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Divorce (11-15)

011 Divorce (11)

Wan Qing frowned, but did not flinch. After all, she herself was curious about how the phone could be in the hands of such a man? Did she throw it at him?

Fearless of those people’s gazes, Wan Qing still straightened her spine and walked in the direction where the strange man had left.

Seeing that he stretched out his long arm to open the door, a light shone on his face, like a god, that kind of posture, natural elegance and nobility.

Wan Qing looked at the door he opened, and did not decide to walk in.

The man turned his head, seeing her like this, his eyes flashed clearly, a slight curve of the corner of his lips, he walked into the VIP member room, walked to the portable travel bag shelved on the balcony, opened the zipper, and then took out the phone!

Wan Qing thought he would walk out and give the phone to herself.

But when the man raised his eyes, he glanced at the movement at the main entrance downstairs outside, then looked back at Wan Qing again, and said in a confident tone:

“I think you are not wise to leave at this time!”

The corners of his lips were slightly tightened, and his face became more serious. Wan Qing was drawn by his eyes, and when he heard what he said, he became curious and raised his leg and walked in.

The photographers downstairs holding the camera and abusing the film, as well as the reporter holding the microphone, seem to have already seen blood flies, and they can’t wait to rush in immediately, spying on every gossip that excites them.

Wan Qing took a deep breath and can imagine that if she just went out like this, how the media would add some extra glamour to the description. At that time, she beat the mistress violently and was slapped by her husband. It is estimated that the image of sitting more realistically.

Raschel, is she slandering her and then completely discrediting her?

“I don’t think she intends to rush to kill her, it’s just that you encountered it by accident!”

The corners of Qiao Shao’s lips evoked a faint ridicule, which seemed to be mocking Lysche’s tricks, and also seemed to mock Wan Qing’s bad luck.

If it wasn’t intentional to kill them all, would it be to deliberately report on the close relationship between Laxue and Mo Lingtian?

Knowing that the pain in her heart would be too much and could not be tolerated because of this, is this Raschel’s way of fending off the enemy?

Thinking of this, Wan Qing couldn’t help clenching her fists, and the resentment in her heart overwhelmed the humiliation. I really wished that she did her best to push her down.

Lexue, I regard you as a friend and a confidant, but you regard me as an idiot and a fool!

Three years ago, when Mo Lingtian accused her of driving away Lyxue in a cold tone, he should understand how insidious and terrifying she was.

Wan Qing took a deep breath, and the oppressive pain in her chest made her feel extremely stupid.

“Your family seems to have called you a lot!”

Qiao Shao’s reminder caused Wan Qing’s attention to divert slightly. He looked at the phone, and it was already turned off. It must have been knocked off by someone.

Wan Qing pursed her lips, did not speak, holding her mobile phone, feeling a little at a loss.

“Thank you!”

Even if she was embarrassed, she would not seek comfort from a strange man. After she finished speaking, she was about to leave the private room, but he heard him ponderingly suggest:

“If you can believe it, come with me!”

After speaking, he had already walked away with his long legs, and left the room one step before her.

If there is no if, he is a pioneer, and it seems that there is really a bright road waiting for him, and Wan Qing followed in a ghostly manner.

012 Divorce (12)

This is the back door of the venue here, along the passage of the corridor, all the way to the end, a small door is in front of you.

Wan Qing watched him open the letter, and then walked out, not feeling curious, and gradually believed in his heart that he was willing to help, and followed along, but at the corner, both of them stopped. From here to the parking lot, it is bound to be. I was spotted by the radar-sensitive reporter at the front door. Suddenly, he turned his face, and before Wan Qing was surprised, he grabbed her hand and hurried to the parking garage.

Following his pace, Wan Qing ran to keep up. When the reporter found out that there was movement here, Wan Qing had been stuffed into the jet black Mercedes-Benz car.

When more shots capture here, the Mercedes-Benz sedan has already driven out of the garage and blended into the flow of traffic on the road.

Wan Qing looked at the reporter in the rearview mirror who was still trying to track her. Her heartbeat had not yet returned to a normal frequency. The resentment that was irritated by Lyschel still echoed in her chest, but she still did not get confused to the benefit of pie-dropping in the sky.

“Why help me?”

