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007: It’s time to find someone to live

Ning Honghua showed the patriarch’s momentum. Ning Qinghan didn’t dare to speak any more, but still unwillingly savage Ning Gui night, Ning Rongyue came over and pulled La Yunshu, “Mom, eat first “

Yun Shu looked at Ning Guiwan, but stopped talking.

Ning Guiwan didn’t look at her again, went down the stairs, and walked straight to the hallway.

“Xiaowan, don’t you want to eat?” Ning Rongyue said.

At this time, Ning Guiwan put on a smile again, and her long wavy hair was tied into a ponytail, still unabated of the charming charm, and she was different from the cold-hearted appearance before.

“The group will have a meeting in the morning to discuss the project. It’s too late, you can eat it.”

With a loud “bang” closing the door, Ning Rongyue looked at Ning Honghua worriedly, “Is Xiao Wan angry? Is it?”

Ning Honghua said nothing with a calm face.

The smile in Ning

Rongyue’s eyes grew a little bit more, ” Why don’t I go to the company soon and bring her some food.” Ning Honghua said coldly, “Don’t worry about her, just leave her hungry if you don’t eat. ! “

Ning eyes smile dissolved Wyatt addition of a little, eat a piece of bacon for breakfast.


Tianchi Group’s office building has 20 floors and stands in the financial center of an inch of land. Ning Rongyue and Ning Qinghan are in the company’s financial department, and Ning Guiwan is in the project department. The two departments are separated by several floors. I don’t usually meet each other.

But at noon this day, unexpectedly and unexpectedly, I met the two sisters in the staff restaurant.

Back then, many employees in the company knew about the cruel things Ning Guiwan did to the two sisters. Even if they didn’t know, they all knew about it after reading yesterday’s newspaper.

Now the three of them appear in the same frame, even if they are separated by a dozen tables, they still have a lot of eyes watching the show.

“I can’t believe that she would do such a vicious thing, and she clearly has a face like a god who is indisputable in the world.”

“Are you blind? Where is she like that? The vixen is almost the same. I heard that she

didn’t do anything wrong with this project…” “I don’t know how many men I have slept with. Her second generation ancestor is rich and rich. Yan, bold and unrestrained, the handsome guy who has slept has more salt than you guys eat.”

“Impossible, I don’t think she looks like that kind of person…”

“How impossible, haven’t you heard of it? She killed two of them back then. Miss’s child, because she fell in

love with Miss No. 2’s fiancé!” “I’m going! Really? The grudges in the rich are wonderful!”

Ning Guiwan bowed his head to dinner and turned a deaf ear to this.

However, her assistant Ren Xiaofei couldn’t listen anymore. She picked up the dinner plate and put it on the table with a loud’Bang Dang’. No two!”

Ren Xiaofei is tall, slightly fat, and has a loud voice. He is notoriously difficult in the company. It is said that he has a backstage. He was originally a special help from the project director. I don’t know which one is wrong. Please ask yourself. Become an assistant to Ning Guiwan, who has just joined the company and has a bad reputation.

As soon as her words came out, the whole restaurant fell silent. Although some people were disdainful, they didn’t want to confront her face to face, so as not to cause trouble.

Ren Xiaofei snorted coldly, and sat down, “A group of people like it!”

Before the voice was over, there was a spare rib on her plate.

Following the chopsticks that Ning Guiwan took back, Ren Xiaofei faced a pair of beautiful eyes.

“Reward you.” Ning Guiwan smiled.

Ren Xiaofei’s cheeks flew two reds, and she was a little shy.

The woman in front of her was a goblin, and she was so fascinated that a woman would be dizzy.

“I, I just can’t understand that they don’t know anything and just talk nonsense. I, I believe you, you work hard, it’s definitely not what they said!”

Ning Guiwan laughed.

Is serious work a good person?

While talking, Ning Rongyue walked over here, looking dignified and kind, “Xiaowan, Xiangrui came back from business today. This time he went out for several months. Qinghan and I are going to ask some friends to pick him up. It will be seven in the evening. Click on the White Jade Palace, and you can come too.”

She seemed to be afraid that Ning Guiwan would refuse, she immediately said: “They are all friends you know. They have been missing in a few years. Everyone misses you.”

Ning Guiwan pays attention. When Ning Qinghan looked at her warily, she paused, her red lips curled up with a charming arc, “Okay, but I may be late, and many things are waiting for me to deal with.”

Ning Rongyue was overjoyed, “Then That’s OK, we’ll wait for you.”

Ning Guiwan smiled.

Nearing to get off work, Ning Guiwan received a call from Mrs. Quan, saying that she hadn’t seen her for a few days, and after thinking about it, she asked her to go to dinner.

Ning Guiwan didn’t even think about it, so he agreed.

After get off work, he drove directly to the Quan’s mansion.

The deceased father Quan had two sons. The eldest son was born to the original wife who died early, and the second son Quan Yu was born to the old wife of Xu Xian Quan.

When Mrs. Quan married Mrs. Quan, Wei Wei was already a teenager. The two had never been close to each other and did not live in the old house. Quan Yu was often busy with socializing, and Mrs. Quan was often alone.

“Are you busy? Will I delay your business if I call you this way?” Old Madam Quan asked, but the expression in Ning Guiwan’s eyes was full of uncontrollable joy.

Ning Guiwan looked more like a grandmother than her mother, and Mrs. Quan looked at her as if she had seen an old friend.

“It’s all done, don’t delay.” When

Ning Guiwan was speaking, the mobile phone on the table rang, and she looked for it. It was Ning Rongyue’s call.

She did not answer.

Mrs. Quan saw Ning Rongyue’s name on the screen and remembered Ning Guiwan’s current situation, and asked, “How is your father treating you?”

Ning Guiwan smiled, “It’s good.”

Old Madam Quan looked at her quiet and reticent, and felt that this girl had changed a lot, she was not as cheerful and lively as she was before.

When Ning Guiwan suffered an accident that year, Mr. Quan was seriously ill. Mrs. Quan and his wife were deeply affectionate, and put all their hearts on him. After the death of the old man, the old lady was heartbroken and almost didn’t survive. How could Ning be taken into consideration? Come back late.

At that time, if she could fight for some anger, at least, she could not let this girl leave her home for so many years.

“Xiaowan, you are 22 this year, right?” Mrs. Quan was full of love, “It’s time to find someone to live.”

UBS has recently launched a project. Tonight, we will host a banquet for the heads of several related departments in the White Jade Palace. After receiving a call from the old house servant, he asked the deputy chief under his hand to entertain and come back first.

I was about to walk to the entrance of the restaurant, and when I heard the old mother trying to find someone for Ning Guiwan, the bushy eyebrows were suddenly twisted in one place.

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