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Divorce (16-20)

016 Divorce (16)

Wan Qing was so decisive, and in exchange for Ge Meiqiao’s face changed:


Before Ge Meiqiao had finished speaking, Xia Zhenglang had already spoken.

“Xiao Qing, have you figured it out clearly?”

Compared with the seriousness before, Xia Zhenglang’s voice was serious and earnest, and those big eyes, which were enlightened, were not only stern, but also caring in his eyebrows.

“Yes, Dad, Mom, you have raised me for so many years, I know what a gratitude poster is, please give me another chance.”

Seeing that his father was so kind, Wan Qing felt warm in her heart, her nose was sore, and her eyes were a little damp. Her kind of person is really the kind of person who eats soft but not hard, otherwise she won’t be able to spend three years with Mo Ling.

“Well, you are in charge of your own affairs, but marriage matters are not a trifling matter, you can’t make mistakes again and again!”

Xia Zhenglang applied both power and power, leaving Wan Qing speechless, so she nodded and inhaled:

“I see, thank you Dad!”

Ge Meiqiao watched her husband make such a decision, and didn’t say much, but he lowered his face and added:

“After seeing people, I kept my eyes open, our Xia family daughter, can’t always be made irresponsible remarks!”

I don’t know when, my mother was stricter than my father, and seemed to be a lot more mean to her. Wan Qing looked at Ge Meiqiao and said sincerely:

“Thank you mother for teaching, I will know!”

Ge Mei could see that she was so determined, and finally his complexion eased, and he sighed slightly, without looking at Wan Qing, he lowered his head and rubbed his temples and said:

“Then go and solve the problem, remember to pay attention to the image and deal with it low-key!”

Wan Qing nodded in response, then got up and left. Behind him, Ge Mei Qiao glared at her husband. Xia Zhenglang didn’t seem to see him. He closed the newspaper, got up, and flicked his slightly wrinkled clothes and said:

“In any case, she is our daughter!”

Wan Qing stood on the road outside the Xia’s house, clenching her hands unconsciously, like a warrior who sees death at home, but also a little lonely.

At this time, she thought of Bai Liusu in Zhang Ailing’s novel “Love in the Fallen City”. After the divorce, she did not dare to think too much about the future.

After stopping a car, Wan Qing told the driver the destination, which was the address of Mo Lingtian’s private lawyer. If she had thought about proving something with Mo Lingtian before, she had completely dispelled this idea now.

How could she forget that slap, that murderous look.

Watching Wan Qing walk into the lawyer’s office so peacefully, Mo Lingtian’s personal lawyer Gao Yang was still very cautious.

“Miss Xia, please sit down!”

Then he quickly took out the documents he had prepared, and took the newly drawn divorce agreement, property notarization, and other related materials.

“This is the agreement that Mr. Mo again ordered me to make. Please read it carefully. We will negotiate and revise the unreasonable points.”

Wan Qing accepted the agreement and read the terms and conditions. In addition to the house they were living in, she was also allocated a new house in the suburbs, and then compensated for 8 million and the remaining odds and ends. There are detailed lists, and Wan Qing didn’t read it anymore. “Notify Mr. Mo to sign!”

Gao Yang hurriedly notified Mo Lingtian, he really came very quickly, and it seemed that he couldn’t wait for the divorce.

When Mo Lingtian saw her, his face was gloomy and his eyes were like a knife. Wan Qing’s heart still twitched, and he accepted her proudly, not willing to lose.

017 Divorce (seventeen)

Wan Qing’s heart twitched, unable to distinguish between pain and anger, and her face was proud and indifferent and inviolable, but this made Mo Lingtian’s face even more embarrassing, like a volcano cheering. Mo Lingtian seemed to suppress the urge to strangle her, almost gritted his teeth and said:

“Xia Wanqing, I didn’t expect you this woman to be so vicious!”

