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006: Don’t you hate me anymore?

The media didn’t know where to get the news. They squatted at the door of the hotel. The next morning, when she came out of the hotel, she was surrounded by reporters’ spears and cannons. The camera caught her embarrassment and panic.

Then, the rumors about her licentious style ravaged the city like a storm, not allowing her to quibble at all.

It started to rain on the way back. Ning Guiwan looked at the night view outside the car blurred by the rain. He did not speak, nor did Quan Yu speak.

At about eleven, the car stopped outside the gate of Ning’s house.

The driver got out of the car holding an umbrella and came over to open the door for Ning Guiwan. After Ning Guiwan got off the car, he found that Quan Yu followed him.

She watched Quan Yu walk over with a black umbrella, stepping on the fallen leaves.

Under the dim street lamp, the man’s figure is tall and slender, even if muddy water splashes on his trousers, it will not detract from his semi-preciousness and calmness.

“You hold this umbrella.” Yu Yu handed her the umbrella in his hand. The driver had originally sheltered Ning from the rain at night. Seeing this, he shifted the umbrella in his hand to Quan Yu’s head with insight.

Ning Guiwan didn’t hesitate, and took it over, “Thank you.”

She drank the wine, her body was hot, and a gust of wind blew, entrained with cold rain, and it was extremely cold. She couldn’t help shrinking.

Quan Yu took off his suit and put it on her.

In the two seconds after putting on the suit, Quan Yu wrapped her arms around her, as if he was holding her into his arms, and Ning Guiwan smelled the cool fragrance of him.

The feeling of warmth cut off the coolness. She raised her beautiful

eyes and said with a smile: “It’s so warm.” The smile was obviously like a child, but there was a charm and fascinating in her eyes.

“Don’t you hate me?”

Quan Yu looked down at her delicate and bright face, her apple moved slightly, and her voice was low and thick: “When did I hate you?”

” Yes , before I go abroad.” Ning Guiwan His tone was like accusing, “You are very fierce to me, you don’t even want to say anything to me.”

Quan Yu seemed to look at her for a while, but did not answer her words, only raised his chin toward the courtyard, “Quickly go in.”

“Goodbye, Uncle Yu.” Ning Guiwan didn’t hold onto it, smiled, and turned to face. The door of the villa walked, and the security guard at the gate had opened the door for her.

When Ning Guiwan turned around, he saw that the man was still standing there, with a jade-like appearance, and an indescribable Fengshen handsome.

She waved to him, the night was thick, and the girl under the big black umbrella was beautifully dressed in fluttering dresses.

“Sir, are you going back?” The

rain crackled on the top of the umbrella, and the driver could not help but reminded him as he saw Quan Yu’s trousers getting wet.

“How far will a person change?” With one hand in his trouser pocket, Quan Yu was in a leisurely posture, his eyes were dark and distant, as if he was asking the driver or himself.

The driver was stunned, and it took a while before he understood what he meant.

“Do you also think that Miss Ning is different from before?” The driver said: “I remember that when Miss Ning was not abroad, she was enthusiastic and cheerful, and talked a lot. Every time she took my car, she always babbled. It’s a lot quieter now.”

“That’s good, you have a more stable temper, so you won’t be as impulsive as before.”

Quan Yu looked back at the driver, sneered, and his voice was extremely cold: “The world’s eyes are shallow, you can see everything Only look at the surface.”

The shallow-eyed driver: “…” When he

got in the car, the driver started the car, thinking of something, and then said: “But I think the former Miss Ning is more pleasing, every time I see her smile , I feel that I don’t have any troubles anymore.”

… It

was rather the time when Ning Guiwan stood with Quan Yu at the door for a while, and the security had passed the news of Quan Yu’s arrival into the house.

Ning Honghua had already stopped. Hearing the news, he immediately dressed and went downstairs. Quan Yu didn’t see it, only Ning Guiwan with his wet skirt.

“President Quan sent you back?” Ning Honghua cast his gaze at the suit on Ning Guiwan.

