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005: Mistake of Greedy Cup

Ning Guiwan turned his head and met Ning Honghua’s majestic eyes. After a few seconds of silence, he suddenly laughed. His eyes were charming, with red lips and white teeth, extremely enchanting: “I know, dad, don’t worry.”

Looking back again, The smile on Ning Guiwan’s face disappeared.

stir up trouble?

Who is causing trouble?

“Xiaowan? You too.” Ning Guiwan opened the door, and Ning Rongyue outside the door was raising his hand to knock on the door, holding a blue leather folder in his arms.

After a brief accident, Ning Rongyue smiled friendly, “I have a report that needs to be signed by my dad, so I came here.”

She seemed to be very afraid that Ning Guiwan would be unhappy, and she spoke carefully with some kindness. It means, “Are you leaving now?”

Ning Guiwan quietly looked at Ning Rongyue’s face. She put on makeup, but the scar left by the burn on her left face was not covered at all, even because of the surrounding scars. The skin becomes fairer and more prominent.

Xu Ye realized Ning Guiwan’s gaze, and Ning Rongyue raised his hand to cover his left face, his eyes vaguely sad.

“The doctor said I have a scarred physique, otherwise I won’t leave such ugly scars, and those scar removal operations can’t be done, but don’t worry, my dad brought me scar removal medicine from abroad. The effect is pretty good. I will treat it. Once the scar is over, no one will say anything about you.”

“Xiao Wan, don’t take those words in the newspaper today, don’t take it to your heart, we all know you didn’t mean it, and I never blamed you.”

Yesterday’s bidding There were reporters at the venue. Ning Guiwan’s team won the bid unexpectedly. The media naturally wanted to report on it. In order to be more impressive, by the way, Ning Guiwan’s streaks of four years ago were brought up again.

“Have you blamed me?” Ning Guiwan said with a cold face. “You are so good at turning black and white. It’s clear that you splashed boiling water on your face, but you want me to bear all the accusations. What qualifications do you have to blame me? “

Ning Rongyue opened her mouth in surprise, but didn’t say a word, as if she didn’t expect Ning Gui’s party to say so.

After a long pause, Ning Rongyue turned to look at Ning Honghua, her eyes flushed, and she looked like she was forbearing grievances, “Dad, I didn’t…”

Ning Honghua didn’t look good. “I just said that afterwards. Don’t make trouble, what are you doing now?”

“When something went wrong, you haven’t said a word of apology, and Rongyue forgave you. If you are not grateful, you can say such things. It would be better to be late, you four I haven’t grown up at all, and I’m as unrepentant as before!”

Ning Honghua had disappointment in his eyes.

After Ning Gui came back late this time, her temper became calmer, and he thought she had improved.

He spoiled her before!

Ning Guiwan looked at his father’s disappointed eyes and suddenly raised a smile, very brilliant, “Dad, if one day, you see the truth…”

“Dad, don’t be angry, Xiao Wan is just too tired, she didn’t mean it. “Ning Rongyue interrupted Ning Guiwan.

Ning Honghua squeezed his eyebrows and waved his hand to signal Ning Gui to go back late.

Ning Guiwan looked at him for a moment, then turned to leave.

“Little night.” Ning Rongyue called her again, “Today is Mom’s birthday,

let’s go home to have a meal together.” “No.” Ning Guiwan curled his red lips, “Your family will be reunited. “

Back at the office, Ning Guiwan stared at the computer screen and went away.

She grew up with Ning Rongyue and Ning Qinghan as playmates.

Ning Rongyue and Ning Qinghan’s birth mother Yun Shu, father Chen Bingde, one is Ning’s nanny, the other is Ning Honghua’s driver, as far as she can remember, the family of four lives in the small building of the Ning’s villa.

Yun Shu has worked in the Ning’s family for more than 20 years. He is very careful and thoughtful. She is very fond of her mother and acts like a sister with her mother.

