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008: Is it convenient to take me?

In the restaurant.

Ning Guiwan didn’t expect the old man to mention this. After a daze, he laughed slowly, “It’s not in a hurry.”

“It’s always going to be married.” Mrs. Quan said, “No matter what your dad treats you, you It is definitely not comfortable to live. Finding a suitable person to be with is also to change your environment.”

“Your uncle Yu has a cousin, who likes to say kiss to others when he is free , I will invite her to sit at home at noon tomorrow. , You come too, if you have any requirements, please tell her.”

Ninggui heard it late, a little helpless, she knew that the old man was kind, but… “I have no plans in that aspect at the moment.” After a

pause, she added: ” It won’t happen in the next few years. Grandma Quan doesn’t have to bother for me.”

“Look at what you said, do you still want to be an old girl?” At the age of Mrs. Quan, marriage is more important than anything in her concept. Your grandmother and your mother are gone. I can’t let this matter come from your temper.”

“Mr. is back? Why don’t you go in? The old lady is having dinner with Miss Ning, and you are just coming back.” A servant came from outside the restaurant. Human voice, but before she finished speaking, Quan Yu had already walked into the restaurant.

Ning Guiwan looked over, and Quan Yu was dressed more formally today. The navy blue suit has a collar pin inserted in the collar, which is elegant and chic, perfectly emphasizing his elegant and mature style.

“Why don’t you tell me in advance when you come back?” Seeing her son, Mrs. Quan didn’t have a good face.

You know you are busy all day long, and she still has this old lady in your eyes?

“I’m not happy to come back to dine with you?” Quan Yu pulled away from the chair opposite Ning Guiwan, his eyes flicked across her face, and then fell on the old mother, “What did you just talk about?”

“I plan to let you The cousin spoke to Xiao Wan. You will come here tomorrow at noon. I will ask her to help you and pay attention. There are more than 30 people, and they should be married.”

Quan Yu took off his suit and hung it on the back of his chair. Sitting down and unbuttoning the cufflinks, he twitched the corner of his mouth when he heard the topic touching him, his expression indifferent: “It’s a matter of urgency, take it slow.”

Mrs. Quan’s eyes lit up. When she mentioned this to her son before, the other party was evasive. If you listen to this, do you agree to the matchmaking?

Thinking of this, the right to strike while the old lady quickly, “I did not force you to get married tomorrow, as long as you are willing to put thought into this place on the line, it’s a deal, tomorrow at noon you have come with little late.”

Said In the end, the old man smiled openly.

Ning Guiwan: “…”

Not long after Ning Guiwan sat with the old lady after dinner, the old lady’s body couldn’t hold up a bit.

“You send Xiaowan back.” The

old lady ordered Quan Yu.

Quan Yu did not refuse.

Last time we ate together, Ning Guiwan realized that Quan Yu’s attitude towards him was not as disgusting as before, so he did not decline.

When she returned to China this time, she had her own plan and purpose. UBS holds up half the sky in the business community of Shanghai, and it is only good for her to interact with Quanyu.

Ning Guiwan saw the reflection of Quan Yu’s side face from the car window, with a straight nose and a shaped jaw. Such a man, even if he has no power, is a sweet potato.

“There is a reception tomorrow night. Some old friends in the circle will come over. Are you interested?”

Quan Yu suddenly said, and his deep gaze turned at the same time. Ning Guiwan turned his head to the side. Quan Yu couldn’t see clearly that her gaze was focused on. Wherever, she still felt like she was caught peeking at him.

Stabilizing her mind, she turned her head to look at Xiang Quanyu, “Take me, is it convenient?”

She did not refuse.

The old friends that Quan Yu said are definitely important people in the business district.

Quan Yu smiled, very lightly, “It’s nothing inconvenient.” The

black Cullinan slowly stopped at the door of Ning’s house.

“Uncle Yu wait for me.” After

Ning Guiwan finished speaking, she pushed the door and got out of the car and ran into the villa. After a while, she ran out with a delicate pocket and a black umbrella.

The girl wore a slim professional attire with long curly hair and a cape. The running scene seemed to be an extremely beautiful slow motion. From a distance, little by little, she broke into the depths of Quan Yu’s eyes.

“The suit is clean.”

Ning Guiwan bent down and handed his pocket and umbrella into the back seat. Because he ran too fast, he breathed a little bit quickly, and his white cheeks were glowing red like a morning glow, adding water to the charm.

Quan Yu glanced at her and reached out to open the door on the other side.

After getting out of the car, he walked to Ning Guiwan’s side.

He was a head higher than Ning Guiwan. Ning Guiwan raised his face and blinked his beautiful eyes. “Uncle Yu has something to say?”

Quan Yu stared at her for a while, then slowly put his right hand into his trouser pocket, “Tomorrow noon I’ll pick you up at your company.”

Ning Guiwan’s eyes were puzzled.

“The old lady asked you to eat, forget it so soon?” Quan Yu turned against the light, his facial features looked particularly profound.

Ning Guiwan folded her hands in front of him and smiled, “That’s troublesome.”

Watching Cullinan drift away, the smile on Ning Guiwan’s face gradually disappeared.

After it rained a few days ago, the weather has been bad, always gloomy, and the temperature is exceptionally cold. Ning Guiwan slowly raised his hands and hugged his arms and stood in the night breeze for a while.

Ning Honghua and the two sisters hadn’t come back yet, so Ning Gui went back to the room to take a shower at night before turning on the phone that she had turned off.

In addition to a few missed calls from Ning Rongyue, there is also a text message from an unfamiliar number: Xiaowan, I heard that you are back, how are you?

Ning Guiwan was wondering who it was, and that number sent another one: I’m Ziyan.

Zhang Ziyan, her classmate and friend from elementary school to high school, is now a famous actress in the entertainment industry.

Ning Guiwan didn’t have the joy of getting in touch with his friends again. After reading it, he left his phone aside and turned on the computer to check his mailbox.

Click on an email signed by Winston Churchill, which contains several photos of the little girl, two or three years old, a typical product of a combination of Chinese and Western, with brown hair and big eyes, snow-white skin, as beautiful as a doll.

There is only one sentence in English under the photo: Ella missed you.

Ning Guiwan looked at the child, smiled softly, her eyes were clear and clean, and there was no trace of romance. She tapped on the keyboard with her ten fingers, and she replied: I miss Ella too.

Click send, there is a knock at the door.

Ning Guiwan closed his hand and opened the door, with Ning Rongyue standing at the door.

“Why didn’t you go to the White Jade Palace?” Although Ning Rongyue smiled dignified and kind, her eyes and tone were a bit aggressive.

Obviously, Ning Guiwan’s missed appointment made her very unhappy.

Ning Guiwan was leaning against the door frame, the red nightdress on her body was very close to the body, and her exquisite appearance was unspeakable charm.

She laughed wanton, her eyes turned enchantingly: “I am not the protagonist. It doesn’t matter if I go or not, what do you think?”

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