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001: Return to China in four years

Quan Yu came to pick her up on the day Ning Gui returned home late.

At that time, she stood by the car door for a few seconds, but she didn’t expect Grandma Quan to send someone to pick her up, the son of the old man who cherishes precious moments.

Quan Yu hates her a little, this is her cognition four years ago.

Until the driver reminded her to get in the car, Ning Guiwan raised his red lips to say hello: “Thank you, Uncle Yu, for coming to pick me up in his busy schedule.”

The man who had closed his eyes slowly opened his eyelids, and when the corner of his eyes swept over, Ning Guiwan was already drooping. After closing his eyes, the man’s gaze was secretive.

“Get in the car.” The

adult male voice is deep, nice and ruthless.

Ning Guiwan was still smiling, and got into the car.

After four years of absence, this person’s attitude towards her seems even worse.

After more than an hour, the car drove into a magnificent house in the city center. Ning Guiwan saw the long-awaited Mrs. Quan standing in the courtyard with a cane.

“Little night!”

She was hugged by Mrs. Quan as soon as she got out of the car: “You finally came back. Do you know how much grandma misses you and how worried you are!”

“Grandma Quan…” Ning Guiwan Weiwei Some are not used to such enthusiasm, but still have a smile on their lips.

“You have suffered over the years.” Mrs. Quan touched Ning Guiwan’s arm, and then touched her face, tearfully whispering: “You are thinner…”

“It’s windy here, if you have something to say, go in and talk.” Ning Gui I was about to say something in response tonight when a male voice came from behind.

More than four years ago, the old man of the Quan family started to become seriously ill, and the old lady’s health has not been well, and it has only been better in the past few months.

Ning Guiwan listened and turned around subconsciously. Quan Yu didn’t know when to walk behind her. As far as he could see, it was a chic silver pin on the collar of a man’s black shirt, which was a neat and elegant gentleman.

Mrs. Quan heard her son’s voice and noticed the existence of Quan Yu. She was a little surprised: “I didn’t say last night to fly to the UK this morning? Why are you still here?”

“I changed the schedule temporarily.” Quan Yu’s tone was slightly perfunctory.

Mrs. Quan did not go to her heart, holding Ning Guiwan’s hand to the main building, Yu Guang noticed that her son was still standing there, and asked him: “Are you not

coming into the house?” Quan Yuzheng looked down at his watch and looked up. She wanted to look at her mother, but her gaze fell on the slim figure beside her. The girl stood there, looking sideways at the rising sun, with a swan-like neck and slender snow-white neck.

“On a business trip.” Quan Yu’s eyes were dull, after finishing speaking, he glanced at Ning Guiwan again, and then turned into the car.

“This child…” Mrs. Quan frowned, dissatisfied with her son’s rushing style.

“Uncle Yu is busy too.” Ning Guiwan felt that the person’s absence and the air became relaxed.

“I know I’m busy, and don’t hurry up to marry a daughter-in-law and give me a grandson!” Mrs. Quan complained, snorted, and talked about another thing: “Does your dad know you are back?”

“I haven’t told him yet. “Ning Guiwan’s tone was casual.

Mrs. Quan burst into flames, “It’s really shameful, no matter how much you say you are his righteous daughter, is he really planning to cut off your relationship with you for the two illegitimate daughters?”

Ning Guiwan heard these heartfelt words about her. , His eyes were dim, after all… I didn’t believe her.

The old lady Peiquan had breakfast, and Ning Guiwan returned to the room where she had lived four years ago and fell asleep.

It may be that she returned to a familiar place and met someone she was familiar with. She slept very unsteadily. In the dream, her father slapped her cruelly. The disappointment and disgust in his eyes almost overwhelmed her, “I don’t have you. This ignorant and feminine daughter! Get out of here! Don’t let me see you again from now on!”

Friends of the old harmony accused her, “Although Rongyue and Qinghan are illegitimate daughters, they can be with you. Growing up together, how can you bear to hurt them? Is your heart black?”

The man she trusted the most once pulled open her collar and looked at the ambiguous marks on her neck with pain and anger, “Ning Gui Wan, how do you tell me to trust you? Ning Gui Wan, how old are you? Shameless?”

When he woke up, Ning Guiwan felt his eyes dry, but his heart was surprisingly calm.

She stayed at Quan’s house for three days. In the evening of the third day, the servant was combing her hair when she woke up. The landline in the room rang. After listening to the call, the servant turned to look at Ning Guiwan, “Ning Rongyue He Ning Qinghan came to see you, in the living room.”

Ning Guiwan didn’t hesitate, “Tell them, I’ll be there in a while.” The

servant relayed Ning Guiwan’s meaning, and continued to comb her hair, the hair in the palm of her hand was very soft and smooth. Slippery, unconsciously, the servant cast his gaze on Ning Guiwan’s face.

The latter’s eyelashes are slightly drooping, the eyebrows are lightly stretched, and the beauty is advanced and clear. It is a clear and noble temperament that can be cultivated by the rich material nourishment and the precious love of the family.

It’s a pity that how much favored Ning Guiwan was before, and how embarrassing her current situation is. The label that the Shanghai media put on her has changed from a showy match in Wutai Mountain to a debauchery and vicious.

“Why didn’t you comb it?” The girl’s soft words made the servant abruptly regained consciousness.

