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Chapter 9 Brother’s Crisis

The streets of the imperial capital at night are constantly flowing.

The flashing car lights merged into a galaxy, magnificent.

“Drive faster!” Fang Beining kept urging Tang Qingye.

“It’s the fastest.” Tang Qingye looked serious, her eyes fixed on the road.

“Hurry up!” Fang Beining clutched the back of the front seat tightly with both hands, her palms were sweating, she had an unknown premonition!

Suddenly, a big palm with a slight coolness wrapped her hand, and Zhai Moyuan’s magnetic voice passed through the darkness.

“Don’t worry, your brother will be fine.”

This is just a consolation, she knows.

But her anxious heart really calmed down.

Her hand was wrapped in this way, her eyes were staring forward, hoping to miss a few red lights.

A heavy truck in front suddenly bends, gravity and inertia make the entire body tilt down, and their car is just in the range of being crushed!

There are cars running in parallel on the other side, it is inevitable!

“Be careful!”

The three people in the car were shocked at the same time!

Fang Beining immediately played a trick, and the floating dust in the air instantly condensed into a giant net, holding the truck and goods that were rolling over.

She used her mind to control the giant net to straighten the truck and reset the cargo.

The sweat came out of her skin, and the seemingly simple actions actually consumed most of her spiritual energy.

too heavy.

All the trolleys in the range of heavy trucks were spared.

Everything happened in a flash.

Even some people haven’t realized that they have slipped through the ghost door.

The heavy truck stopped.

The moment their car passed the heavy truck, Fang Beining saw the shocked face of the truck driver.

“Damn! Good risk!” Tang Qingye held the steering wheel with cold sweat on both hands and palms. “Fortunately, the driver of that car has stabilized. He should be awarded a certificate of “Best Driver”.”

Zhai Moyuan’s eyes were deep hidden in the darkness. Just now with the passing light, he saw Fang Beining’s movements, the same as when he first saw that night.

She saved them.

What kind of ability does she have?

More and more curious.

Fortunately, the green light comes all the way.

When the car arrived at the hospital, Fang Beining got off the car immediately and ran to the door of the rescue room.

At this time, there was only a trembling strange girl at the door of the rescue room. She was holding Fang Nansheng’s mobile phone in her hand. She must have made the previous call.

The blood stains on the phone made Fang Bei’s eyes tighten.

“How is my brother’s situation?”

The girl looked up, her eyes wide open, and she was dumbfounded for a moment before reacting, “You, are you Fang Nansheng’s sister?”

“It’s me, how is my brother’s situation?”

“I… elder brother!”

As she was about to speak, her gaze suddenly fell behind Fang Beining, and then rushed over, plunged into Zhai Moyuan’s arms, sobbing.

Fang Beining burst into flames and said sternly, “Don’t cry! How is my brother?!”

Zhai Moyuan suppressed his surprise, patted Zhai Shuiyue’s back, and coaxed, “Yueyue, don’t cry first.”


About five minutes later, Fang Beining clarified the whole story from her story.

She was Zhai Shuiyue, who happened to be Zhai Moyuan’s younger sister.

Surrounded by a few hooligans in the bar, Fang Nansheng saw an upset on the road, and then he started fighting.

He was beaten with a punch and was severely wounded, bleeding from his head, and he was in a coma when he was sent over.

She was frightened and shivered constantly in Zhai Moyuan’s arms.

Fang Beining looked at the door of the rescue room anxiously, and his anxiety became more and more obvious.

Don’t worry!

Brother, don’t be wrong!

Deathly silence in the corridor.

After a while, a doctor walked out of the emergency room, shaking his head and sighing, “We tried our best.”

Familiar and desperate words.

Fang Beining’s heartbeat stagnated, then calmed down, and walked quickly into the rescue room, where Fang Nansheng lay motionless, dead.

Zhai Shuiyue was frightened to the ground. Zhai Moyuan didn’t have time to take care of her sister, and followed Fang Beining into the rescue room. She was so nervous before, I’m afraid she couldn’t bear it.

But Fang Beining was extremely calm. Because of the elemental power in her body, she could feel that Fang Nansheng hadn’t died yet!

He quickly concentrated his mental power to transfer the elemental power into Fang Nansheng’s body. Then, the elemental power spontaneously surged toward his head, and his head immediately glowed with a faint light.

There was his fatal wound.

Zhai Moyuan was the first to notice the abnormality sharp-eyed, and immediately ordered the doctors and nurses: “You go out first.”

The doctors and nurses were very obedient, and replied respectfully, “Okay, Shao Zhai.” Then they left.

Fang Beining controlled the power of the elements to heal Fang Nansheng’s fatal injury. She couldn’t completely heal him all at once, save her life first, and take the rest slowly.

After a while, Fang Nansheng’s eyelids moved, and slowly opened his eyes. Fang Beining exclaimed in surprise, “Doctor, my brother is awake, you can show him!”

There was a rush.

Fang Nansheng came alive.

Everyone said it was a miracle.

But Zhai Moyuan knew, no.

In the VIP ward.

Fang Nansheng was lying on the hospital bed, wrapped in gauze.

Fang Beining was pale and fed him water with a spoon.

Five people sat on the sofa.

Zhai Shuiyue’s parents: Zhai Zhenyu and Tong Qianmeng.

There are three brothers and sisters Zhai Shuiyue.

Zhai Moyuan and Zhai Youxuan’s eyes were placed on the same person.

Zhai Shuiyue changed the cry of crying and said with a grin, “I just said, good people are rewarded, and Fang Nansheng is my savior. I haven’t repaid him yet. How could he be in trouble?”

“There is still a face to say, is a place like a bar that you can go to as a girl?” Tong Qianmeng reprimanded.

She got up, walked to the bed, and the other party Nan Sheng said, “Thank you for saving my daughter. You can heal your wounds with peace of mind. We will give you the best medicine. In the future… we are willing to take full responsibility.”

Fang Nansheng was still very weak, and nodded seemingly.

“Then we won’t bother you to rest. I hired a male carer for you. Your sister is a girl. It’s always inconvenient.” Tong Qianmeng said again.

Kind of thoughtful.

Fang Beining opened her mouth and smiled.

“No, I just need to take care of my brother, strangers, I don’t worry.” She said.

“But…” Tong Qianmeng hesitated. It is inconvenient for a girl to take care of a boy in many places.

Fang Nansheng’s eyes flashed, after all, he did not speak.

“Or I will stay.” Zhai Moyuan got up and said, “I will do some inconvenient things.”

As soon as the words came out, everyone’s eyes swept over.


Is it the kind of person who will serve people?

“I’ll stay.” Zhai Youxuan also stood up, staring at Fang Beining’s face, and said, “I am familiar with Fang Beining… and Fang Nansheng, so taking care of it won’t be too embarrassing.”

More familiar?

Zhai Moyuan thought of the information from Tang Qingye’s previous investigation, his eyes deepened and deepened.

They are indeed… more familiar.

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