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004: Did you fall in love with my niece who looked like a fairy that day?

“Drinking?” Seeing Ning Guiwan pinched his eyebrows, Quan Yu looked like a headache.

“Well, I drank a few glasses.” Because of Xu’s drinking, Ning Guiwan’s eyes were slightly misty, and the coquettish almost overflowed her eyes. She raised her head and smiled brightly with red lips, “I can win this time. I also want to thank Uncle Yu for the project.”

Ning Guiwan’s location has lights. She wears a black professional skirt and a white shirt in a small suit. She has white skin, black hair and black eyes. From head to toe, only black is white. The bright red lips under the tip of the nose are the only color between black and white. It opens and closes, which makes people fascinating.

“Uncle Yu is free anytime, I invite you to dinner.” Ning Guiwan tilted his head slightly, as if asking for advice, “If you don’t mind.”

Quan Yu pointed his finger at the cigarette unconsciously, and the tobacco curled up. He Watching her speak, “I will be free tomorrow night.”

Ning Guiwan didn’t expect that he promised so simply. After a short surprise, he smiled and nodded: “Then tomorrow night, but I might get off work later, Uncle Yu I have to wait for a while.” The

infrastructure project has just been handed, and there are still many things to do in the future.

Quan Yu had no objection. Ning Guiwan only treated him as acquiescence, “Then I will go back first, and see you tomorrow night.”

After speaking, she turned and left, accidentally stepped on the air when going up the steps, almost fell, and Quan Yu helped him. She gave Ning Guiwan lowered his head and chuckled, “I’m really drunk.”

“If it doesn’t work, I’ll take you home first.” After Ning Guiwan stood up, Quan Yu’s hand didn’t immediately take away from her waist. .

Ning Guiwan waved his hand and said with a smile: “No, I’m not so drunk to that extent, Uncle Yu go to work, don’t worry about me.”

Stepping up the stairs again, Ning Guiwan stepped down a lot.

The girl greeted the light, her hair was clearly outlined. Quan Yu quietly watched this stunning picture, until she disappeared, and did not look back, until the cigarette burned out and his fingers burned, and he took his time slowly. Press the cigarette butt into the floor ashtray at hand.

“Oh, are you willing to return to God?” Chi Zhengjun’s voice came from the darkness. With the voice, his figure slowly appeared in front of Quan Yu, “You said something is going on, just come here to talk to my niece. Have an appointment for dinner?”

Quan Yu lit a cigarette again and smoked twice before squinting at Chi Zhengjun with those nice eyes. “I didn’t expect the third youngest of the Chi family to have a habit of listening to people around the corner.”

“I can. It wasn’t intentional. I just felt bored in the box. I came out to breathe. Who would have thought that I would bump into the second youngest of Tangtang’s Quan Family and the helm of the No. 1 Enterprise in Shencheng. He would be here with the little girl. “

Qing Qing, I, I…

Quan Yu is here. After recollecting these four words in my heart, the corners of his mouth tick slightly, very light, fleeting.

Chi Zhengjun walked over and sat down next to him, “You tell me the truth, did you look at my niece who was like a fairy that day?”

Quan Yu spit out a smoke ring, his eyes came over, “It has something to do with you? “

Of course it matters. She called me my cousin anyway. If you play, I can’t see it. Although our family had conflicts with the second uncle’s family in the early years, the second uncle, aunt and the cousin passed away one after another. To leave such a single seedling, I have to take care of one or two.” Chi Zhengjun said, looking at Quan Yu, “If you are serious…”

He pretended to be Xuanxu, and Quan Yu ignored him, and only quietly smoked. With his own smoke.

For a long time, Chi Zhengjun snorted boringly, and then said: “Don’t say whether your old lady can accept it, just say her, you forgot about the storm four years ago? How old was she then? Eight years old, with such vicious methods, and staying away from home with a strange man at night, and the foreign atmosphere is open. It is estimated that she has countless courtiers in recent years.”

“Are you sure you want to marry such a wicked woman to be your Mistress of UBS Group?” “

Chi Zhengjun’s remarks were contradictory. He didn’t want to see his niece being teased, nor did he look down upon the niece’s unscrupulous style.

Quan Yu’s gaze was obscure, falling in the direction where Ning Guiwan disappeared. It was extremely far-reaching. After a while, he slowly said, “Ears are not.”

“Then seeing is always believing, right?” Chi Zhengjun immediately took the stubbornness. “The surveillance captured her leaving the bar with a strange man at night, and appeared at the door of Ning’s house in embarrassment the next day. How many media reporters took photos of you. If you want to read it, I still have the newspaper at that time.”

Quan Yu’s smoking action paused for a few seconds, then took a deep breath, and vomited it out for a long time. The diffused smoke blurred the pair of peach blossom glazed eyes. The deep.

“After the incident was exposed, there was a lot of noise in the media. In addition to her murder of two illegitimate daughters in the family, public opinion fermented, and she was scolded to blood.”

“At that time , it happened that your old man died of illness. , The old lady is critically ill, you are so busy that you missed this wonderful rich ethics show.”

Chi Zhengjun looked disdainfully, lit a cigarette and smoked a few times before saying: “My cousin is also the same. At that time, she died in a car accident, let alone, she really can bear the harm.”


next afternoon, Ning Guiwan woke up from a hangover and packed up and arrived at the company, just in time for the afternoon. s meeting.

“The third miss can grab the project from UBS. It’s really a tiger father without a dog girl.”

“Didn’t UBS voluntarily give up this project? Otherwise, it’s not necessarily the one who will kill you.”

“I heard that UBS Group This project is highly valued. Who knows what people used and what methods are used, it’s hard to say something about business…” The

last sentence is subtle, and many of you here know what happened four years ago.

Ning Guiwan didn’t feel embarrassed at all, smiled lightly, like an outsider.

Ning Ning Honghua towards normalization night cast over one eye, then spoke up: “No matter what means, from Hukouduoshi, is the ability, the ability to speak with the ability, not the ability to shut up.”

The word went out, it was immediately changed Turned his face.

Ning Guiwan glanced at his father unexpectedly. After the meeting, she knocked on Dong Jingban’s door.

“Dad, thank you for the matter at the meeting.”

Ning Honghua raised his eyes to look at her, with a light “um”, and then lowered his head to look at the documents at hand.

Ning Guiwan: “Then I’ll go back to work.”


Ning Guiwan walked to the door, and his father’s stern voice came from behind: “When you come back, you can live with peace of mind and don’t make trouble again.”

She turned her head and confronted Ning. Honghua’s majestic eyes were silent for a few seconds, and then suddenly laughed, his eyes were charming, red lips and white teeth, very enchanting: “I know, dad don’t worry.”

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