get there from Chiang Mai city, just pass Suan Dok Gate and enter Sutep Road.
  • At Chiang Mai Provincial Public Health Office around 3-way intersection, turn right onto Nimmanhaemin Road. For the bus takers, wave a red two row seat taxi bus from anywhere in Chiang Mai town. Tell the driver your destination; Nimmanhaemin Road. It can be guaranteed that there’s no way to get lost. The renting taxi bus fee is about 20 baht per day. The bus is available every day from 12 a.m. until the evening.

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