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010: Can’t find a twenty-two?

Quan Yu’s eyes were dull and unclear, his thin lips were pursed, there was no emotion on his face, and he looked unusually indifferent, but his arms around Ning Guiwan were tightly closed.

Maybe it was because the two of them were too close, or the man’s eyes were too direct, and the atmosphere became a little ambiguous. Ning Guiwan suddenly felt his heartbeat missed a beat, not knowing why.

“Uncle Yu…”

She looked down, avoiding Quan Yu’s gaze, moved uncomfortably, and remembered.

Quan Yu took advantage of the trend and let go of his arms, and Ning Gui later sat down, straightened his hair, turned his eyes to look at the man beside him, and saw that his expression remained the same, as if the abnormality just now was just her illusion.

Quan Yu’s cousin is called Wei Chaolian, a rich old lady who is over sixty years old. After her children get married, she becomes more leisurely. For the purpose of passing the time, she has a red thread for others, and she is still holding her. Addiction, nowadays in the upper class of Shanghai, which daughter is waiting to be married, what kind of appearance, which son is waiting to marry, and what kind of temperament, she does not say 100% clear, that is also inseparable.

Ning Guiwan had seen her several times before, but she was not familiar with her. Mrs. Quan introduced the two to each other. Wei Chaolian squinted her eyes and looked at Ning Guiwan carefully. After that, she was

full of praise, “This small look looks really beautiful.”

Mrs. Quan smiled after hearing it, “That’s natural, you have to be careful and pick the ones to send to me.”

“This is necessary. “Wei Chaolian went to see Quan Yu again, “You have figured it out, don’t you know, the girl who asked me to tell you kiss broke the threshold of my house, you have to pay me!”

Quan Yu entered the door. After unwrapping the cufflinks, the sleeves were rolled up randomly. When he reached for the cup on the coffee table, the sleeves were lifted up again, revealing the male arms with clear and smooth muscle lines.

Hearing that, he smiled, “My auntie has a lot of money, and I’m afraid I can’t change the threshold?”

Wei Chaolian smiled, “No matter how hard my family is, I can’t withstand such a threshold. You, you should be married long ago. , So I stopped thinking of the girl outside.”

“Tell me, what do you want?”

Quan Yu looked at her, his eyes focused, a little oppressive, “What kind of fit does

Cousin think ?” Wei Chaolian was a little uncomfortable by him, felt that there was something in the nephew’s words, and couldn’t figure out what he wanted to express, thinking After thinking about it, he said: “You are 32 this year, right?”

“At your age, it is more appropriate to find a 27 or 8 person . I am definitely looking for a good look for you. As for the family background… how many are there in Shencheng? Can people be better than you? I think it’s almost fine.”

Quan Yu took a sip of tea slowly, and when he put down the teacup, he said: “Too old.”

Wei Chaolian was stunned for a while before he realized it, and couldn’t help it. If you want to roll your eyes, twenty-seven-eight is too old, you are young!

But he said: “Why don’t you find a twenty-five-six?”

Quan Yu slowly shook his head.

“Twenty-three and four?”

Still shook his head.

Wei Chaolian thinks that this nephew didn’t want to look for a partner at all. It is estimated that the old lady in the family was forced to deal with the errands and agreed to it.

“I can’t find a twenty-two-two? It’s a ten-year-old difference. It’s not appropriate.” The three-year-old generation gap, which has three generation gaps, is not on the same level of thinking. Can you get along?

Quan Yu’s gaze swept across Ning Guiwan’s face faintly, and his tone was calm and calm, “Nothing inappropriate.”

Seeing that he was real, Wei Chaolian immediately thought of a candidate, Chao Ning Guiwan cast a glance, and immediately denied it. , This is really inappropriate, separated by generation.

“Let’s do it, wait for my good news.”

Ning Guiwan originally asked for leave to rest, and forced her to accompany Wei Chaolian to finish lunch. As soon as she left, she said to Mrs. Quan and went to the room to rest.

I slept awkwardly this time.

In the end, she was awakened by the phone ringing. She picked up the phone in a daze and saw a bunch of unfamiliar numbers. She picked it up: “Hello?” The

voice was dimly drowsy.

There was no sound.

Ning Guiwan was dizzy, and about to fall asleep again, a magnetic male voice came from the receiver: “Xiaowan.” In the

next second, Ning Guiwan woke up.

She sat up and was silent for a while, moved her hips back, leaned her back to the head of the bed, slowly relaxed her body, and then spoke in a distant and casual voice: “Something?” The

other party was silent for another moment.

Ning Guiwan’s tone was impatient, “Just hang up if there is nothing to do.”

After speaking, she cut off the call directly.

After a beep in her ear, she fell silent, but she did not remove the phone from her ear for a long time, she was in a daze, and she didn’t know what to think.

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