Ning Honghua is two rounds older than Quan Yu, and his qualifications in the business world are more substantial, but Quan Yu’s current net worth and status are not the ones that can catch up with his age and qualifications. People who come from the predecessors and those who follow him will also be called A voice of power.

Ning Guiwan didn’t deny it.

She put her umbrella away by the wall, standing under the porch, twisting the water on the skirt, and said: “After dinner with Uncle Yu, he took me back by the way.” She raised her head and glanced at Ning. Honghua lowered his head again: “Why is Dad still up?”

Ning Honghua looked at her red cheeks, “Did you drink?”

“Yeah.” Ning Guiwan did not look up, “Uncle Yu likes to drink, talk to him

It’s not an excitement to eat together and not drink two glasses.” “Try not to drink in the future.” Ning Honghua’s words sounded like concern.


Guiwan tidyed up the skirt before looking up at his father, blinking his eyes lightly, his eyes looked very sincere, “Are you afraid that I will cause trouble for you if I drink too much alcohol?” Ning Honghua wrinkled Raised eyebrows.


Guiwan said again: “Don’t worry, some troubles , one plant is enough.” Ning Honghua’s brows deepened, and he opened his mouth to say something, and Ning Rongyue’s voice came from behind him, “Dad, it’s so cold outside.

Xiaowan wears less, why don’t you let her come in and talk?” Ning Rongyue crossed Ning Honghua to see Ning Guiwan, and when her eyes touched the suit on Ning Guiwan’s shoulder, her smile fell slightly.

She had seen Quan Yu wear that suit.

“I just heard the servant say that Mr. Quan is here.” Ning

Rongyue looked at the gate, “Are you gone?” Ning Guiwan ignored her, only glanced at Ning Honghua, “I’m back to the room.”

This night, Ning Guiwan had a long dream, so that when he woke up the next day, not only had a headache, but was also very tired.

When he was ready to go out, the servant came in to clean the bedroom. Ning Guiwan specifically confessed: “The suit is taken care of, and I will take it back to others.” The

servant picked up the black suit and couldn’t help sighing.

What a nice girl, why don’t you noddle her face?

Ning Guiwan didn’t know what impression a suit made on her servant. When she went downstairs, she happened to meet Yun Shu coming in from outside.

Ning Honghua sat at the main table and read the newspaper. Ning Rongyue and the servant brought breakfast to the table. Ning Qinghan ran towards Yunshu quickly, hugged her neck, and said, “Mom, Don’t go to the hospital in the future. Didn’t you hire a professional nursing staff to take care of him? Will you go home and live?”

The’him’ in Ning Qinghan’s mouth was Chen Bingde.

Ning Guiwan stood on the stairs, clutching the handrails tightly with his fingers.

The picture downstairs looks like a happy family of four.

“Xiaowan.” Yun Shu took Ning Qinghan’s arm away, and Chao Ning Guiwan walked over, “I only heard yesterday that you came back. I wanted to wait for you to come back last night, but you never came back. I don’t worry. Old Chen, just go back first, you…How are you doing these years?”

Yun Shu is a gentle woman who speaks softly and always makes people feel like spring breeze. In the past, Ning Guiwan liked this aunt Yun very much. .

But now, looking at her kind face, Ning Guiwan’s eyes became a little colder.

“Daddy doesn’t care if your mother is not here, how did you say it?”

Yun Shu’s face stiffened, his eyes flushed, “I’m sorry…”

“The person you should apologize to is not me.” Ning Guiwan suppressed the feeling of turning over in his heart. “You don’t have to go to the person who should apologize. She can’t hear her. Even if she hears, she won’t forgive!”

“I’m sorry…” Yun Shu choked with tears.

Ning Rongyue glanced at Ning Honghua’s ugly face, and wanted to make a round, but before he could say anything, Ning Qinghan angrily pointed at Ning Guiwan and said, “What is your attitude? You are unscrupulous, and you did that. It hurts the heavens and reason, it’s you who dad doesn’t care for you!”


There was a heavy sound, which shocked several people.

Ning Honghua slapped the newspaper on the table, sullen, “Sit down and eat, no one is allowed to talk about it!”

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