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Divorce (1-5)

001 Divorce (1)

Hanging up the phone, Xia Wanqing’s face was pale, she hadn’t moved for a long time, her mind was filled with a message, Raschel is back!

“Sister Xia, are you okay, the time is up, Director Gao is waiting outside!”

The staff member Xiao Guo looked at Xia Wanqing sitting in a daze on the office chair, caring and urging them to find out what would make their smart and capable female chiefs sit there so desperately.

“I’m not feeling well, so I won’t go to dinner at night!”

There was a dinner tonight. The director said hello in the afternoon. This was invited by director Gao’s classmates. Naturally, he wanted to sell his face, but apart from asking director Gao, the drunk man’s intention was to be late, because it belongs to Mayor Xia. daughter!

Compared with the director, Xia Wanqing is also a Buddha, not only because of her father’s status and background, but more importantly, she has a good job and a strong wrist. More importantly, Xia Wanqing’s husband, Mo Lingtian, is also a business man. A big Buddha on the field.

Therefore, if Xia Wanqing can’t justify this meal, it’s really impossible to justify.

“Xia Xia, this meal is to give me a face. If you don’t eat it, you have to go and sit down!”

In a moment, Director Gao came over, although his voice was quiet, his face was not very good-looking, isn’t this a temporary army of him!

“I really~”

There was a rare awkwardness on Xia Wanqing’s face, but the director stopped her again.

“Sit down for a few minutes, just find an excuse to leave!”

After speaking, Director Gao turned and left, but Xia Wanqing held the mouse’s hand, unconsciously tightened, and went. Since Raschel is back, there will always be a day of meeting.

“Oh, Eternal Life Club!”

In the same car, in addition to Director Gao, there is also a deputy section chief. At this moment, it is the deputy section chief who is looking at the good-quality restaurant in front of him. A message, it’s been two months since Raschel came back! “Xiaoxia, get out of the car!”

Director Gao was a little angry at Wan Qing’s apparent absence, when Xia Wanqing was so unaware of advances and retreats.


Wan Qing saw that the Secretary’s face was not very good, and only then realized that she was absent, slightly apologetic on her face, and quickly got out of the car.

“Just sit down, it’s really uncomfortable, you go back!”

Seeing that Wan Qing didn’t mean to offend and really worry, Director Gao didn’t care too much.


Wan Qing’s concise and concise words made the deputy section chief a little dissatisfied. When she was about to say something, she saw a middle-aged man about the age of the director at the entrance of the club, leading a group of subordinates with smiles on their faces.

“Oh, Lao Gao, you are here to look forward to you, welcome to come and check!”

“Miss Xia, a good meeting, a good meeting!”

Wan Qing had seen such a smiling face a lot, but she slightly twitched the corners of her lips, but she felt a little bit cold.

“Please come in!”

But Wan Qing’s coldness was not enough to be cold, and Jiang Wenyue, the director of the Yongsheng Club, had passed by with a smile on his face and led a group of people inside.

“It’s an honor to invite all the leaders to supervise. If there are any dissatisfactions, even if you raise them, we will make improvements!”

This is a grand-sounding remark, don’t have deep meaning, but everyone is sensible, and it doesn’t need to be too straightforward.

“It’s a coincidence. Today there is a rare guest who also came to join us. Don’t be surprised if you will see you at that time!”

It can be seen that Jiang Wenyue is refreshed on happy occasions today, but when he said this, he gave Wan Qing a meaningful look.

Xia Wanqing was stared at by this one, and suddenly realized that her face was tight, could it be that he also invited Mo Lingtian?

At the thought of facing Mo Lingtian, Wan Qing’s face became even more stiff, and immediately wanted to twist and leave, but it was still a step too late!

“Mr. Jiang’s wind is not normal, and I will follow suit!”

The familiar voice has blocked the way of retreat, Wan Qing turned around, and the whole person was shocked like thunder.

002 divorce (two)

To Xia Wanqing, Mo Lingtian’s voice is like a icy rain engraved in her life. He listened a lot. There has never been a warm time, but there is no such moment, chilly, passing through the intestines. She was almost immediately sluggish. “This~”

Not only was Jiang Wenyue’s face embarrassed, but also Director Gao and Yigan’s subordinates were stunned. They unconsciously turned their eyes to Xia Wanqing, only to see that Wan Qing’s face was already as white as paper, but the whole face was still trying to keep calm.

