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Chapter 1251 wait

Chapter 1251 Waiting

“I promise you, I promise you everything, as long as you stay through. Let’s go, we go to the hospital, and you will surely be able to survive it again. After so many times you have survived, you will be fine today. , Isn’t it?” Xiao Su’er already had a vibrato when she spoke, and she hugged Bo Qing’ang and started whimpering.

She was about to ask the outside security and babysitter to come in and help her transport Bo Qingang to the hospital, but Bo Qingang took her hand, “It’s useless. Last time you took me to the hospital. The equipment in the hospital cures me, isn’t it? Why bother to go to the hospital, they will separate us for those unnecessary rescues. Why not let me stay with you quietly.”

“But, don’t go to the hospital .” , You probably won’t be able to survive this time, woo…”

His tears were surging, but Bo Qingang had already looked down upon life and death, and he chuckled lightly at her, “Maybe I should have died five years ago, this I stole it for five years. It’s enough to be able to hide by your side and watch you, and to have the last few months to accompany

you . Bo’s next is yours, no matter how you manage it. , If you really can’t continue to operate, sell all the shares, and the remaining money can still make you and Xiao Wang prosperous for a while. I know that as the heir of the Ang’s family, you are not short of money, but I am a father. I’m so sorry to the child…”

He talked a lot, Xiao Su’er held him all the time, tears dripped on his face and mixed with his tears, and both of them cried together. But she didn’t stop him from speaking and just listened so quietly, until his voice became weaker and weaker and he couldn’t feel his breath.

“Su’er, wait for me in the next life…”


Bo Qing’ang’s hand slipped from Xiao Su’er’s face and hit the floor. The sound was like hitting Xiao Su’er’s heart. She closed her eyes and pressed hard. Hugging him and yelling.

“What next life, I want this life, we haven’t had enough in this life, what do you tell me about the next life? Ah!” The

cry cut through the night sky and passed through the door of this room to Xiao Wang’s ears next to him. , He ran out of the room and rushed to Xiao Su’er’s room but saw her sitting on the ground holding Bo Qingang, and immediately rushed to her side, “Mom, what happened to Dad?”

“Child, don’t use this time. I doubt it, there will be no one quietly following me for five years. Your father is dead…”

Xiao Su’er couldn’t catch her breath, took a few deep breaths before she said this sentence, and Xiao Wang also cried with her. Get up and hug Bo Qingang’s body.

The two cried together. In the end, the babysitter at home called Xiao Shuo and Xiao Yuhan to notify Xiao Shuo and Xiao Yuhan. When several people rushed over, they saw the scene of a family of three hugging each other, but Bo Qingang in the middle had no breath. Even the corpse became a little stiff.

“Sister Su’er…” Bai Qingyue sat next to her and held her shoulders.

Xiao Suer seemed to be unable to hear what he said, her face pressed against Bo Qingang’s face and muttered to herself, “Why did you go so early? You are less than forty years old now! You are young, don’t you mean to Do you want to have a few children with me? You wake up, we can have as many as we want! I have a football team.”

“Sister Su’er, don’t you…” Bai Qingyue wanted to persuade her again, but was Xiao Yuhan pulled it from behind, she looked back, Xiao Yuhan shook her head in grief.

Bai Qingyue can only stand up without speaking anymore, just looking at Xiao Su’er. Their love story is the saddest she has ever seen in her life. So many obstacles have been resolved for the two of them, and they can stay together. When yin and yang are separated.

If you are destined to have no relationship, why did you want to let two people together in the first place, and still give birth to the crystallization of love? Doesn’t this make two people more painful?

“Su children, even if you have to let the pain pour a thin buried Aung, a few hours after his body completely stiff even the shroud can not be changed, or let her go! Let them help him clean good road.”

Etc. After two full hours, Xiao Su’er’s tears were almost dry, or she was still holding Bo Qingang and sitting still, Xiao Shuo couldn’t bear to persuade her, but Xiao Su’er still didn’t move, as if she had blocked all information from the outside world. .

“Sister, you and I know you are uncomfortable, but we also have to help Bo Shao finish the matter afterwards. We can’t leave him alone. If you just hold him like this, his body will be stiff. What should I do then?” Xiao Yuhan squatted down. , Also persuaded her.

Xiao Su’er still didn’t listen. Xiao Yuhan and Xiao Shuo looked at each other, and the two of them lightly nodded their heads and then stepped forward to pull her away, but she suddenly yelled.

“Don’t move me! Don’t move me. If anyone dares to separate me from Aang, I’ll blame me for turning my face and not admitting anyone and walking away! I don’t let anyone move his body. He will go any way. Just stay with me and Xiao Wang, not going anywhere! I won’t do anything for him, I won’t let him be cremated, you go! Let’s go!”

She yelled as if she had been insulted. At the same time, holding Bo Qing’ang’s hand harder and harder.

“Sister Su’er, do you want to hold his corpse all the time? That way he will also stinks and rot, don’t do this! He doesn’t want you to be so painful because of him.” Bai Qingyue couldn’t bear it. She shed tears, the Xiao Su’er she knew was a young girl who lived a chic and wanton life. She had never been shackled by anything, and she had never seen Xiao Su’er like this.

She is now in more pain than when Bo Qingang died five years ago!

“I’ll let you go! You go! I want him to stay here. Aang doesn’t like so many people around him. I will deal with his body. I won’t be as crazy as you think. Go! “Xiao Su’er continued to shout. This time she stood up and pushed a few people out of the room, including Xiao Wang.

After driving a few people out of the room, she went back to Bo Qingang’s corpse and slept beside him in despair, took his hand and closed her eyes to enter the medicine Lingyu space.

Bo Qingang is no longer a person anymore. His corpse can only be regarded as an object. In this way, she directly brought his corpse machine into the medicine spirit jade space.

“Master, is Shao Bo dead? Why is this? You see, I have bloomed, and my flowers can cure you too, but it’s too late…” Xiao Yi vigorously gave Xiao Su’er the flowers blooming on top of her head. Look.

“It’s okay, he just fell asleep temporarily. I won’t cremate him, let alone bury him! Now that the science and technology are so advanced, one day the dead can be brought back to life. I will freeze him and wait. The day when it can be resurrected.”

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