Wawee Highland Agricultural Research Station as Educational Gardens in Chiang Rai, Thailand

Wawee Highland Agricultural Research Station (Technical Service Center for Horticulture and Production Inputs). If you are one of those who appreciate the rare but beautiful cold-weather trees and flowers, it is no need to go abroad. Visiting Chiang Rai is the cheapest solution to witness that beauty. Those who travel to Chiang Rai must visit Wawee Highland Agricultural Research Station. The station offers a flower garden with various types of gorgeous colorful flowers, accommodation, viewpoints, and Buddhist garden for mind relaxation.

Since Chiang Rai is located on highland and group of mountains, and is a borderland to Myanmar, there are a great number of hill tribes. In the past, they did shifting cultivation and grew opium, causing drug-smuggling problem. Thai officials, then, started controlling drug smuggling and helped create new honest and consistent occupation. Wawee Highland Agricultural Research Station was one of the important methods to solve this problem.
In addition, the nature lovers are wholeheartedly welcomed here. The best time to visit is during winter, around November to January. Along the path grew wild Himalayan cherry, known as Sakura of Thailand. The bed of white and pink blossoming flowers along the road is one of Chiang Rai’s most attractive sites.

The pavilion is provided for the visitors once they reach the place, so that they can enjoy the view of endless mountain ranges rolled over with the wave of fog. In the morning and the evening, the visitors can see the sun on the horizon, changing the sky into spectacular color. There is also a variety of cold-weather plants in the neighborhood, such as white Christmas, California poppy, and Mexican marigold. Walking along the well-decorated path in the garden, the visitors will find the beds of gorgeous pink red star lily and other beds of flowers. Besides, there are also a hidden small Buddhist garden housing Sikhi Buddha image, and a sacred well used in the royal ceremony. The accommodation with meal and campsite are also available here.

How to get there:

  • The most recommended path is from Chiang Rai’s Mueang district by taking highway no. 1 for approximately 22 kilometers. When reaching Mae Suai T-junction, turn right to Mae Suai district. Then, take highway no. 118 for around 28 kilometers until you find Ban Teendoi T-junction, then turn right and go straight for around 23 kilometers. When you reach Huai Khrai village, turn right to Ban Doi Chang, go for 10 kilometers and then you will arrive Wawee Highland Agricultural Research Station.

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