“Wan Qing, I didn’t expect us to meet here!”

This voice, this face, this smile disappeared for three years, and it appeared like a nightmare at this moment.

Laixue smiled and groaned, gentle and elegant, she didn’t have the consciousness of Xiaosan writing on her forehead at all, on the contrary, she was even more confident than her main room.

What she relied on was nothing but Mo Lingtian’s love, and she relied on the love of this man who was her husband. Wan Qing’s gaze fell straight on Mo Lingtian’s face.

This handsome face, the smile that reversed all sentient beings at the time, bewildered all her ambitions, now it is as hideous as a devil.

If their marriage in the past three years is a prison of the devil, then this meeting before them is the devil’s ruling, enough to put Wan Qing to death.

Okay, very good. She lost for three years. She has to admit that when she saw Laxue’s Qianqianyu hand resting on Mo Lingtian’s arm, her heart was completely shattered, and she couldn’t heal it anymore. .

On the wedding night, he said: Xia Wanqing your love is too self-righteous, I will never fall in love with you in this life!

She believed it at this moment.

The five bodies of the letter fell to the ground, the letter’s heart-piercing.

I have never cried in front of him, but at this moment my heart hurts and despair is beyond me.

“Mo Lingtian, is this the meeting gift you gave?”

This was said to Raschel, but she looked straight at Mo Lingtian, exhausted all her strength, and when she opened her mouth, her heart was ripped in pain, and she even suffered from breathing, but she was unwilling. Let yourself be embarrassed.

She Xia Wanqing loves face and is too stubborn, thinking that he will always turn around after losing his life, thinking that if he insists on not divorcing, he can get back to life.

But she was so wrong, how stubborn she was, how cruel he was.

When she was extremely angry, she trembled for the first time, and the water vapor in her eyes could not be restrained, and her eyes were already tearful!

Yes, there is no retreat, Mo Lingtian is absolutely absolutely nothing.

This might not be a good thing, but he helped her to make it happen.

That handsome face that had been indifferent for three years, and the handsomeness that made countless celebrities in this city dumped, is dazzling at this moment!

“Sister Xia~”

While Xiao Guo yelled with some worry, Director Gao also regretted letting Wan Qing come, and Jiang Wenyue was even more at a loss.

“Xia Wanqing, if you have anything, I’ll talk about it later!”

For the first time in Mo Lingtian’s eyes, there was astonishment other than indifference and ridicule, and his words made people want to laugh even more. Is it possible that she is the one who is making trouble out of nowhere?

“Mo Lingtian, we are over!”

She raised her head high and looked as graceful as a queen in front of everyone, even if her heart was bloody, she was unwilling to expose herself to half of her fragility.

More like a general who stood up in the flames of gunpowder, her face was desolate with endless writing.

Yes, for this three-year marriage, such a memorial to the desolation.

003 Divorce (3)

“Oh, Sister Xia~” Xiao Guo chased after her worried voice!

“Ling Tian, I didn’t expect this to happen!” Lyxue’s voice was heard in her ears, like a sharp blade!

Wan Qing walked quickly, as if there was a torrent of monsters behind him, out of the gate of the clubhouse, the setting sun had not yet gone, the sky was ignited with a touch of sunset, and the streets of the city were rare and brilliant, just like this ruined marriage. There was a scream, brilliant, enchanting like an illusion, and it was finally over. “Hey, Sister Xia, where are you going, I will see you off!”

Xiao Guo especially followed because of Director Gao’s instructions, but Wan Qing didn’t seem to hear what he said. Instead, she continued to walk, walking fast. It seemed that she had exhausted all her strength and walked faster, and the pain in her heart could be shaken away. general.

The tears that had just been held in the eyes, I don’t know when they have already slipped down, until I reached out and wiped it, it was soaked, and I found that the sadness was to the extreme.

Mo Lingtian, a bad man like you, who obviously doesn’t love him, still marries her to the house and treats her indifferently. Is she blind or obsessed with her, persisting for three years.

Not worth it, not worth it, Wan Qing smiled so gloomily for the first time.

“Sister Xia! Don’t you scare me?”

Even though Xiao Guo was a man, he could only catch up with Wan Qing by jogging, and seeing the tears on Wan Qing’s face again, he had never seen her feel so sad before, and couldn’t help but become anxious and worried.

