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Chapter 1252 Frozen Corpse

Chapter 1252 Frozen Corpse

Xiao Su’er carried Bo Qingang’s corpse and placed it next to the medicinal spirit wood, and picked many leaves from the medicinal spirit wood for him to hold in his mouth. These leaves have spiritual power, and the space is full of spiritual power , Can ensure that his body will not be corrupted.

And as early as a few years ago, Xiao Su’er had discovered that there was a thousand-year-old piece of ice on the east side of the space, and most people would not dare to touch it at all.

Now she will take that piece of ice and let him lie on it, so that even in the past thousand years, his body will not be affected in any way, it will not rot and it will not smell, and he will just lie down like asleep Here.

Xiao Yi didn’t dare to speak any more, for fear of making Xiao Su’er unhappy, so quietly watching her move to the east to bring a block of ice, the block of ice is as hard as iron. Xiao Su’er was sweating profusely when she moved, but the place where she touched the ice was already frozen and flushed red.

Xiao Su’er moved Han Bing to the side of Yao Ling Wood and dragged Bo Qing’ang onto the cold ice. Her hands were already frozen unconsciously, but she still held Bo Qing’ang’s hand and started talking to herself.

“Aang, I have never figured out why God wanted to tease me like this, but now I think that everything may be arranged by myself. When I just got the medicine spirit jade space, I was still in the Hallowed Continent. I didn’t know how to use it. What’s the use, and I haven’t found the existence of space, but I can enter this space before I come to China Mainland, and it’s here to help me.

When I saw this thousand years of ice a few years ago, I didn’t know what it was useful for. Now it finally came in handy, so everything has already been arranged in the dark. You will wake up, I believe!

Isn’t it resurrection? Now that China Mainland is so advanced in technology, it will surely be able to do it! I am waiting for you to wake up one day, even if you never wake up again, I won’t let you turn into ashes. “

She had no tears anymore when she spoke. She just looked at Bo Qing’ang with gentle eyes. She has accepted this fact in the past few hours, but she still holds a glimmer of hope that one day Bo Qing’ang will come back to life, just like Returned to her like a few months ago.

“Master, do you want to put Bo Shao here? “Xiaoyi looked at her as if she had lost her blood and was a little scared.

” Are you afraid? Xiao Su’er turned to look at it, and suddenly had an idea, “Xiaoyi, you are a grass essence, can your fruit be brought back to life?” “

Master, although I am a grass spirit, I still don’t have the ability to bring the dead back to life, I can’t!” “Xiaoyi’s tone became a lot depressed when she spoke.

“It’s okay, I’m waiting for the day when there is a way!” Xiao Su’er took a deep look at Bo Qingang’s corpse and exited the medicine spirit jade space.

Only after leaving the space, she immediately heard the sound coming from outside the door, deliberately lowering it, but still let her hear–

“Should I go in? Look at Suer. “

You don’t want to go in anymore. You have been pregnant for a few months. What if your emotions affect your baby?” “

But Su’er should really need someone to accompany you now, right?” “

Ouyang Luo and Xia Xiaonan are here! Xiao Su’er looked at the door, hesitated for a while and opened the door, “Ouyang Luo, you come in, I have something to tell you. “

“Huh? it is good! “Ouyang Luo was so frightened that he immediately ran upstairs.

“Help me put Aang’s things in the attic. I won’t use it for the time being.” Xiao Su’er took a few large boxes and started to pack them. Bo Qingang’s clothes, books, computers, and all his usual things were sealed in the boxes. in.

Ouyang Luo was here to help. He didn’t dare to say a word, for fear of irritating her. In fact, he was also very sad. Bo Qingang was his childhood. The two have known each other longer than Xiao Su’er, and they have gone through many difficult days together.

Five years ago, everyone thought that Bo Qingang was dead, and only he knew the truth. He thought that after these five years, there would be nothing for Bo Qingang, but he did not expect that he would still die from the poison of ice.

I really don’t know if Catharina would feel guilty in her heart if she knew these things, she could be regarded as killing his own child by herself.

The two of them didn’t say a word. Until they packed Bo Qingang’s everything into the box, Xiao Su’er sat on the ground and looked up at him, “Ouyang Luo, tell me the current state of science and technology. Can you resurrect the dead? How many years will it take to achieve such a technology?”

“The technology of resurrecting people from the dead is not yet available, but we have been working on researching such technology. You are also a doctor. You should know how difficult it is to do this. Maybe ten years or twenty years is not necessarily true. I dare not give you a ticket now, and what are you asking for?”

“Do you want to use science and technology to bring Aang back to life? Isn’t that impossible! How are you going to save his body?”

Ouyang Luo felt that Xiao Su’er was like the tranquility before the storm. She looked calm and even asked these words in a very ordinary way, like Asking him if he has breakfast, but the more he is, the more scared he feels.

“You don’t need to worry about how I save his body. I can guarantee that he will not rot or change. Even if it is left for ten or twenty years, he will still be the same as when he died just now. Do you think I’m waiting? Can he bring him back to life in ten years?”

“Su’er, I think you should face reality! He…”

“Well, you don’t need to say, I know what you want to say, thank you for coming to see me, too Thank you for helping me organize these together. But let’s take Xiaonan back now. Her due date should be coming soon. Let’s go. You don’t need to see me again, and you don’t have to keep telling me to face reality.”

When Xiao Su’er interrupted him, Ouyang Luo could only swallow back what Ouyang Luo was going to say was stuck in his throat, “Okay, then I will take Xiaonan home first. If you have anything else you need my help, you can talk about it. You can come and ask me about everything and everything else. I won’t bother you, but I still hope you will be strong.” After

Ouyang Luo left the room, she was the only one left in the room, and Xiao Suer himself A big box was moved into the storage room, and all the delicate couple clothes were hidden.

After doing all this, she sat on the edge of the bed and began to be in a daze. The scenes before her eyes were everything she had experienced with Bo Qingang.

How familiar is this feeling, she only experienced everything five years ago, and now everything has happened again. But it seemed to make her heartache more than five years ago, as if there was a needle pierced in her heart, every breath deepened.

“Aang…” Xiao Su’er looked at the only thing she didn’t take away about Bo Qingang: the bedside photo.

“I can wait until yours, right?”

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