Wan Qing met his murderous eyes and looked at the bloodshot eyes in his eyes. Her heart was agitated, pain and humiliation coexisted. For the woman of Raschel, Xia Wanqing was always vicious in his eyes. How could he ever be? Believe her.

“Mo Lingtian, I did not drive Lexue away three years ago, and after three years I did not intentionally harm her. If you believe her or not, I have nothing to say, but you can say one more thing, this marriage, I will not sign this word!”

She didn’t want to talk about gnashing her teeth and wanting to kill someone.

Mo Lingtian had never faced her love squarely. She really didn’t have the need to miss such a man. She really didn’t need to save this kind of marriage. That’s why she decided to divorce when her mother said the truth.

The man in front of her only made her feel humiliated and angry. Love would make her feel stupid!

Meeting Xia Wanqing’s gaze at home, Mo Lingtian’s squirming lips and tight face were originally such a handsome man, but now he looked ugly.

Yes, in Wan Qing’s eyes, this man who gave up his retort because he was afraid of her not signing is so ugly, it really made her sick.

The corners of Wan Qing’s lips flashed a mocking smile, and Mo Lingtian’s forehead bulged and juicy, and finally the bones and joints of the slender fingers snapped because of a hard grip.

“Although these properties are too far apart from what I paid, this lady doesn’t care about you anymore, because if I stay with you one more day and see you one more time, I will feel that life is better than death.”

Wan Qing snapped the signed agreement and handed it to Mo Lingtian. He looked away from Wan Qing’s mocking and decisive face, took out the Parker pen, and quickly danced a few words. , A bold signature.

Very well, they have reached the point where they are tired of seeing each other.

“Xia Wanqing, even if you let her have a miscarriage, she is still begging for you and speaking for you, why can you be so cruel and self-righteous?”

After signing, watching Wan Qing put the agreement in her bag, Mo Lingtian still reluctantly added.

He almost vomited a mouthful of blood. Looking at Mo Lingtian’s always wise and sharp honor, he felt like a pig at this moment.

“I said, it wasn’t that I caused her to have a miscarriage. If you don’t believe me, you can sue me for personal injury. Besides, she has nothing to do with me, Xia Wanqing, and half a dime!”

After Wan Qing finished speaking, she was ready to go out. She was afraid that staying in the same space with Mo Lingtian would die because of a burst of blood vessels, and she would be pissed off by him.

Lexue, this woman, compared to Xia Wanqing, how terrible two words can be described, she is almost a female monster, using her gentleness as a cover, using her kindness as a cover, deceived the man in front of her!


Mo Lingtian waved his big hand again, and he was irritated by the look on Wan Qing’s face that he could not wait for Laixue to die!


018 Divorce (eighteen)

Looking at Mo Lingtian’s waving hand, Wan Qing became angry, exhausted all her strength, and raised her slender arm.

Snow-white hand grabbed his stronger arm than her, proudly, said with a smile:

“Mo Lingtian, if loving you is a mistake, then these three years are the consequences of my own mistakes. From now on, you will never have the opportunity to hurt me because of this love!”

Wan Qing’s eyes were clear, as if a drowning person had climbed onto the shore, and Mo Lingtian’s slightly stiff face was collected indifferently.

Then he pushed his arm to one side fiercely, and when he turned and left, he paused.

“Remember, you are the only man who slapped me in the face!”

Yes, in Mo Lingtian’s eyes, she was too bad, too vicious, too worthy of the slap.

But in her Wan Qing’s eyes, that Raschel was more than just a slap to relieve her hatred.

Mo Lingtian seemed to be shocked by her words, standing there with a gloomy expression, Wan Qing did not look back, and continued to walk out.

Outside the lawyer’s building, Wan Qing walked quickly, and almost collided with someone coming out of the corner of the corridor.

Looking up, Wan Qing was stunned for a moment, looking at the man in front of him, he frowned slightly!