“I’m sorry, I, I lost my

mind for a while…” Ning Guiwan didn’t care, raised his hand to cover his lips, yawned lazily, his five fingers were white and the jade was carved out.

“Where is Granny Quan?” in a casual tone.

“Accompany the old man in the ancestral hall.”

Ning Gui nodded late, packed up the notes, and said goodbye to Mrs. Quan in the ancestral hall, and then walked through the side door to the living room.

Before approaching, I heard Ning Qinghan’s complaint: “…Ning Guiwan is really interesting, we kindly came to pick her up, she actually let us wait for so long, who does she think she is!”

Ning Qinghan sneered. He said, “I still have the face to come back. I would have a one-night stand when I was a minor. The whole city is known, and the Ning family’s face was lost by her! Dad can’t wait to have a daughter like her. If I die in England, I won’t come back… …”

“Shut up!” Ning Rongyue’s tone is serious, like a big daughter with strict education: “The more you talk, the more unruly, you will marry Xiangruo, the granddaughter of the old lady. The old lady has always loved Xiaowan. What you said just now How can I get along with the old lady’s ears?”

“Dare to do it and fear that others will say? Who doesn’t know about her filthy things in Shencheng?” Ning Qinghan’s words gradually turned indifferent.

Because she saw Ning Guiwan standing at the side glass door.

Ning Guiwan was wrapped in a simple white dress that fits well. His slender figure is undoubtedly revealed, and his smiles and frowns all have the charm of stirring people’s hearts.

“Xiaowan!” Ning Rongyue seemed to realize that Ning Guiwan, with a surprised expression, stood up and explained in a flustered manner, “Qinghan’s words are also careless, don’t be angry with her, she and Xiangru are sorry for you, but emotional No one can control the matter…”

“Sister…” Ning Qinghan was dissatisfied with her sister’s remarks, “Who is sorry for her…”

“Qinghan, let me say a few words, Xiaowan is our sister, better than us. Xiao, you should let her a little bit, Xiao Wan, go back with us, admit a mistake to dad, and he will forgive you. Those are all gone before, and Qinghan and I don’t blame you, and you don’t want to talk to dad again. Feeling stunned.”

Ning Guiwan listened to these’compassionate’ words, and a little bit wanted to laugh, feeling like he was watching a comedy.

“My mother watched you grow up. Your mother is gone. My mother will treat you as her own daughter. From now on, our family will be kind, okay?” Ning Rongyue’s expression of joy seemed to be reunited with the family. The situation is very much looking forward to.

Ning Guiwan couldn’t hold back after all, and laughed out’pouch’.

Ning Rongyue was startled by her smile.

Ning Guiwan walked into the living room slowly, and said with a smile: “Okay.”

Ning Rongyue was startled again. I didn’t expect Ning Guiwan to compromise so easily. He didn’t hide his emotions for a while, leaving behind the burn on his left cheek. The scar is a bit weird.

Ning Guiwan smiled brighter and brighter, “What? I agree to go home and reconcile with Dad. Are you unhappy?”

“Happy, of course happy.” Ning Rongyue adjusted herself quickly and smiled decently, “Dad must be happier seeing you.”

“What are you laughing at? What’s so funny!” Ning Qinghan didn’t know. What’s wrong, looking at Ning Guiwan’s radiant beauty, the fire in his heart rushed upwards, “I like to laugh so much, why don’t I go to a nightclub to laugh, and I can make money!”

Ning Guiwan was so serious. His gaze fell on Ning Qinghan’s face, and after looking at her carefully, he said slowly, “You have been engaged to Quan Xiangru for four years. Why are you still not married?”

Ning Qinghan’s face changed suddenly, “It’s not because You!”

“If it wasn’t for you, we would have been married four years ago! If it weren’t for you, our child would be three years old!”

“It’s all you! You ruined my sister’s face and killed my child, you are vicious Woman, why don’t you die!”

Ning Qinghan roared, and quickly rushed to Tuining to return to the night.

Ning Guiwan was pushed backwards.

But it didn’t fall.

An extra hand came on her waist in time, and her back hit a chest. The familiar male scent instantly encroached on her breath, but before she could react, she was supported and stood still.

Ning Gui stayed silent for a while before turning back, unexpectedly facing Shang Quanyu’s dark brown peach blossom glaze eyes, shimmering and shattering light, should have been radiant, gentle and passionate, but because of the indifference and coldness in his eyes, Appears to be alienated and not very close.

Eyelashes drooped slightly, Ning Guiwan avoided his eyes a bit, still curling his red lips, “Uncle Yu came back from a business trip?”

“Yeah.” Quan Yu looked down at the watch in his hand, and said in a very voice. Dan: “Going back?”

Ning Gui paused late, seemingly surprised that Quan Yu would ask, but soon he was smiling again, “Well, they are kind enough to pick me up, so it’s hard to tell them to run away. Go.”

Quan Yu nodded, and then glanced at her with a deep gaze. Then he raised his gaze and glanced at the two girls on the opposite side, with a faint chill between his expressions.

Seeing him, Ning Qinghan was visibly stunned. Although she was engaged to Quan Sang-rui, she was not familiar with Quan Sang-ru’s second uncle. In addition, Quan Yu’s position in Shencheng was not very good. According to the rumors, she moved her hand again just now, and now she hurriedly lowered her head, not daring to look at him.

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