“If you think I’m embarrassed, stand and don’t follow!”

Wan Qing cast an annoyed look at Xiao Guo. His eyes were almost cannibalistic, with a terrifying light, brilliant beauty, just like blooming flowers, body, temperament, which is not good, that Mo Lingtian was really blind.

But for a strong woman like Xia Wanqing, maybe a man prefers Laxue’s gentleness!

Xiao Guo’s mind unconsciously contrasted, and this look also betrayed his mind.

It happened to sting Wan Qing’s heart. Yes, in front of this love, she was too optimistic, too blind, and too self-righteous, thinking that it would kill two birds with one stone, thinking that it could serve many people, but nothing! Only in exchange for a humiliation.

Why didn’t she notice that the person Mo Lingtian had long liked was Raschel, not herself!

She is so stupid, the stupidest woman in the world!

Stupid and rough, neither gentle nor delicate!

“Don’t follow me, I look annoying!”

Because of the look in Xiao Guo’s eyes, Wan Qing didn’t like anyone else. Xiao Guo was roared by her Hedong lion, and she just stood there without moving.

It is terrible for women to be fierce, especially if they are broken in love, no, it is even more terrible for women who are breaking up in a divorce!

Xiao Guo touched his nose and stood still innocently.

Wan Qing stepped on her long legs again and walked faster. The pain was so strong that she couldn’t hold back her, and her breath hurts.

At night, the bar street seems to be specially prepared for those who are heartbroken. The fascinating lights can cover up all the sadness and pain.

Wan Qing thought about it for herself, and she took out her mobile phone to make a call to her best friend.

But when I turned on the phone and saw a text message with an unfamiliar number, Wan Qing threw the phone aside, and no one knew it was hit.

I’m sorry, Wan Qing, Ling Tian said that he is the only one in his heart, and I already have his child, please fulfill us!

Heh, heh, Wan Qing laughed intermittently, and his heartbreak was so broken, and the man who was hit by her mobile phone frowned Xiu Ting’s eyebrows.

004 Divorce (four)

Heh, heh, Laysue, you are so good. When you brought Mo Lingtian to me again and again three years ago, why didn’t you say that you loved her? When your brother expressed his love to you three years ago, why didn’t you? Say your heart belongs? Laixue, when Wan Qing reprinted the name in her mind, she felt terrible for her girlfriend for the first time.

Are you deliberately fulfilling, or are you deliberately taking revenge?

Why didn’t you find that you were so scheming before?

And Mo Lingtian prefers to fall in love with such a scheming you, it’s just right, a ruthless, gentle city.

She is not suitable for this game at all. She Xia Wanqing is the saddest and most ridiculous person. She actually mustered up her courage to put her youth on her mind, and she thought she wanted to spend her life in exchange for Mo Lingtian’s love!

Woo, I still cried out uncomfortably, pain, regret, or having to give up the uncomfortable feeling of this relationship, it is no longer clear, Wan Qing cried extremely freely, tears were in an uproar, and she had already disregarded her image.

However, even though she disregarded her image, she still showed a beautiful face in the light.

“This lady, what is sad about it? I leave you tears on my shoulders!”

The frivolous male voice disturbed Wan Qing’s crying. She raised her eyebrows slightly, and saw a gentle but very expensive man, that smile, confidently gritted her teeth.

“Go away.”

Although Wan Qing has a strong personality, she hasn’t yelled at anyone like this, especially using the word “rolling”.

However, the man in front of him obviously had a face that could climb the wall of the Great Wall, and he added a more interesting sentence:

“Which man made you so sad, come, let my brother comfort him!”

After speaking, she was about to sit down. When Wan Qing saw it, she exhausted all her strength, and when she stood up, she poured a glass of wine over, relied on the spirit of wine and heartache, she snorted coldly:

“I won’t get hurt by one man and hide in the arms of another man and cry, even though you have bad intentions!”

After speaking, he turned around and left proudly, the kind of princess who looked like a proud princess, the man wanted to chase him, and saw that Xiao Guo who was waiting at the door had come out, so he had to give up.

“Really, the faceless and skinless!”

A clear voice appeared so clear in a slightly noisy environment, even if there is a melodious nocturne in the original place, it still can’t cover up the coldness of this teasing!