Although he had only helped himself in the morning, he still had nothing to say at this time, especially when she thought of the scene of her unreasonably making him change songs in the car, which made her feel a little embarrassed, and it was even more embarrassing to think of being divorced at this moment. Nothing was said, passing by, the pace was faster. Downstairs, even though Mo Lingtian came out late, his Land Rover was parked on the side of the open space imposingly.

But Wan Qing looked around and looked around, and there was no empty car here. It was not prosperous and taxis were too lazy to pass. The driver who brought her here just now ran away early to do business.

Mo Lingtian didn’t get in the car immediately, but looked at Wan Qing indifferently.

“If you want to get to the Civil Affairs Bureau as soon as possible, if you want to leave me early, just get in the car!”

In Mo Lingtian’s tone of business affairs, Wan Qing couldn’t wait to kick off the obnoxious off-road vehicle. Who would want to sit in the same car with him.

“Not in a hurry, I have plenty of time, no bigger boss than you!”

Of course, he might still be anxious to accompany Raschel, thinking of this, Wan Qing wouldn’t feel comfortable.

Wanqing stood closer to the road, stretched out his slender arms, waved and waved, either carrying passengers or constantly, which was really evil.

When Mo Lingtian didn’t speak and opened the car door with a sullen face, Wan Qing heard the voice of the man behind him.

“Xia Wanqing, where to go, I will see you off!”

The familiar voice and the clear smell are like spring water in summer. There is a refreshing feeling. When Wan Qing turned her head, she noticed the man’s dress now. Although it is still a casual suit, that ink The black self-cultivation effect is better, making him look more handsome and handsome, handsome, handsome and impeccable. And his words made Wan Qing’s mind even more, is this man kind or deliberate?

Wan Qing’s face was still puzzled, the man in front of him had a faint smile at the corner of his mouth, appearing friendly, while Mo Lingtian’s eyes were cold and mocking, as if they were mocking her in such anxious divorce, because it was because of a new love. .

“it is good!”

Wan Qing’s heart froze and agreed.

019 Divorce (Nineteen)

This is a very valuable car, and this man is also worthy, but he encountered twice in a day and helped him twice. What is it?

Fate? It was still a coincidence, or it was like Mo Lingtian appeared in her life, it was the same steps that others had planned long ago, just passing by!

But at this time, no matter what the possibility, Wan Qing had no reason and was not in the mood to pursue it. One was because he really helped her, and the other was because she didn’t lose her mind like the way she met Mo Lingtian in the first place.

Whether it is Land Rover or Mercedes-Benz, she is not in the mood to explore more, just thinking about one thing.

Divorce, divorce!

The man in the car was very cooperative, did not speak, but was able to find a route with better speed control, only Wan Qing was left looking at the traffic from the window of the car, and the tall buildings retreated.

“If you’re sad, just cry! Don’t miss it too much. Maybe marriage is like taking a car, but just taking the wrong car!”

Finally, he broke the silence. His voice was very nice, and his tone was light, as if an elder said to a child, just correct the mistake.

That feeling is very warm and reliable, even if they are only two-sided, it makes Wan Qing’s original numb and determined heart, unable to help but awake in pain.

“If you want to cry, you have to wait until the signing is over before you cry. Besides, you don’t want to cry suddenly!”

The pain is pain, but I don’t want to cry, it’s just that she is burning in her chest, but she is absolutely embarrassed not to give up all her dignity.

Crying, who would see, in this world, there is really no one who can let her cry as much as she wants.

After crying by yourself, you still feel aggrieved, because you still feel that no one knows your grievances, or that fate treats yourself unfairly. This feeling, as early as the age of twelve, she had already experienced it.

But now, naturally, she will not cry in front of a strange man. A woman’s tears are too cheap and men will be bored, but a woman’s tears are a weapon. It is very valuable to use it well. It is a pity that she never uses this weapon. .

He smiled lightly, like a glimpse of light, his appearance was even more elegant, his eyes were long, as if he was going to pass thousands of miles of floating clouds, and he said:

“That kind of man is really not worthy of you crying for him!”