But in the end, the one who hurt her mother the most was the nanny who was thoughtful, careful and soft-spoken.

The nanny and the host have an affair under the eyes of the hostess, and they also raise the illegitimate girl in the house, which is a fatal blow to any woman.

Ning Guiwan remembered his mother’s heartbroken appearance, and the pain spread in his chest a little bit.

The knock on the door suddenly sounded.


Guiwan blinked his eyelashes, suppressed all his emotions, and said, “Come in.” “Manager Ning, these are materials for a meeting.” Assistant Ren Xiaofei put a document on Ning Guiwan’s desk.

“The meeting has fifteen minutes to start.”

Ning Gui nodded late, “I see.”

When I got off the conference table, the sky outside was already dark, and Ning Gui late checked the time. It was past seven o’clock.

After a brief cleaning, he rushed to the villa hotel agreed with Quan Yu.

After Ning Gui arrived late, he saw a long shadow standing on the plank road in front of the villa.

“Sorry, I’m late.” In the

deep night, Quan Yu’s tall and straight body leaned against the guardrail, and the blurred lights enveloped him. The moment he heard the sound turned his head, his thin lips slowly spit out a thick mist, and his eyes narrowed slightly. There is indescribable indifference and strangeness.

Quan Yu squeezed out the cigarette, looked down at the watch, and his voice was flat, “It’s not too late.” The

plank road was not long, and at the end was a brightly lit villa. Ning Guiwan would follow him behind him. The luxurious European-style decoration lined the man. It must be like a nobleman in the Middle Ages, with noble elegance and gentleman.

However, the so-called gentleman is just an illusion from his back.

When he turned his head, the alienation and coldness in his eyes were daunting.

Order a good meal, Quan Yu ordered the waiter to open a bottle of wine.

“Open two bottles.” Ning Gui said late.

Quan Yu looked over, his eyes were inquisitive, and Ning Guiwan raised his face with a smile: “I am happy today. I want to drink two glasses too.” After the

wine came up, Ning Guiwan made a toast to Quan Yu, “I respect you, about the project. Thank you.”

She knew that if Quan Yu wanted to fight with her, she didn’t have the ability to beat him. Whether he was pitying her or being pressured by Grandma Quan, Ning Guiwan would be grateful to him.

Ning Guiwan finished his glass of wine in one sip and poured another glass.

After a meal, she drank a bottle.

This attitude doesn’t seem like a happy thing.

“Open me another bottle.” Ning Guiwan ordered the waiter.

The waiter took a look at her drunk look, and turned his attention to Quan Yu.

Ning Guiwan slowly propped his elbows on the table, his chin rested lazily on the crossed hands, his head tilted, perhaps because of his drunkenness, his lips were like fiery red lips, and there was a stream of romance.

“I asked you to have a drink, what do you think he did?” He

showed a slightly slow tone, seeming to be accountable, but it seemed to be teasing.

The waiter listened, looked around, and saw Ning Guiwan’s seductive posture, and suddenly looked silly.

Quan Yu focused his gaze on Ning Guiwan’s charming face. For a moment, he slowly said, “Go down.” The

waiter suddenly returned to his senses and hurriedly left.

Ning Guiwan frowned, a little dissatisfied when seeing her listening to Quan Yu’s words like this.

“You are drunk, you can’t drink anymore.”

Quan Yu drew a cigarette from the cigarette case and clamped it between his fingers as he spoke.

Ning Guiwan listened to it and laughed, “What does it matter if you are drunk? Those annoying things will be forgotten, and there is nothing wrong.”

“A greedy cup is a mistake.” Quan Yu didn’t light the cigarette. He looked at Ning Guiwan and his voice was low. Indifferent: “You haven’t had enough of this loss?”

Ning Guiwan was startled, and understood what Quan Yu meant.

Back then, it was because she was drunk that she gave the bad guys an opportunity to take her away from the bar.

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