Chapter 1254 Finale

Chapter 1254 Finale

“Perhaps she and Aang’s fate is exhausted. This girl seems to have a different fate from the day she met Aang. I don’t know if they were together in the first place. Is she good or bad?”

Ouyang Luo was deeply moved. When Bo Qingang and Xiao Su’er were together back then, he still thought it was her luck to be with the most noble person in China mainland, Xiao Su’er, like everyone else. It was a blessing for several lifetimes, but along the way, he felt that encountering Bo Qingang might not be Xiao Suer’s blessing but her disaster!

Xiao Su’er returned home and sat at her desk in a daze. Over the past three years, her heart slowly sank to the bottom. She persuaded Bo Qingang that she could only lie in the medicine spirit jade space forever and never wake up again!

She has been persuading herself to accept reality, but every time she persuaded herself, she felt a pain in her heart. The needle that had been stuck in her heart three years ago seemed to have not disappeared.

“Aang…Should I really let you go into the soil for safety and stop torturing you? I tortured myself and tortured Ouyang Luo for the past three years, is it really enough?” Xiao Suer crawled on the table and cried silently.

“Master! Master! My God, this time is really a heavenly adventure, you come in, hurry up!”

Cao Jing Xiaoyi’s voice rang in her ears, Xiao Su’er was a little upset, and bluntly replied, “Don’t make noise. , I’m not in the mood to go in and chat with you right now, haven’t you handed it over to you in the Yaolingyu space?”

Xiaoyi has grown very powerfully, like a small tree, and only when he grows he realizes that it has a lot of special features. Its skills, it has spiritual power, and it can actually use spells. Although it has no human hands or feet, it can use magic to control the movement of objects in the medicine spirit jade space. The space has long been under its control.

“No! This time you have to come in, because I found out that Yao Lingmu is married again, this time the fruit is likely to be resurrected…”

Xiao Yi’s voice seemed extremely excited, Xiao Su’er immediately closed her eyes and entered the space, and she saw a purple fruit on the medicinal spirit wood. This time the light was more intense than the other times, and the entire space was covered by it. Illuminated to purple.

Xiao Su’er walked to the fruit tree, almost unable to open his eyes flashed, Bo Qingang was still lying on the thousand-year-old ice, beside the medicinal spirit tree, the purple light turned him into purple. appearance.

“Master, I can feel this fruit is very powerful. It has more spiritual power than me. It is very likely that it can really come back to life. Anyway, you can try it! Let Bo eat it.” Xiao Yi swayed the branches and leaves to remind her.

“Okay, let’s try it.” Although Xiao Su’er still has hope in her heart, there is not so much hope. The disappointment over the years has made her dare not hold great hopes, otherwise the kind of falling from heaven to hell It feels suffocating her.

Xiao Su’er squinted her eyes and pulled out the fruit forcefully. The fruit seemed to be longer and firmer than the other six fruits. She took pains to pick it off.

Holding this fruit, Xiao Su’er took a deep breath, “I hope you are really useful.”

She squatted down and looked at Bo Qingang, who has been lying here for three years, “Aang, I will feed you this one right away. The fruit, whether it’s useful or not, is my hope.” It

‘s impossible to chew the corpse. Xiao Su’er can only crush the fruit and feed it all into Bo Qingang’s mouth through the mouth ferry.

One minute, two minutes… I

don’t know how long it has passed. There is no change in Xiao Suer’s face, but she is laughing at herself in her heart. When will you recognize reality? He is really dead, it is impossible to come back to life again!

“How can this be? Why is it useless? I can’t feel wrong! This is clearly a resurrection! There is absolutely nothing wrong.” Xiaoyi was extremely wronged by the side, and felt that her mistake made her master happy. One game.

“It doesn’t matter, maybe God is destined…” Xiao Suer stood up and left the medicine spirit jade space.


It was a little chilly late in the autumn night. The cold wind blew Xiao Su’er’s curtains and got into her quilt, making her tremble with the cold.

She instinctively stretched out her hand to cover the quilt better, but had a pair of big warm hands on the side of her bed to cover her quilt, and tucked the corner of the quilt.

Xiao Su’er frowned, as if she had dreamed of something that scared her, she kept shaking her head, sweating coldly, and murmured Bo Qingang’s name, “Aang, don’t go, don’t go. ……”

Hearing her dream, the person next to the bed held her hand with a big hand, “I haven’t left, I’m back. Su’er, open your eyes and take a look at me.”

The one covered by these big hands In an instant, Xiao Suer’s whole body trembled. In her dream, she felt a warmth warming her whole body, but she still did not open her eyes.

The person beside the bed leaned down and pressed a kiss on her forehead, “Su’er, I’m back!” The

next day.

Xiao Su’er woke up in the morning smell, she looked confused. Since Bo Qingang passed away, she dismissed all the security guards and nanny in this villa. Xiao Wang also lives in grandpa’s house today. She is the only one here. , Why is there the smell of food?

She rolled over and got out of bed and walked to the corridor on the second floor to look at the kitchen on the first floor. She was able to be sure that the fragrance came from there.

“Is there anyone in the kitchen? Qingyue, did you come and cook for me?” Xiao Suer asked. Bai Qingyue had married Xiao Yuhan a year ago.

In the past three years, she ran to help Xiao Su’er cook when she had time, and she also had the key here, so the first thing Xiao Su’er thought of was her.

No one answered on the first floor. Xiao Su’er realized that something was wrong. If it was Bai Qingyue, she would definitely answer in a sweet and crunchy voice.

“Who is it? Who came to my house suddenly? I asked you to talk!” Xiao Suer ran downstairs and rushed into the kitchen, but she was immediately stunned by the door of the kitchen when she saw the tall figure.

is it him? Why does the back look so alike, no one has such a back view anymore!

“You, you…” Xiao Su’er found that she couldn’t find her voice anymore, and the words were stuck in her throat but couldn’t speak.

The figure turned his head, holding two plates in his hands. The white and round poached egg was placed in the center of the plate. He smiled and said to her, “Su’er, have breakfast.”

“Is it really you? I’m not here. Dreaming?” Xiao Su’er subconsciously stretched out her right hand and fiercely inserted her left hand. She wanted to make sure that she was not dreaming. This kind of scene had appeared countless times in her dreams.

The moment the pain came, she knew that she was not dreaming, but a living person in front of her, this was the real world.

“Su’er, what are you doing? You are not allowed to hurt you in front of me. No one can make you hurt in front of me, including yourself! I actually have some reactions after eating the fruit, but still I can’t wake up completely.

I heard what you and Xiaoyi said next to me. Last night was the quilt I covered for you. I will never leave again when I come back. My ice poison is also completely solved. From now on, we will stick together every day and never separate!”

Bo Qingang stepped forward to hug her and kissed her fiercely!