Guilin City Information

Guilin is one of the major cities of Guangxi province of Southern China. The area is about 240,000 square kilometers. To the south next to Yunnan Province and next to Guizhou, in the northeast. Southeast Adjacent to Guangdong South of the Gulf of Tonkin and the south-west in Vietnam country. This area is flat basin and the long, wavy long mountains. The major mountain ranges include the mountains of Tum Ming Sun and Taoyuan. It is also a white limestone zone that covers half of the country. Because of this, there are many limestone caves. The weather is tropical. The north is tropical Asia. Southern Asia is a tropical zone. The average temperature is 16-23 degrees Celsius. Maximum temperature in July is about 27-29 degrees Celsius and the lowest in January, about 5.5-15.2 degrees Celsius, the average rainfall is 1,000-2,800 mm per year.