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009: The man pushed her into the abyss

Ning Guiwan folded her arms around her chest, put her hands on her arms casually, her fingers were slender and pierced, and she looked at her face again, she was still delicate and delicate.

Ning Rongyue suddenly felt a little pain in the scar on his left cheek.

Back then, she had never expected it to be so serious. The bumps and reddened scars completely ruined her face.

A vicious look appeared in Ning Rongyue’s eyes, and he soon hid him, with a misunderstood grievance in his expression, “I see you have been in the UK for so many years, and you have been unfamiliar with friends. I want you to get in touch with them. You weren’t very much in the past. Do you like to hang out with friends?”

She said, she seemed to realize something, and then said: “You haven’t let go of Xiangrui and Qinghan, have you?”

“In fact, Xiangru also feels sorry for you, tonight He also asked me about your news, and wanted to apologize to you face to face.”

Ning Guiwan listened with a smile, showing great patience.

Ning Rongyue looked at her with such a gentle attitude, and her brows wrinkled. Four years ago, it was revealed that she and Ning Qinghan were the illegitimate daughter of Ning Honghua, and Ning Guiwan had trouble with Ning Honghua for this. She was very fierce, and every time she saw her and Ning Qinghan, she would get angry.

Therefore, Ning Qinghan and Ning Rongyue had accidents one after another, and all the evidence pointed to when Ning Gui late, no one doubted.

Because how much Ning Guiwan hates Ning Rongyue and Ning Qinghan, it is not impossible that everyone sees it, and is angrily impulsive to do something out of the ordinary.

But now, Ning Rongyue was a little unpredictable for the girl who was several years younger than herself.

After a moment of silence, she said again: “That incident can’t be completely blamed on Qinghan. You have been with Xiangru for so long, and he has always refused to disclose his relationship with you. Maybe… his feelings for you are not what you think. “

Xiaowan, we are sisters. I really hope that we can get along like normal sisters. There is no need to hurt the sisters’ peace because of a man who has never loved you.”

Ning Guiwan lowered his long eyelashes and looked lazy. lazy.

After Ning Rongyue finished speaking, Ning Guiwan gave a response after the delay, and his eyebrows were twisted deeper.


Ning Guiwan was weak and exhausted, “Huh?” It

seemed that he hadn’t heard what Qing Rongyue said.

Ning Rongyue: “…” After gritting her teeth and talking with her for a long time, it became a buzzword for others.


“Sister!” Ning Qinghan went upstairs and saw her sister and Ning Guiwan standing in the same place and talking. She felt uncomfortable, especially when she saw Ning Guiwan leaning there like a fairy.

Who would show it to those who are still scratching their heads at night!

“Sister, stay away from her, she dared to splash you boiling water to ruin your face, maybe what vicious things could be done!” Ning Qinghan rushed over and dragged Ning Rongyue away.

“Slow down…” Ning Rongyue looked at her sister helplessly, “Where are you? You will leave after delivery?”

“Well, he said that he will take me to the reception tomorrow, sister, accompany me to choose an article tomorrow morning. Dress it up.” Ning Qinghan’s tone was very happy, probably speaking of his beloved man, with his eyes shining.

Ning Rongyue turned around, wanting to take a look at Ning Guiwan’s face.

As a result, I only saw the moment when Ning Guiwan’s bedroom door was closed.

Ning Rongyue’s footsteps paused slightly, and a deep smile appeared at the corner of her mouth.

Ning Guiwan leaned his back against the door, looked up at the dark window, clearly felt a pain in his chest, slowly spreading to his limbs.

For some things, time can’t smooth it.

When she loved the deepest and strongest, that person betrayed her, and when she was most helpless, he pushed her into the abyss.

That person’s words of shamelessness are better than others’ insults.

This night, Ning Guiwan suffered from insomnia.

When the meeting was held the next day, she seemed a little ill-spirited, and finally managed to end the meeting, so she went directly to ask for a long time off.

Even if the reputation is not good, it is easy to take a leave of absence as the chairman of the board.

“I’ll drive you. It’s just a lunch break, and it’s okay.” Ren Xiaofei saw that Ning Guiwan was not in the state, so she was worried that she would drive by herself.

Ning Guiwan didn’t want to bother her, but was looking for a reason to refuse, and the phone rang on the desk.

It is the number of power.

Then I remembered that I was going to have lunch with Mrs. Quan at noon. After answering the phone, she told the truth that someone came to pick her up. She took her handbag and went downstairs to the door of the company.

Still the familiar Cullinan.

In a rich city like Shencheng, Cullinan, which has nearly 10 million people, is not an eye-catching luxury car. What is eye-catching is the power of waiting by the car.

Who is Quan Yu?

Anyone who knows a little about the Shanghai Rich List knows that he has been at the top of the list for five consecutive years and is the youngest person on the Rich List.

Not far behind Cullinan, there was another black car parked. A man in a black T-shirt stood at all four doors of the car. The four seemed casual, but their eyes were like eagles.

Ning Guiwan went straight to the Cullinan, “Why did Uncle Yu come here in person?”

“Song the way.” Quan Yu noticed that Ning Guiwan was faintly black right now, and asked, “Did you have a good rest?”

Ning Guiwan asked. He smiled and said, “I have insomnia.” The

car started slowly, followed by the low-key black car behind.

The road is a bit blocked.

Quan Yu looked at the car in front of him, and said to Ning Guiwan with his head sideways: “It will take a while to get there. If you are tired, take a rest.”

Ning Guiwan was indeed a little sleepy and was not polite. He said, “Call me when it arrives.” He leaned on the back of the chair and closed his eyes.

The seat was snowy white, and Ning Guiwan’s curly hair was slightly spread out, the seaweed was thick, and Quan Yu seemed boring, pick a strand around his index finger, loosen the thumb slightly, and the strand of hair immediately scattered from his finger.

The driver Ren Yong had no intention of seeing this scene from the rearview mirror, and he was shocked to drop his chin, even more surprised than he was hit by five million.

I don’t know how, I always feel that his husband is molesting the little girl.

Because of this distraction, the distance from the vehicle in front was not well controlled. The vehicle in front stopped and was about to collide, so Ren Yong hurried to the emergency brake.

Inertia took Ning Guiwan and planted forward, and she woke up all of a sudden.

Was in Quan Yu’s arms when he woke up.

The man’s arm caught her in time, and her face was pressed against the man’s chest. Hearing the strong heartbeat there, he raised his eyes and Quan Yu was looking down at her. For a moment, his eyes met.

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