This was the first person to comfort her softly after knowing that Laixue had come back and had a marriage change. Wan Qing turned his face, his profile was like a beautiful mountain with a majestic scenery, majestic and graceful.

Wan Qing still felt sore in her nose and pain in her throat that was not smooth to breathe. She was too wronged. Love is like flying a kite. She pulled the wrong thread and loved the wrong person. She was originally to blame, but she still needs a little comfort.

Suddenly I felt that God was actually quite good to me, and when I was so sad, there was such a handsome man comforting me, huh!

But Wan Qing smiled, Ah Q’s smile was full of gratitude in her eyes, she has always been an optimistic and grateful person.

Outside the car, Mo Lingtian had already taken the lead to get out of the car, his face was as indifferent as before, and the face that had murdered countless films seemed far away.

“I wish you well, go!”

What the man in the car said was very simple, because with this one go, it seems that there is a brave force behind it, even if others would misunderstand their relationship, but still grateful, at least when she was most embarrassed, someone gave it to Her strength.

020 Divorce (twenty)

Walking side by side with Mo Lingtian, her face is absolutely iron, just like when she fell in love with him, and she was so persistent when she gave up, raising her chin, like a proud swan, although she can’t fly with him, but absolutely not Look at his back again. And now, she didn’t even bother looking at his back, and for a man who had broken her heart and self-esteem.

“Xia Wanqing, your speed of empathy is very fast!”

Mo Lingtian’s voice was like the familiar Arctic cold wind, which was blown a lot, and Wan Qing was used to it, but at this moment, there was no reason for Mo Lingtian to ridicule and sarcasm.

“Mo Lingtian, it’s really commendable that you stick to the spirit you love!”

Are you angry? Still angry, has he ever faced their love squarely in the past three years, what reason does he have to ridicule her at this moment?

“Xia Wanqing, don’t think you are the mayor’s daughter, others are your toys!”

His face tightened, his Adam’s apple became loose, and suddenly stopped. Looking at Wan Qing’s handsome face, what he saw was still his anger.

It seems that she was really wrong, loving him, just becoming his humiliation!

“Mo Lingtian, you are the most difficult toy in the world!”

She said contemptuously, only seeing Mo Lingtian’s forehead move and move again, well, since he always thinks so, she fulfills him.

He didn’t speak any more, and resolutely accelerated his pace. Wan Qing looked at him with a cold face and restrained emotions, but there was no joy of victory.

Is her love really just a kind of grace and pressure in his eyes, a kind of showing off and showing off, a kind of self-righteous pursuit?

What does he rely on for watching people in the cracks of the sky?

The heart no longer hurts, but it is still regrettable. No one will not regret the love without return, but apart from regret, she has no regrets about understanding this marriage at this time.

This marriage is like a tug of war that has already been ambushed. She has been working hard, trying to catch the beautiful kite, but he is bent on breaking free and not giving her a chance to take control. It is her too. He pressed hard and held it tightly, but he loved that person too much and regarded her as a kind of restraint and obstacle. Don’t say how such a bad woman can have love silly words. In fact, many bad women in the city in this world are gentle and considerate in appearance, and treat the man she likes sincerely. Why is that man not in love?

In other words, a person who would rather bear the Tathagata than the Qing Dynasty, who is not tempted?

Laxue, she did her best to do things that are tactful and tortuous. Why didn’t she play Mo Lingtian in the trouble, but the difference is that he loves Laxue! So in his vision, she and Raschel are destined to be a female ghost and a goddess!

Well, he likes his goddess, so she doesn’t want to be his female ghost again.

Divorce is a kind of relief, she gives him freedom, just to see how he flies high.

The signing went smoothly, and even the mediators of the Civil Affairs Bureau were somewhat perfunctory even in symbolic mediation.

Yes, a forced love will eventually end, and the hurt and humiliation he gave her by Mo Lingtian, and the black pot she gave her by Raschel, don’t blame her for returning one by one when she meets on a narrow road in the future!

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