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Chapter 3 Fight

When the chaos of heaven and earth first opened, the ancient gods lived forever, and the ancestor god broke the sky and created the ancient realm above all beings in the Three Realms. At that time, the ancestors ruled the true gods under his command and opened up the world. It took thousands of years to have the three realms of Kyushu in the future.

On the day when the Three Realms were formed, the ancestor god’s merits and virtues were completed, turned into nothingness, and lived with the Three Realms. After that, the four true gods under the command of the ancestor gods-ancient times, Zhiyang, Tianqi, and Baijue, became the masters of the ancient gods. Although the ancient true gods are goddesses, they are the most noble because of the ancestral gods.

The four true gods have profound powers and dominate the three realms of the beasts. Only a thousand years have made the nine-horse and eight-heavens take shape. Unexpectedly, when the two races of humans and demons appear in the world, the catastrophe of chaos descends, and the four true gods are one god Transformed in response to the catastrophe…

The four true gods are to protect the Three Realms, and the gods are all destroyed, and they become nothingness with the ancestors. Only their weapons are left in the world. Among the many gods who should be catered, there are only three remaining gods.

Since then, the ancient gods disappeared, and the ancient gods were sealed on the Three Realms and never opened. The ancient era ended and the Three Realms of Kyushu entered the post-ancient period.

The remaining three gods are the emperor and queen of the nine heavens, and the ancient god of Qingchi Palace. The body of the emperor is a five-clawed golden dragon, and the queen is inherited from the line of the phoenix. The god of the ancient king is the ancient dragon. All three of them were transformed into ancient beasts. Such an ancient and time-honored deity is still passed down from ancient times, and it is no wonder that it will be worshipped by the Three Realms.

As for this fourth God… It’s really hard to introduce. Her position of God has left the Three Realms speechless, and this God is well deserved… But it also makes the immortals feel that this God is the canonization. It is indeed the most incredible drama in the post-Ancient world for tens of thousands of years!

Since the end of the ancient times, the ascending gods of the Three Realms have been divided into ranks by the’sovereign position’. The’shangjun’ of the immortal world and the’monarch’ of the demon world are the closest to the existence of the gods. After the robbery arrived, he was automatically promoted to’Shangjun’ and’Monarch’.

For tens of thousands of years, only a few hundred gods and monsters in the Three Realms have been able to rise to the position of supreme emperor and demon emperor. This is enough to know the hardship.

The immortals of the Three Realms abide by this rule. Although they have strict levels, they are also orderly and peaceful. No one has broken this rule until… the appearance of the fourth God.

Among the three gods handed down from the ancient times, the emperor of heaven ascended to the position of emperor of heaven when the post-ancient world came, so no one knew the name of the god of the past, but now the god of Wuhuan… It’s not such an identity.

In the early days of the ancient times, when the Heavenly Emperor was in charge of the Three Realms of Nine Provinces, the God of the Ancient Lord and the God of Wuhuan were a pair of priests. They did not care about the world, and they were cast into the Qingchi Palace in the Qilian Mountains. The gods envy.

Thousands of years later, the two gods gave birth to offspring. This was a great happy event in the Three Realms, but I didn’t want the child who had not yet come out of the shell to be born with no spirit, and even broke out of the shell in hundreds of years. There is no power, and it is getting weaker and weaker. It is almost dead. The children bred by the ancient gods are so weak. It is unavoidable that people are greatly surprised. It is too much to touch the mold of the two gods, and the immortals dare not to mention this easily. The matter of a little god.

Since the birth of this little god, the ancient god has only been thinking about how to improve the power of the little god, holding his round eggs everywhere to search for ancient books and visit the remains of the ancient true gods. It is common to not be in Qingchi Palace for several years. And God Wuhuan didn’t know if it was because the child was too weak or because she didn’t believe that she could survive. He was extremely indifferent to the egg, and he didn’t even want to go out with the ancient king Shangshen and stay in Qingchi Palace alone.

