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Chapter 10 Involuntary

The two brothers looked at Fang Beining in silence, as if waiting for her to make a decision.

Fang Beining was ashamed.

When did her brother become so popular?

Tong Qianmeng and Zhai Zhenyu looked at each other quickly.

She wrinkled her brows, there must be a demon if something went wrong.

“That, you guys…”

Before she finished speaking, she was interrupted, and Fang Beining faintly refused, “You all go back, my brother, I will take care of it myself, and I don’t need anyone’s help.”

Tong Qianmeng breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly said, “Fang Beining is right. You will not take care of others. Staying will only add to the chaos.”

Di Woo Hyun seemed to smile, “I really need me to stay? You used to…”

Hesitant to speak and stop, evokes imagination.

“I used to be mentally disabled, but now I am healed.” Fang Beining was too lazy to look at him, Fang Nansheng’s pale lips hooked slightly, and his eyes were full of smiles.

“You…” Zhai Youxuan’s face changed slightly, and he gave a cold snort and walked out.

Seeing this, Zhai Moyuan’s sinking eyes brightened.

“I let Tang Qingye stay, if necessary, just call it.”

He called Tang Qingye in and gave him this glorious and sacred task.

Tang Qingye’s eyes are pitiful, can he refuse?

Zhai Moyuan’s eyes drenched, he immediately resigned and walked to the bedside and stood still, waiting for Fang Beining’s instructions.

Fang Beining: “…”

Zhai Moyuan glanced at her one last time and followed Tong Qianmeng to leave.

Out of the ward.

Tong Qianmeng: “Are you familiar with Fang…Fang Nansheng brother and sister?”

She knew exactly the virtue of her son, and she was vying to stay and take care of it, which was abnormal.

“It’s very familiar. We belong to the same school.” Zhai Youxuan glanced at Zhai Moyuan and smiled, “I just don’t know how the older brother would know them.”

“By chance,” Zhai Moyuan said.

It is indeed accidental.

“Right! Fang Beining!” Zhai Shuiyue suddenly yelled, and suddenly realized: “I remember, isn’t that Miss Lei who stalked and pursued her second brother? I remember she was ugly, how could she be so beautiful ?”

Although she is also from Shengda University, she usually doesn’t pay much attention to campus forums, and naturally she doesn’t know what happened to Fang Beining recently.

I saw that Fang Beining was a little too beautiful before, and she didn’t even connect her with the spitting Miss Lei who everyone talked about.

“She has become so beautiful, hey! Second brother, didn’t you hate her very much before? Why did you show your courtesy today? It’s not like you.” Zhai Shuiyue teased.

“I regret it, can’t I?” Zhai Youxuan smiled a sneer, and said, “I knew she had taken off her makeup, so I must have taken her down early.”

As soon as the words came out, it was obvious that the temperature of the people around him dropped sharply.

Zhai Youxuan turned his head and looked at Zhai Moyuan, “Brother, you don’t want to grab it with me, do you?”

Zhai Moyuan paused, turned around and looked directly at him.

The others also stopped and looked at Zhai Moyuan.

“She doesn’t belong to you yet.” Zhai Moyuan sneered coldly.

Since it doesn’t belong, how can one of the “grab” one say?

“Hey!” Zhai Youxuan smiled evilly on his lips, “She once knelt in front of me and begged to be my girlfriend. Do you think she doesn’t belong to me?”

“Let’s wait and see.” Zhai Moyuan said coldly.

It means that each depends on his ability.

The sneer on Zhai Youxuan’s face froze, and immediately smiled more brilliantly, “Let’s wait and see, brother.”

Tong Qianmeng and Zhai Zhenyu are all ill.

“Mo Yuan, don’t forget that you still have Shu Shu.”

Zhai Moyuan’s eyes were calm, “I have never had anyone.”

“But Shushu has liked you since childhood, and your auntie and I are also very optimistic about you. You…you have also been married since childhood.” Tong Qianmeng was a little confused.

Two brothers fight for a girl, no matter who wins, there will always be one, injury.

“Mom.” Zhai Moyuan still has a calm tone, but the breath of the whole body is so cold that he looks at the void and said, “You forgot, the person who made a relationship with me was never her.”

Tong Qianmeng was dumb, looking at Mo Yuan who had suddenly become very far away, feeling cold in his heart.

Sixteen years, the world has long forgotten, he, hasn’t he forgotten?

“Mo Yuan…” She felt a little vain, and said softly, “I’m sorry.”

“It’s not your fault.” Zhai Moyuan looked back and looked at her, “Mom, it’s not your fault.”

It’s not anyone’s fault, it’s destined, that’s all.

The night was deep, and the sky was thick as if it were covered by a black pot, without the stars or the moon.

After Fang Nansheng was asleep, Fang Beining confessed to Tang Qingye a few words and turned around and left the ward. During this time, too much spiritual energy was consumed, especially today.

Not only does the Dust Condensation technique require spiritual power as support, but also the use of elemental power.

Fortunately, they are in the same hospital as before.

When he came to the small park on the west side of the inpatient building, the abundant spiritual energy instantly filled his mouth and nose, Fang Beining took a deep breath, and his pale face was faintly ruddy.

No longer hesitating, she leaped up to the branch and began to breathe aura as before.

I don’t know how long it took, the night wind suddenly started, and then, there was a light rain.

The weather is strange, and the sun will be shining brightly.

Spring night drizzle, with a touch of bitterness.

Soon, her clothes and hair became wet.

Fang Beining gritted his teeth and endured as the rain grew stronger.

Continue to vomit.

Suddenly, the branches under him trembled slightly, and then the rain stopped overhead.

Fang Beining noticed a slight breathing around him, which became almost inaudible under the cover of rainy night.

Open your eyes, raise your eyes, in the darkness, in the cold wind, a pair of deep eyes are glowing with a strange luster.

Over her head, an umbrella covered her.

She just looked at Zhai Moyuan, and Zhai Moyuan looked down at her in such a calm manner.

a long time.

“How did you come?”

“It’s raining,” he said.

Fang Beining: “…” What he meant was that it was raining, and he came here to hold an umbrella for her?

“Thank you.”

After speaking, she closed her eyes and continued to vomit. Indeed, without the interference of cold rain, even vomiting was much smoother.

A long night, bit by bit quickly passed.

In the rainy weather, it was a little late at dawn, and Fang Beining finally felt that the spiritual power in his body was saturated, and his whole body was relaxed.

After closing his movements, stretching his long waist, raising his head, he suddenly found that half of Zhai Moyuan’s body was soaked. He still didn’t have much expression on his face, but the faint blue color of his lips let Fang Beining know that he was cold. .

Fang Beining looked at his eyes and frowned, “Are you stupid?”

“It’s okay.” Zhai Moyuan still held his umbrella.

The rain fell slightly, but it was still sparsely underground. The cold wind patted wildly, Fang Beining felt a clear chill, not to mention, Zhai Moyuan, who had been in the rain all night.

Reaching out to hold his cold hand, the force of the elements passed through, repelling the coldness in his body for him.

I am just grateful to him for holding an umbrella for her all night, nothing more.

Zhai Moyuan’s eyes flashed, and a warm current spread all over his body from his hands, and even his cold heart seemed to warm up.

Did she save her brother like this?

After a while, Fang Beining retracted her hand and said flatly, “I’m going back.”

After speaking, he jumped off the tree and left in a hurry.

Zhai Moyuan looked at her hurriedly back, and pressed his lips tightly.

Yesterday, seeing her face pale, he knew she would come here at night.

So, as soon as he noticed it was raining, he rushed over.

It is totally involuntary.

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