Chapter 1253 Envy

Chapter 1253 Envy

Three years later.

Xiao Su’er raised her head from a pile of documents. In the past three years, she took over Boss in an all-round way. She ran around the clinic and the company. She also cared about Xiao Wang’s study and life. She was so busy all day that she was so busy that she often didn’t even have time to eat.

But even with such a busy life, she still takes time out every week to go to Ouyang Luo’s hospital. Ouyang Luo has set aside a building in the hospital for research. In the past three years, she has worked hard to study the resurrection of human beings with Xiao Suer. They have found a cure for the diseases that could not be cured before.

“Beep…” The phone was still vibrating under the file. Xiao Suer opened a lot of files before taking out the phone. The three characters Ouyang Luo flashed on the screen.

“Su’er, come to our hospital quickly. The mouse that I frozen a year ago, I successfully resurrected it today. Come here, let’s see if this technology can be applied to humans. But this A mouse…”

“I see, I’ll be here soon.” Xiao Su’er stood up when he heard the word “resurrection” before he could finish. He picked up the bag and rushed out of the office.

“Mr. Xiao…” Zhang Song followed Behind her, holding a document to catch up with her, “You should sign this word first, we will need your documents to transfer the goods.”

“You can sign for me!” Xiao Su’er put down this sentence. Rushed into the elevator.

For the past three years, Zhang Song has been by her side to help her. If it hadn’t been for him, Xiao Su’er would have made the Bos go backwards. After all, she really didn’t have the talent for business.

It is Zhang Song who manages everything in an orderly manner by her side. In the past three years, the Bo family has grown bigger and bigger. It can be said that Zhang Song has a lot of credit.

But Xiao Su’er didn’t treat him badly and gave him shares of the Bo family. Now he is not only an assistant but also a shareholder of the company.

Xiao Su’er is now sitting in the elevator and her heart is pounding. Maybe today is the time to bring Bo Qingang back to life. Since mice can be resurrected, shouldn’t people be OK too?

She rushed into Ouyang’s hospital with this idea, and couldn’t help raising the corners of her mouth when she saw a lively rat in the office.

“Is this the mouse that we frozen a year ago? It was dead at the time, and now it’s alive. It’s so amazing! Do you really have the technology to come back from the dead? Then try it on a living person.

Right .” Xiao Su’er almost forgot to say what to say when she saw this mouse, she reached out and tried to touch it, but Ouyang Luo stopped her, “Su’er come over, let me tell you first. This mouse was a year ago. It was used for experimentation, but it was not poisoned or sick. It died because of suffocation. We are resurrecting him now only to rejuvenate his cells, but there is nothing else in his body that needs our treatment.”

“So. We don’t know, if he is sick or poisoned, we can cure it. You, do you know what I mean?”

Even if the technology of resurrection from death is really mastered by them, they only It is possible to resurrect people who did not die because of severe illness or illness. But Bo Qingang happened to be poisoned and died. He was poisoned by the ice, even the most powerful doctor in China mainland couldn’t solve it.

Xiao Su’er smiled a little when he heard what he said, but still nodded at him, “I understand what you mean, but let’s try it. If there is no hope, we can’t give up, right?”

“Well, I have reached a consensus with a family. They are willing to experiment with their son who died of drowning. I will pay them. Now the body of that child is lying in our freezing room. You and me. Come on.

Ouyang Luo took her into the freezing room. She saw the child lying there, who looked about ten years old, about the same as her son. If he could really be resurrected, his parents should also I will be very happy! After

these three years of research, Ouyang Luo feels that this technology has not only been studied for Bo Qingang, if it is really successful, it will be able to regain happiness for many families, like this The children who ran into the restricted area to swim because of naughtiness would be so happy if they could resurrect their parents!

“Let’s start now, let me see if I can resurrect people. Xiao Su’er turned to look at him.

“Good. “Luo Ouyang deep breath, took the side of the instrument as the electrocardiogram as a child caught in the limbs of this instrument launch, full ten minutes past have not the slightest reaction, he was a bit crestfallen turn off the instrument looked at Xiao Su children.

” Well … …It seems that we have failed. This technology can’t be used on humans. The little mouse may be too small, or for other reasons, that made us successfully resurrected. “

Xiao Suer stood there blankly, and after a long time she laughed out, “Heh…I am stupid. With such a big illusion, you said it might take ten or even twenty years to have this technology back then. , I actually imagined that three years would be enough!”

“Su’er…” Ouyang Luo felt deeply guilty, and every time he failed, this feeling would strike.

“It’s okay, you don’t need to feel sorry for me. You didn’t need to study this technology. I forced it. Since I failed today, I will

leave .” Xiao Su’er just opened the door of the freezer and saw Xia Xiaonan hugging While holding the child, she immediately ran up when she saw her, “Su’er, you are here too, I’ll bring food to Aluo, you can eat together.”

“Aunt Su’er, hello.” The little white dumpling in her arms was soft and waxy. Called her.

“Good…” Xiao Suer gently touched her little face.

Ouyang Luo also walked out of the freezing room at this time and reached out to take the little girl in Xia Xiaonan’s hand, “Today I will come with my mother to deliver food to my father! Have you listened to the teacher?”

“I listened, I remember what the teacher taught me La.”

“Daughter is good! The teacher said that she is particularly talented. She is so smart at only two years old, and your daughter does whatever you want.” Xia Xiaonan leaned on Ouyang Luo’s shoulder and chuckled.

“Of course, her IQ will follow me and her appearance will follow you, she is a perfect kid!” Ouyang Luo raised her head proudly.

Xiao Su’er looked at their happiest family of three, and felt a sorrow in her heart. If Bo Qingang were still alive, their family of three would be so happy, but now she can only envy others.

“I’m not going to eat with you anymore, I’ll go first.” After she said this, she immediately turned and left, her footsteps a little hurried, and her back a little frustrated.

Xia Xiaonan looked at her back and felt very distressed, “Husband, is Su’er destined to live alone in the future?”