Wan Qing looked at the one-sided man in front of her incomprehensibly, and asked her doubts in her heart.

“Don’t you want to vent your breath?”

He didn’t answer her question, but smiled slightly, the kind of grace and calmness, it seemed that he was so talented.

“I don’t need sympathy!”

Wan Qing’s face tightened. If she were a smart woman, she should have let go. Only she was dull. For a man who didn’t love herself, she vowed not to look back and use marriage bets, and then she didn’t hit the south wall and didn’t give up. Do not cry.

She is not worthy of sympathy at all.

“I’m not kind!”

Turning his gaze slightly, seeing her suppressed pain and anger, he sighed lowly, and a touch of self-deprecating in his eyes, but Wan Qing never saw it.

The car was quiet for a while, and Wan Qing felt even more depressed. He wanted to get rid of Laixue’s shadow, and wanted to forget Mo Lingtian’s indifferent and merciless face.

With a press of his slender finger, the surround sound in the car also rang, and popular songs are flooding every corner of the car:

“It’s not that simple, you can find someone you can talk to, especially after seeing so many betrayals, always uneasy and have to be tough. Whoever murdered my romance, it’s not that simple, can love nothing else at all. Look……”

Huang Xiaohu’s voice is strong and contagious. When Wan Qing heard the lyrics clearly, the heart image resonated, and the sadness was added.

“Can you change one?”

Her tone was a little tragic, and she rarely cried in front of anyone, but when she said this, her eyes were already hot.

Obviously he didn’t expect that the music he used to listen to in his car would be changed. He wrinkled his eyebrows slightly and switched to the next song:

“Hold you in your hand, burn incense religiously, cut a candlelight, light up your economy, don’t want to be stunned, just courteous, love until the end is hurt, crying so desperately!”

A popular TV song nowadays is sung in a timely and lingering manner. When Wan Qing listened to her ears, it was even more painful. She glared at the man next to her and wondered if he was sincere to make herself uncomfortable.

“Don’t you know that listening to these songs makes people feel more sad when they are sad? Change!”

It is rare to be so capricious to strangers, but at this moment he can’t hold it back anymore.


013 Divorce (thirteen)

When people say that they are sad, those sad songs or stories will not heal the wounds, but will increase the load on the heart. Wan Qing feels uncomfortable, inexplicably angry at irrelevant people, a trace of guilt flashes on his face, and it is very fast. disappear. Fortunately, the man next to her seemed extremely well-educated, and didn’t care about her anger, but smiled helplessly, and switched songs again easily.

Zhang Jianying’s “Love Is Love”!

Love is love, love is all that loves you, no matter how cute or hateful, love is all, love is blind and hard. As long as you are happy, can you be happy if I can really satisfy, love will love all that loves you, my loveliness hates you Do you care, whoever is not greedy and who does not ask for rewards and give, how longing for you and stubbornly love me all. The music in this world, no matter vulgar and elegant, has the power to penetrate the soul. When Qing was penetrated to the heart by the meaning of the lyrics again that night, she couldn’t help but say loudly:

“I want to get off!”

The car did not stop immediately, the music stopped, Wan Qing did not look at the man’s face, only heard his apologetic words:


After hearing him say sorry, Wan Qing felt that she was making troubles unreasonably, and she felt that she couldn’t stay here for a while, but she continued to repeat:

“I want to get off!”

The car finally stopped, Wan Qing opened the door quickly, ignoring how he would think of herself, jogging all the way, like fleeing, and when she finally got tired, she didn’t know where to flee.

There are always confused times in life, when there are always downturns in life, there are always those dark clouds covering the sky in life, and there are always those hurdles that cannot be overcome in life.

Now Xia Wanqing is on this hurdle, interrogating her heart over and over again, Xia Wanqing, are you really stupid, or are you really in love?

Become stupid because of the blindness of love, be used because of not being wise enough? Isn’t that true?

At noon, not knowing how hungry, Wan Qing saw the crowd walking out of the office building in twos and threes and walking towards the restaurant, only to realize that she had been absent from work for a long time.

She has always been on duty, but because of her love life, she completely ignores her work.

The phone is out of power, the charger is in the office, and Mo Lingtian says he wants to get a divorce from his lawyer!

I couldn’t help but squeezed the phone and found herself in the dust again. Wan Qing stopped the car and hurried towards the unit.