The God of Ancient Lord Wuhuan was boring in the palace, so he asked the Emperor to visit Qingchi Palace in his spare time. Thousands of years have passed since then, and the God of Ancient Lord holds the unbroken egg with worry. When I returned to the Qilian Mountains, I saw the long-abandoned, desolate and deserted Qingchi Palace, and the god Wuhuan had already disappeared.

The ancient monarch had no time to know what had happened, and the imperial decree that the Emperor of Heaven was about to marry the Queen had spread throughout the Three Realms and Kyushu. The wedding of the Emperor of Heaven, this was a very shocking event, it should have been joyous, but then the selection of the Queen of Heaven caused the entire Kyushu Bahuang into a strange silence, this silence even sandwiched The faint uneasiness spread to the Qingchi Palace in the isolated world.

The immortals even thought that the Three Realms, which had been calm for tens of thousands of years, might have a war that would destroy the heavens and the earth… and the panic was caused because the queen of heaven that the emperor was about to marry was the goddess Wu of the ancient king. God on the swan.

If it is the other gods who do this kind of thing, I am afraid it will be difficult to gain a foothold in the Three Realms in the future. After all, to win a friend’s wife, no matter how straightforward and strong, it will always be a bit of a shame. However, the Emperor of Heaven is the ruler of the Three Realms. Yes, but I dare not say anything.

The grievances and hatreds of the ancient true gods are not something that these little immortals can say right and wrong…

Unexpectedly, before the wedding of the Emperor of Heaven and the God of Wuhuan, the God of Gujun did not appear. The emperor chose the place of marriage in Kunlun Mountain, the blessed land of Kyushu. The gods of the Three Realms have been invited. This wedding is actually the first event since the opening of the ancient realm…Although it has some shortcomings.

On this day, hundreds of birds came to the phoenix, the immortals came, the guests and the host were full of joy, the emperor hesitated, even the god Wuhuan, who has always been deserted, kept smiling. Of course, she should be called the queen from now on .

The whole process was a harmonious atmosphere, and the immortals couldn’t help wondering while rejoicing–this ancient monarch was so magnanimous that he was willing to live in seclusion in Qingchi Palace despite the insult of the emperor’s seizure of his wife?

This sense of rejoicing was not broken until the colorful auspicious clouds covering the sky and the sun appeared over Kunlun Mountain when all the immortals chanted music.

The immortals who participated in that wedding, even after tens of thousands of years, still remember the scene of the ancient Lord God descending on Kunlun Mountain. The ancient coercion enveloped the entire Kunlun Mountains, all the beasts were frightened, the immortals were panicked, accompanied by colorful clouds disappearing into the sky, a blue figure slowly walked over the huge stands on the top of the mountain, such a big movement, even It is because the people who came here did not report their identity, and the immortals also knew that this might be the God of Ancient Lord.

Except for the emperor and queen, all the immortals bowed to the ground, welcoming the deity of the gods.
Also welcoming the upcoming fierce battle on Kunlun Mountain…

Unexpectedly, the ancient monarch God is not the only reason, and the heavenly queen and queen, who is waiting for the battle, went directly to the position of Lingjianshangjun, who is in charge of the emperor’s fate, and took out an egg from his arms and handed it to him to test his fate. grid.

Ancient Lord God is rare to know this egg in the Three Realms, but he did not expect that on such an important day, he would directly press Kunlun Mountain to calculate his fate for this little god and measure the future good and bad.

This is no different from a loud slap in the face of the Emperor Tianhou on the spot, but it also makes people uncomfortable. The face of the queen changed on the spot, she almost left with anger, and thanks to the kindness of the emperor, she did not let the wedding go through after calming the queen.

Under the unbelievable eyes of the immortals, Lingjian Shangjun, who was trembling with an old bone, was under the pressure of the three gods, and he was extremely frightened, but he knew the origin of this egg anyway, and he did not dare to refuse. , Had to tremblingly take over the egg in the hands of the ancient king Shangshen.

Unexpectedly, this test has been measured for several hours. Although a hundred years is no more than a flash for the immortal, in that case, the time seems quite difficult. The wedding was so strangely frozen in the middle, and the eyes of the immortals were fixed on the chubby egg. They all hope that Lingjuan Shangjun can be smarter and say a few good things. As soon as the Lord God was relieved, the scene would not be so embarrassing. After all, Kunlun is a nine-day blessed land, and no one wanted the Lingshan handed down since ancient times to be destroyed by the wrath of a few upper Gods.

