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003: The two shouts of Uncle Yu from the little girl are really worthwhile

There are so many men in the world, who are blessed, no matter how simple and casual they dress, they can’t conceal their innate nobleness.

Ning Guiwan looked at the dark brown peach blossom Liuli, got up and said hello with a smile: “Uncle Yu.”

Quan Yu nodded lightly, and sat down at the other end of the dining table. When the servant handed over the clean tableware, he gave orders. : “Bring a bottle of wine.” Over

there, Ning Guiwan and Mrs. Quan talked about interesting things he encountered while studying in the UK, which caused the old man to open his eyes and laugh. When he talked about the rise, he couldn’t help but laugh.

He raised his eyes inadvertently, but saw Quan Yu holding a goblet and staring at him sullenly. The man’s decanter had already dropped most of the red wine.

Ning Gui stopped later, then smiled at him with red lips.

Mrs. Quan was not in good health. She went to bed early every day. Before returning to the room, she told her son to send Ning Guiwan back. Before Ning Guiwan refused, Quan Yu nodded.

Ning Guiwan is unwilling to be difficult for others.

“It’s fine for me to go back by myself, so I don’t need to trouble Uncle Yu.” Under the light, Ning Guiwan smiled, with red lips, a style that a teenage girl would not have.

Quan Yu’s eyes were refreshing and cool. He looked at her for a moment and said, “Let’s go.” The

driver drove the car, Ning Guiwan and Quan Yu were on each side in the back seat, and the neon lights flashed past the car at night for a short while. Ying Liang Quan Yu’s eyes are as clear as the sky, which is a must.

Investigating carefully, Quan Yu used to be pretty good to her. Mrs. Quan and her grandmother were so good to wear a skirt. She was the little tail behind Quan Yu since she was a child. In the vague memories of childhood, there were mostly Quan Yu. She held the picture above her head, even if he went abroad at a young age, after going abroad for more than ten years, when he came back, he always treated her a little more kindly.

“Tomorrow’s bidding, how confident are you?” Quan Yu’s voice made Ning Guiwan withdraw from the memory. Ning Guiwan was startled, not sure if he heard what she and Grandma Quan said.

“I’m fully prepared.”

Ning Guiwan smiled lightly, “Although Tianchi Group’s ability and financial resources are inferior to Uncle Yu’s UBS Group, I will try my best.”

Quan Yu looked dull and stopped talking.

The car stopped at the gate of Ning’s villa. Ning Gui said goodbye to Quan Yu late. After getting out of the car, he bent down and waved to Quan Yu in the car. Quan Yu responded lightly.

The next day, Ning Guiwan put on makeup and went downstairs. The father and daughter downstairs were already sitting at the dining table. The atmosphere was originally harmonious and warm, but Ning Guiwan’s appearance became a little embarrassing.

At this moment, Ning Guiwan wanted to laugh inexplicably.

She is obviously Ning Honghua’s well-known daughter, and now she seems to have become a nasty intruder.

“The bidding meeting in the afternoon will begin. No matter what the result is, don’t care too much about Xiaowan, just do your best.” Ning Rongyue is like a good sister, gentle and generous.

“You are still the same as before, acting impulsively. This project doesn’t have much chance of winning. You should discuss it with your dad before making a decision.” As she said, Ning Rongyue lifted the broken hair that fell near her ear, with a delicate face. Above, the scar is very obvious.

Ning Honghua’s brows wrinkled tightly following Ning Rongyue’s movements.

Ning Guiwan’s eyes fell on Ning Honghua’s face and smiled: “Dad, what do you think?”

Ning Honghua looked at her, ” Think about it before doing things in the future.”

The deeper Ning Guiwan’s smile, the more the expression in his eyes grew. The colder it gets, “I will pay attention to it in the future.”

… The

bidding meeting started at two o’clock in the afternoon, and at half past one, Ning Gui arrived at the venue with the team at night. Most of the relevant companies in Shanghai have received invitations. The scene can be said to be A gathering of talents.

When Ning Guiwan cast his gaze toward the entrance for the fifth time, Quan Yu finally arrived late.

But it seemed to be the finale, as soon as it appeared, it took the eyes of everyone in the venue.

Ning Guiwan waited for him to take a seat in the first row, got up and said hello, “Uncle Yu, you are here.”

Quan Yu looked over in a sullen tone, hum, very lightly.

Ning Guiwan didn’t care about this indifferent attitude, and still smiled brightly, “I wish Yushu Shuma every success.”

“Yeah, isn’t this Xiaowan? When will you return home?” The person sitting next to Quan Yu was interested. Speak out.

Ning Guiwan realized that the man was a little familiar, searched in his memory, and then shouted with a smile, “Uncle.”

“Well, yes, I still remember me. I thought you were the same as when you were a child. What about Uncle.” Chi Zhengjun leaned back in his chair lazily, resting his hands behind his head.

Ning Guiwan smiled: “Why, how are my uncle and grandma’s health these days?”

Chi Zhengjun : “Well, thank you for your niece’s mind.” After

a few irrelevant conversations, Ning Gui returned to his seat late. Chi Zhengjun squinted a pair of eyes to look at the beautiful shadow of Ping Ting, half a moment, and chuckled: “I haven’t seen you in a few years, but my niece has become more and more beautiful. The title of Wutai Mountain in this beautiful match is really not a wave. In a false name, Shencheng doesn’t know how many sons and grandsons will be in her hands in the future.”

“You said your cheap eldest nephew met, would you regret his intestines?”

Quan Yu’s eyes fell on the judges gravely Xi, did not answer.

Many companies participated in this bidding meeting, but everyone knew that UBS was the protagonist, and the others were just a formality. However, the result was shocking, and UBS abstained from voting.

Knowing that UBS is determined to win, many companies have perfunctory and failed to make serious preparations. Finally, they were picked up by the Tianchi Group, which had made serious preparations.

The White Jade Palace is the most prestigious leisure and entertainment club in Shanghai.

Hearing the result of the bidding from others, Chi Zhengjun squinted his eyes to Quan Yu, with a smile but a smile: “Oh, the two shouts of Uncle Yu from the little girl are really worthwhile. They call these two voices, hundreds of millions. If you don’t dislike your business, I can also call you Uncle Yu. Would you please give me a little bit of the profitable business in your hand?”

Quan Yu Liangliang glanced at him, “Opportunities are only for those who are prepared.”

Chi Zhengjun heard this and immediately smiled like a flower: “I am always ready to take over your business. When will you give it to me?”

Just finished. , Quan Yu’s phone vibrated.

Chi Zhengjun watched him listen to the call, then got up and said “something is wrong” to the person on the table, and walked out of the box.

Ning Guiwan herself did not expect that the bidding would be so smooth. After returning home, someone proposed to give her a celebration banquet. Most of the high-level officials attended, and she had no reason to refuse.

During the banquet, she was the protagonist. She had to be toasted and toasted several high-level wines. Several of them went back and forth and drank a lot. Now she has a terrible headache. She slipped out of the bathroom under the pretext of ventilating.

Not long after sitting down, there was a’ding’ suddenly.

Follow the sound to look for it. When he saw Quan Yu leaning on the pillar to light a cigarette, Ninggui paused late. The man was wearing a black shirt and black trousers. The whole person was integrated with the night, with only a little spark on his lips, as if he had become The only light.

“Uncle Yu.” She stood up to say hello.

Quan Yu just looked over, and seemed to have just seen her. After spitting out a smoke from his side, he raised his foot and walked towards her.

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