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002: Uncle Yu is my biggest competitor

Ning Qinghan patted her chest until she got in the car, and she felt lingering fear. “I was scared to death just now…”

“He doesn’t hit anyone, why are you so afraid of him?” Ning Rongyue chuckled and looked at him dozingly. Sister, “Besides, you will be a family in the future.”

“Xiaowan, don’t you think?”

Ning Rongyue led the words to Ning Guiwan who was sitting in the last row.

Ning Guiwan didn’t answer.

Ning Qinghan remembered the anger before getting in the car, turned his head and looked to the back. Ning Guiwan’s makeup was extremely light, only the two lips were painted bright and shiny, and the facial features were very beautiful, clear and noble. Make her showy enough to be clichéd.

Ning Qinghan bit his lips tightly, looked at it for a long time, and sneered: “Who do you want to seduce when you dress like this?”

Ning Guiwan looked at Ning Qinghan with a disdainful expression on his face, “Do you think, who Are all the same as you?”

You—” Ning Qinghan is about to get angry again… “Well, don’t you quarrel as soon as you meet.” Ning Rongyue soothed Ning Qinghan, “You are all going to be married. You should learn to keep your temper, or else you will always quarrel with Xiangru, do you want to live?”

“Xiaowan, are you right?”

“…” Ning Guiwan still did not answer.

Along the way, Ning Guiwan looked indifferent, but when the car drove into the house where she had lived for nearly eighteen years, she was still in a daze for a while.

Things are right and wrong, the rose bushes in the corner are still red as fire, but without the mother, the father is no longer the father…

“Dad!” Ning Qinghan’s voice interrupted her thoughts and recovered. I saw Ning Qinghan holding Ning Honghua’s arm, and Ning Rongyue stood aside and smiled inwardly, a harmonious scene of filial fathers and daughters.

Ning Guiwan became the redundant and annoying one.

“Dad, I went to work for a whole day today and I was so exhausted. Look at my hands, my typing is stiff…” Ning Qinghan coquettishly.

But Ning Honghua just gave a faint hum, and his eyes fell on Ning Guiwan who got out of the car.

“Dad.” Ning Guiwan looked at his father who hadn’t been for four years, his eyes were not admiring, not like he used to be.

Ning Honghua’s face was sullen, and the atmosphere seemed a little stiff.

“Dad, Xiao Wan knows that I was wrong. We will get along well in the future. Don’t get angry with her anymore.” Ning Rongyue said at the right time, with a magnanimous appearance, but intentionally or unconsciously, the left who was scalded and destroyed. His face was in Ning Honghua’s sight.

Sure enough, Ning Honghua’s expression became tighter, without saying anything, turning around and entering the house.

Ning Qinghan followed him step by step, Ning Rongyue smiled at Ning Guiwan and said, “Don’t be angry, take your time, Dad will forgive you.” The

setting sun has already set in the west, and layers of darkness are gathering in all directions. The thin figure in the courtyard was reflected small and lonely.

Ning Guiwan didn’t change his face from the coldness, and even secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

Her father didn’t slap her again and drove her out, which has exceeded expectations.

She slept for too long during the day and couldn’t fall asleep late at night. She barely fell asleep until the early hours of the morning, but she still woke up early the next day, because she was dreaming all the time and it was not a good dream.

After washing and changing clothes, she stood on the balcony and looked at Ning Honghua who was practicing Tai Chi downstairs for a while, and then went downstairs.

When she walked to the chair by the swimming pool and sat down, Ning Honghua just stopped and walked over. Ning Guiwan handed him a teacup

obediently , “Dad, drink tea.” Ning Honghua glanced at her and took it. Take a bite and sit down on another chair.

It was cool in the early autumn morning, and Ning Guiwan was sitting in the wind in a sleeveless dress, not feeling cold at all.

Ning Honghua glanced at her again.

“Dad, do you remember why you named me Guiwan?” Ning Guiwan put on her cheeks, her hair tied up, revealing a smooth and full forehead, her eyes clear and smiling, she was still the pretty girl who would hug her father and act like a baby .

“You said that when my mother gave birth to me, you were away on a business trip. When you came back, the woman who had been hurting for a whole day and night had already given birth to your child. You feel guilty, and you named me late, reminding you all the time. I owe my mother what I owe.”


Guiwan looked at his father deeply and asked again: “Do you remember?” Ning Honghua drank tea, not watching Ning Guiwan, not knowing what to think, for a long time So he raised his eyes to look at his daughter who hadn’t seen him for a long time, “Have you finished your studies in the UK?”


Guiwan laughed, “Yes.” “Take two days off and go to work at the company.” Ning Honghua finished speaking and put it down. The teacup got up.

Tianchi Group was founded when Ning Guiwan’s grandfather Chi Fenqiang was alive, and now his only daughter Chi Tingshuang has passed away, and the group naturally belongs to his son-in-law Ning Honghua.

Two days later, at 9:30 in the morning, Ning Guiwan followed Ning Honghua into the conference room at night, and Ning Honghua introduced her in front of all the seniors.

“Ms. San graduated from a world-renowned university, and her ability is definitely top-notch. It’s not as good as Miss San is responsible for the bidding of infrastructure projects at the end of the month. Let us also take a look at the

talents of top students from international prestigious schools.” Ning Honghua said nothing.

UBS will also participate in the competition for this project. With the status and strength of the Quan family in Shencheng, and influence, the final result is obvious.

Originally, the success or failure of this project didn’t matter, but if Ning Guiwan was in charge, the meaning would be different.

“Since everyone can afford it, let me give it a try. If you don’t do it well, please correct me.” Ning Gui Wan Luoluo generously agreed, with clear eyes and vague innocence, just like most fledgling graduates.

When she said this, many people underneath had the mentality of watching jokes, thinking that she was just a little girl with little hair, and if she didn’t figure out the situation, she dared to take over.

Ning Honghua looked at her, but finally did not speak.

Next, Ning Guiwan has been busy with the project, with a serious and rigorous attitude. Even after hearing that UBS is bound to win this project, she is not affected in the slightest.

In the evening before the bidding meeting, she called Mrs. Quan, and then came to Quan’s old house to accompany the elderly to dinner.

“Unfortunately, you can still think of me, I thought you forgot about me!” At the dinner table, Mrs. Quan couldn’t help complaining that Ning Gui had not come back once he left at night.

Ning Guiwan smiled obediently, “Didn’t I come to see you? I’ve

been so busy these few days that I have forgotten the time. Grandma Quan won’t be angry with me, right?” “What are you busy with?” Mrs. Quan looked at. As the girl laughed at Yan Yan’s charming appearance, she softened her heart and gave her an annoying look.

“Tomorrow’s bidding for infrastructure projects.” Ning Guiwan said lightly. “This is the first project I took charge of in Tianchi. I have a lot of eyes watching. I will definitely have to work harder. But speaking of it, Uncle Yu seems right. I’m interested in this project. Tomorrow my biggest competitor is Uncle Yu.” After

Ning Guiwan’s words, the voice of the servant came from outside the restaurant: “The second master is back.”

As the voice settled, Quan Yu stood tall and straight. The figure appeared in Ning Guiwan’s sight. The man seemed to have just come down from the entertainment hall, with his neckline open, his sleeves rolled up a few times, revealing his strong forearms.

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