After the emperor could not help coughing a few times, Lingjuan Shangjun moved his hand on the egg. After a little hesitation, Lingjuan Shangjun said tremblingly in the unbelievable eyes of the immortals. A word to change the fate of the Three Realms.

“This little god… I’m afraid… is God’s fate.”

All the people were shocked, the immortals were dumbfounded… After being born for thousands of years, they didn’t even have the power to break the shell, and they were inferior to the average fairy boy. Could this kind of spiritual power be a god? No matter how great the coercion of the ancient monarch is, this Lingjian Shangjun is too dare to talk!
Of course, in that situation, no god dared to say this sentence, and even the Emperor of Heaven chose to remain silent.

The immortals thought that no matter how idle the ancient monarch was, he should know that Lingjuan Shangjun was just a polite remark. The Lord of God is so important, this is still true, and you really have to count… that is absolutely impossible.

Unexpectedly, a long burst of laughter resounded in the Kunlun Wonderland when everyone was shocked, and the ancient Lord God went to the east on the colorful auspicious clouds, actually not giving Ling Juan a chance to speak any more.

“There are many immortal friends as proof. From then on, my son Houchi has been in the position of the gods, and the world is a lesson.”

From beginning to end, the ancient monarch god did not even look straight at the heavenly queen who was sitting in a high position.

This voice was extremely strong, and it shocked the faces of all the immortals. Such a light sentence made a little dragon, who had not yet come out of its shell, to be on top of all living beings in the Three Realms. It was really absurd. But it happened on such an occasion that it was the ancient monarch and god who said this, so no one could say anything against it.

After such a delay, the ancient Lord God disappeared without a trace, and the position of the little God Lord was inexplicably fixed.

Those who told this history were overwhelmed with emotion, and the faces of those who listened were dumbfounded, and it took a long time to understand it.

“Wuxu, do you mean that the God of Hou Chishang gained the position of God when he was in the shell?”
Wuxu nodded, took the porcelain bottle in Wuwei’s hand, put it on the tip of his nose, smelled it, and squinted. The eyes are very enjoyable.

“After that…” Wu Wang hurriedly asked, always feeling a little unfinished.
“After that, the ancient king, the god, left the Qingchi Palace outside the enchantment and isolated from the world. I heard that it took a few thousand years for the little god to emerge from the shell, and was unable to understand the magic since he was a child, and his spiritual power is also extremely low. Therefore, for her sake, the ancient Lord God also accepted some scattered immortals into the Qingchi Palace as a guard.”

Unreasonably touched his chin in disbelief, he muttered to himself: “No wonder people in the fairy world say that the god has a good baby, so it is…this is the most noble fate…” He was halfway through. After a pause, as if thinking of something, he lowered his voice and said, “If this is the case, aren’t the few Highnesses in the Nine Heavens and Princess Jing Zhao have some blood connections with this God?”

Wuwang pointed towards the sky with a sigh, no wonder that Princess Jing Zhao was not pleased to mention that God, it was for this reason.
The little god was born as a supreme existence above the Three Realms. Princess Jing Zhao’s birth may not be lower than her, but her position is like a beast. The identity of the two is extremely embarrassing, and no one can accept it.
The few high priests and princesses above the nine heavens all squeezed into the ranks of the monarchs by their own strength. The youngest majesty Jingde has worked hard for thousands of years, and now he is nothing more than a monarch.

The emperor Suwen loved the only princess like a jewel and was extremely arrogant. I am afraid he was also apologetic.

“That’s a good thing. They are all from the Queen of Heaven. They are naturally related to each other. I heard that the ancient monarch traveled through the Three Realms, and he had no knowledge of whereabouts. That little god has never taken a half step out of Qingchi Palace, so the immortal world is now No one dared to mention her here.” The
gods who wanted to live and moisturize would not be so uninterested.

In this way, this little god is really the most beautiful in face, and the most desolate in the inside.