“Hey, very interesting little girl, if she didn’t hit you, I would really not pay attention!”

The man who was teased, touched his nose, sat down indifferently, and looked at the man on the sofa. His slender legs overlapped naturally, and the whole person was still struggling in the fascinating light. The coldness and cleanness like breaking the sky, the elegance that no one can match! Wan Qing, a very poetic name, but the momentum of crying just now was definitely full of moisture, not full of poetry.

“Sister Xia, are you okay?”

Xiao Guo supported Xia Wanqing and asked nervously as she watched her unsteady steps.

“It’s okay~ can’t die~ you go back, go back!”

Wan Qing waved her small hand, her voice was hoarse, she no longer had as many tears as she had before, closed the door with a touch, and gave Xiao Guo no more room to care.

The light was not turned on, and the room was dark, but I was not afraid at all. It was as if the whole world was left with me. What was there to be afraid of.

Wan Qing’s body weakly leaned against the door, slid down a little bit, and gradually squatted down by the door, like a stray cat, lonely and desolately admitting his fate!

005 Divorce (5)

There is an idiom that says so well that it can’t be called Huang He not give up.

Now Xia Wanqing gave up her heart.

There is an idiom that is also good, calling a car to the front of the mountain must have a way.

Now Xia Wanqing no longer believes in the damn road, since it is a mountain, how can there be a road!

At twelve o’clock in the night, she turned on the light, and the whole room was quiet and weird.

People say that when she is drunk, she feels comfortable when she is drunk, but why she is not drunk, except that she feels weak in her legs, except that she feels weak in her hands, but her head is very clear.

Anything that is a lie is a lie.

However, Wan Qing was like a cat making a joke. She shook her head and didn’t deceive others. Her heart didn’t seem to hurt so much, she was a little numb, and it didn’t hurt as soon as she breathed.

I turned on the rear projection TV, let the music in the room, turned on the kitchen lights, and pushed all the tableware into the sink, letting them shatter, just like her heart, broken to pieces. .

The carvings on the wall were torn off, all the beautiful lanterns were scattered, the spider plant in front of the window was thrown directly downstairs, and then all the clothes in the closet were torn down and thrown on the ground.

Finally, I opened the drawer and found the bright red marriage certificate, staring numbly for a long time.

Haha, Wan Qing couldn’t help but laughed hysterically, smiling fragilely, laughing embarrassedly, and bursting into tears.

She raised her head in a serious manner, and vowed to say: marrying me a lot of benefits, to ensure that your business is prosperous, I have Wang Fu life!

She said in a threatening tone: What’s wrong with me, I look like a dinosaur, and my body is not good enough?

She sighed and said: In this life, you will always fall in love with me that day!

But, hehe, but, she lost, she has no strength to gamble for a lifetime.

And Mo Lingtian didn’t let her fall in love with the capital for a lifetime, he had actually engaged her and Laixue on his back.


My heart ached sharply again, and Wan Qing simply threw herself directly on the bed, tears streaming down her face, scratching the red booklet.


Rao was so aching heart. Under the hypnosis of alcohol, Wan Qing closed her red and swollen eyes. She didn’t know when she fell asleep, and she slept so deeply that no one came in the room.

The phone didn’t ring at daybreak, but the biological clock rang. When Wan Qing opened her eyes, she felt that when she had moved all her body onto the bed, and the slippers on her feet were probably kicked off by herself, but she was a stable pair. By the bed.

Wan Qing looked around, her headache was splitting, and then she got up, a little shaky, and the time on the wall clock pointed to ten o’clock in the morning. She was surprised.

Is it because the headlines of the newspaper have been published that the dignified mayor’s daughter’s marriage is broken, and the junior is pregnant after entering the room?

I couldn’t help but shudder, all of this suddenly thought of it, and my whole body was cold.

Before I got downstairs, I heard a sharp ringing tone. Who is calling at this time? Why doesn’t her cell phone ring?

What about cell phones? Wan Qing couldn’t help thinking about where the phone went, as if she had thrown it away.

“Wan Qing, I’m mom, what happened to you and Mo Lingtian in the newspaper? Why did a man answer your call?”

Ge Mei Qiao’s voice on the other side of the phone was full of questions, with an anger that hates iron and steel, he put the phone line on, and sent it over.

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