Approaching the destination, thinking of the scene performed in front of my colleagues yesterday, Wan Qing suddenly felt cold behind her back, forcibly enduring the humiliation in her heart, got out of the car and prepared to walk in.

But as soon as I walked into the lobby of the office building, I heard someone calling his name:

“Xiao Qing!”

The familiar voice made Wan Qing stop, watching the man walking by one side of the newspaper, tears sprang up in her eyes, but she resisted this grievance and suppressed her, even in front of him. She didn’t want to cry, only she knew that there was something between them that made her no longer have the right to cry wantonly in her arms. “How did you come?”

Wan Qing’s face tried to be calm and calm, and her questioning tone restrained her emotions very well.

“Sorry, Xiaoqing, I killed you!”

Fortunately, he could still see her grievance. He also knew that he felt sorry for her sister, so Wan Qing couldn’t help but smile, tears falling.

“Go back, mom is waiting over there!”

015 Divorce (15)

Having been in politics for many years, Xia Zhenglang had long been condescending. He was not angry, but he only stared at him, and Wan Qing felt his heart tight.

Xia Zhenglang’s lips were tightened, and a slight downward curve showed his seriousness.

“Xiao Qing, sit down!”

Although his voice was extremely soft, it made people feel invisible pressure, especially when he was able to flip through the newspaper so that Wan Qing was even more uncomfortable when he couldn’t feel anger.

“Let your mother tell you, and make a decision after you figure it out!”

When Xia Zhenglang spoke, he didn’t seem to look at her again, only knowing that he looked down at the newspaper in a gentle to heavy posture.


It was too far away from the mother who was roaring like a lion in Hedong on the phone. At this moment, Ge Meiqiao no longer had her previous anger. On the contrary, because of her husband’s aura, she seemed to calm down a lot with her reason. Looking at Wan Qing’s gaze, she didn’t have that anger. Severe, but it makes a kind of uncomfortable indifference. “You go up!”

Before Ge Meiqiao spoke, he gave Xia Wanyang an order. Xia Wanyang wanted to say something, but when he saw Ge Meiqiao’s sharp eyes, he didn’t speak. He glanced at Wan Qing and went upstairs.

In the living room, the housekeeping aunt was distracted long ago, and the three of them sat facing each other, and Ge Meiqiao spoke slowly.

“Mum didn’t pay much attention to the relationship between you and your brother before, and it was too much for you. Now that something happens, you have to think about how to solve it!”

Ge Meiqiao put down the teacup, watched Wan Qing not speak, and continued:

“This matter, although it is said to be big, can be big or small. If you still want to be with Mo Lingtian, your parents will help you. Marriage. Don’t be too emotional. Marry someone you like. Of course it is. It’s a good thing, but if you don’t know what to do, you’ll get more and more wrong.” “Although Mo Lingtian has not begged your father directly in these two years, but how many times you have come back, you should understand that although he works hard, if he doesn’t rely on it. The relationship between our Xia family should not be so radiant! So he marries you, this benefit is an important factor!” “Now when you mention Mo Lingtian, someone will naturally think of Xia Zhenglang. Of course, others will see your father. , Will also mention a capable and handsome son-in-law, which complements each other!”

When Ge Meiqiao said this, she took a deep look at Wan Qing, and she was shocked in her heart. Do parents want her to continue this kind of marriage?

“Once you get divorced, you will become a second-hand woman. Even if you are Xia Zhenglang’s daughter, your value will be greatly reduced. At that time, whether you can marry the ideal person, whether you will be picked on by your husband, these are all questions! Women and men It’s different, I think you understand it!” Mom and Dad are thinking about the longer term, more sensible, and more sober, but her current idea is divorce.

“Although your father has not yet arrived, he has a good opportunity to transfer. In the resort and hotel investment case authorized last month, no second investor is competitive enough except for Mo Lingtian!”

That was the “urban beauty” project initiated by my father, which was well received and greatly benefited my father’s political achievements.

Although my mother’s words were a bit jumpy, the reminder was quite clear.

It is a very realistic way to feel wronged by marriage for the sake of profit. However, when she realized that her mother might give another example to illustrate, Wan Qing resolutely responded:

“Mom, I want a divorce!”

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