“In that case, Feng Ran Shangjun was accepted into Qingchi Palace by the Ancient Lord God because of the weak spiritual power?” Wuwang thought of Shangjun Fengran, who had been abandoned by the Three Realms, and hurriedly asked Wuxu to prove it. .

“Yes, Feng Ran Shangjun comes from the Phoenix family. She was originally a noble phoenix, but she has never had a fire phoenix. You know… the phoenix is ​​respected by golden color. If it is red, it represents evil. Jun was abandoned by his tribe in the Yuanling swamp as soon as he was born. It was raised by the tree demon for a thousand years. Later, the fairy world and the demon world fought in the Yuanling swamp. His Royal Highness Jingyang and the three princes of the demon world were killed by mistake in the melee. The tree demon…”

Wuxu paused, and slowly said in a particularly admiring tone: “Feng Ran Shangjun rushed out of the Yuanling swamp with his own power to fight against the immortal and demon army. That battle was extremely tragic, tens of thousands. The army was wiped out, and even the three princes of the demon clan were killed by her. If it weren’t for my family’s Shangjun who happened to pass by the dying Highness Jingyang, I am afraid that the highness would have been killed in the Yuanling swamp. It was also in that battle. Afterwards, Feng Yun became a monarch and shook the Three Realms, and was respected as the Supreme Lord, but he was also not tolerated by the Three Realms when he was granted the title.”

“It’s no wonder that His Royal Highness and my family are so good. I didn’t expect to have such a relationship.” Wuxu sighed and hesitated for a while before saying: “After all, Fengran Shangjun is a member of the Phoenix clan, and she also killed her. Since the three princes of the monster clan have merit in the heavens, the Emperor of Heaven should not embarrass her so much for the sake of the queen of heaven.”

“You think other people don’t think that way. Fengran Shangjun only has long live the strength of Shangjun. He has a boundless future, and it is just a misunderstanding. Of course the Emperor wants to recruit, but…”

“It’s just how? Is it because Feng Ran Shangjun didn’t want it?” Wuwang Jian Wuxu sold it off, and hurriedly bent forward and asked.
“It’s not that she doesn’t want to…” Wuxu rolled up the embroidered robe, smashed it, smashed it, and said: “It’s just that Feng Ran Shangjun let out a word in the Yuanling swamp–if the Emperor of Heaven could put His Royal Highness Jingyang to death She is willing to do the best for the Emperor of Heaven if she changes her life for another life.”

“What?” Wuwang raised his voice suddenly, and his eyes widened: “This Feng Yun Shangjun does not know good or bad, how can that demon tree be compared with my Heavenly Highness?” The Heavenly
Emperor is the god of the ancients and the supreme of the immortal world. , How can you stand such a provocation? This Feng Dian is really confused!

Wuxu also nodded, revealing a few disapproval: “The Emperor of Heaven heard this furious, and ordered the capture of Feng Yingjun, Feng Yingjun power and several immortals, defeated Qilian Mountain, and his life was saved by the ancient Lord God when he was dying. Therefore, Feng Ran Shangjun stayed in Qingchi Palace afterwards, and the Emperor of Heaven did not pursue it any more.”

As for the reason for not pursuing it… Wuxu and Wuxu glanced at each other tacitly. The Emperor of Heaven had always been tolerant to the ancient Lord God, and it must have been no exception.

“Hey, I don’t think there is such a history in the Three Realms. I really opened my eyes today.” Wuwang said while shaking his head, his expression was quite emotional.

“Two fairy princes, Shangjun explained that they will set off to Donghua Shangjun’s office on the next day, so please prepare for the two fairy princes.” Not far away, the voice of the little fairy boy came, Wu Xu and Wu Wang’s minds shook at the same time, and they made each other. A wink walked out of the courtyard.

At the same time, Qingchi Palace.

On the stone rock by the Huajing Pool, a lazy soft drink slowly sounded.

“Feng Ran, how many times have I said that I will not go out. But I really like the human story that Bai Xuan recently brought into the palace, so let me not make it difficult for you, if you can make the mountain without ridges, the world is together… …I promised you, how?”

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