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Chapter 2 This Man Is So Dangerous

“No, nothing!” Nan Xingwu quickly stood up, quietly twisted the contract rune in her hand into a ball, and hid it in her sleeve.

Elder Wenqing looked at Nan Xingwu suspiciously, “Did you fail the contract spirit beast again?”

Nan Xingwu smiled awkwardly, “No, the contract rune was robbed!”

Elder Wen Qing shook his head helplessly. Everyone who came out of Canghai Yizhu was extremely talented, except for this Southern Star Dance, who was bullied, and his good things were often robbed.

Thinking of this, there was a hint of pity in his eyes.

“Well, I will draw you a higher-level contract rune.”

With that said, Elder Wenqing put away the sacred stone that Nan Xingwu had just used, took the rune pen and paper, and began to draw a new contract rune for Nan Xingwu.

Nan Xingwu stood by and watched carefully. Suddenly, she noticed something. The rune that Elder Wenqing drew for her now was different from the contract rune pattern she had just secretly painted.

However, no matter what, as long as the magic rune can be used, it can’t be used, and she has no loss.

A quarter of an hour later, Nan Xingwu took the rune drawn by Elder Wenqing, said quickly, “Thank you”, and ran away quickly.

Elder Wenqing looked at her back and sighed lightly. If this little girl can’t contract a good spirit beast, her life will be mediocre.

And Nan Xingwu also understood this, so she avoided the crowd with two contract runes, and began to search for suitable spirit beasts in the Eudemon Garden.

The Eudemons Garden is very big and there are many people, she will see a few figures flying by from time to time.

Looking at these people who can fly around at will, Nan Xingwu is envious.

The strong in this world are respected, and the weak can only be trampled, trampled, trampled arbitrarily.

She really didn’t want to be the one who was stepped on to the bottom.

She walked along the place with few people, wanting to venture to the restricted area of ​​the Monster Garden.

Just approaching the restricted area, there was a scream in front of her.

“God! What a big nest of spirit snakes! They ran out, chase after…”

As soon as Nan Xingwu heard that there was a spiritual snake, he immediately backed up a few steps.

Two days ago, she saw someone contracting a snake. The scene of winding the snake around her hand was disgusting. She didn’t like this cold-blooded and soft thing.

Just when she was about to change direction, a spirit snake suddenly appeared at her feet. She jumped up in shock, and people immediately dodged to one side, but because the movement was too eager to stand still, the whole person fell to the ground with a “bang” , The contracted rune in his hand also flew out because of this…

Before she came back to her senses, she saw the light of two gods lit up on the ground, one purple and one black, very strange.

Nan Xingwu was dumbfounded, didn’t this contracted rune only light up the rune’s light only when the spirit beast was contracted? Is she hitting the contract by mistake?

Just as she was puzzled, she suddenly heard a cold and angry male voice in her mind, “Do you want to marry that way?”

Nan Xingwu frowned and knocked on her head. Who was talking in her head?

Just thinking about it, a handsome and unreasonable peerless man walked out of that mysterious purple rune…

He was dressed in gorgeous purple clothes, and his whole body was enveloped in a cold and terrifying aura. The look in her eyes was extremely complicated and terrifying…

Nan Xingwu’s first reaction was that this man is so dangerous!

However, this man is too good-looking…

Obviously he looks like a storm is coming under his eyes, but it seems that the light of heaven and earth is gathered on him alone, making people unable to remove their eyes.

A perfect face is like a sculpture from the sky, with high coldness and abstinence written everywhere in the five senses, but it still makes people want to get closer…

Nan Xingwu swallowed suddenly, and approached him uncontrollably, “Who are you?”

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