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Divorce (6-10)

006 divorce (six)

“Do you know that this time your father’s face has lost you all?”

“What about the package ticket you paid three years ago, why couldn’t even a man look at him, and let such a woman kick her nose on her face?”

“You worked so hard to hold Mo Lingtian big and red, but you can’t hold his heart, you, sigh~”

Wan Qing looked at the shadows on the rear-projection TV monitor, with red and swollen eyes, upset hair, like a female ghost, pale and lack of energy, Wan Qing couldn’t help but shrug.

When did she become like this?

My mother’s reprimand finally ended, but after finding that Wan Qing hadn’t spoken for a long time, she asked:

“What are you going to do with this matter?”

Yes, how do you plan to deal with it, how do you deal with things that have reached this point? Listening to her mother’s stern voice, Wan Qing became more indifferent and felt cold in her heart. Has this maternal love finally manifested the original ugly nature with her failed marriage? “I will divorce!”

The four words are sonorous and powerful. Wan Qing didn’t intend to continue listening to the teachings. She hung up the phone. Now she doesn’t want to be afraid of anything, even family affection, even if it is the family relationship that has nurtured her for more than 20 years, she doesn’t want to take care of it.

Apart from the so-called love, being born in a wealthy family is also very sad, isn’t it?

She is even more of a chess piece. If it weren’t for the promise that Mo Lingtian would be a potential stock that could gain a good reputation for her father’s political achievements, how could she marry him so smoothly?

Of course, I have to admit that the same is a chess piece, her brother Xia Wanyang is more sovereign than her, but Wan Qing is unwilling to compare this point, it will only make her vulnerable and low self-esteem.

I got up and went to the study to prepare a divorce agreement, but when I opened the drawer, I saw the divorce agreement that was already lying inside.

Suddenly, the blood flowed back, and he grabbed it out. The dull and painful feeling came again, but Wan Qing tried to restrain it.

A man like Mo Lingtian is not worthy of love, not worth of pain! If you have feelings for him, it is just hate!

Wan Qing’s trembling hand signed the name, and then she held it in her hand, wrinkled, got up, ready to find Mo Lingtian for the first time to sign.

Although the phone was thrown away, but Mo Lingtian’s phone number was already familiar to her heart, even if she rarely called that phone.


At that end, the call was answered quickly, Mo Lingtian’s voice still pierced her heart, but she would hold back it, no matter how painful it was, it would end.

“Mo Lingtian, where are people, I am looking for you!”

Only then did I realize how hoarse my voice was, almost dry and cracked, like dry land.


His voice rose slightly. Although he didn’t have the strength of ridicule in the past, Wan Qing was still freezing in his ears. The divorce seemed to be the net opened by the hunter, waiting for her to put it on.

If it were yesterday, she would avoid this net, but today, she is willing to jump down.

“Yes, address!”

The hoarse voice, there is no tremor, pain, and can’t be noticed by him.

After a moment of silence, Mo Lingtian reported the address!

It is a well-known leisure and entertainment place for rich people in this city. When Xia Wanqing’s car arrived, her heart was as firm as iron. She was heartbroken for this marriage, but he could be so at ease. .

Loving someone wrong is destined to be forgotten, ignored, and hurt.

007 Divorce (7)

Unfortunate marriages always have similar experiences. When Qing saw Lyschel who appeared in front of her that evening, her face suddenly tightened.

“Sunny late!”

Wan Qing trot quickly like a fire on her hips, unwilling to let her see her embarrassment and uncontrollable emotions.

But Raschel seemed to be struggling, and the high heels came coming closer and closer.

“Sunny late, last night was just a coincidence!”

Laixue’s voice was pleasant to the ear, and the coincidence was so hypocritical that Wan Qing’s heart became angry, and her whole person was about to explode.

“Miss Laxue, whether it is a coincidence or not, you don’t need to explain to me, we are really unfamiliar with each other!”

Wan Qing almost gritted her teeth, her eyes widened, and compared with Laixue’s Wu Qianlian-like eyes, she had the tendency to stare at her.

I used to regard her as my best friend, I was grateful to her for sending Mo Lingtian to her, I thought she would become his sister-in-law, but unexpectedly, she left quietly three years ago, just because the person she loved was Mo Ling Tian.

In the end, it was her Xia Wanqing who beat the mandarin ducks, which was why Mo Lingtian had hated her for three years.

Isn’t this the most ridiculous?

She is delicate and charming, with a feminine touch between her gestures. When she is quiet, she habitually combs her falling hair with her fingers, which looks like a modern Lin Daiyu.

At that time, Wan Qing really envied the femininity that Lasue exudes.

But now when she saw her habitually combing her hair gently, Wan Qing only felt nauseous and panicked.

The eyes of men and women are indeed different. Such a woman is somewhat delicate and contrived, but men like it.

“Wan Qing, three years ago, if I didn’t leave, do you think Ling Tian would marry you? To put it bluntly, didn’t I give it to you for the past three years? Think about it!”

She bends her lips slightly, saying that she is so innocent as a matter of course, and Wan Qing’s eyes are almost congested with anger.

“Lai Xue, three years ago, when my brother confessed to you, why didn’t you say? When I was going to marry Mo Lingtian three years ago, why didn’t you say?”

Three years ago, if it hadn’t been for Lassue to send Mo Lingtian to her again and again, how could she think that Mo Lingtian liked herself!

“Wan Qing, in order for Ling Tian to have a better development, what is my sacrifice?”

The lightly frowning sadness on Laixue’s face was so great and solemn that Wan Qing was almost vomiting blood from this sentence.

That’s it, isn’t it?

She was just taken advantage of by her best friend, a man she liked.

This is the fact, not sad, but scorching, not pain, but anger.

She didn’t know what words to use to describe her feelings at the moment, but she looked at Raschel with anger in her heart.

“Now, are you going to bring back the man who has achieved fame?”

With a mocking smile, Wan Qing’s face was almost distorted, her hated teeth were itchy, and the woman in front of her seemed weak no matter how she scolded it.

“What should I do, he loves me!”

Wan Qing looked at Laixue’s faint and charming face, seemingly innocent, and really wanted to raise her hand to give her a slap.

But the raised hand was not sent out to slap, Wan Qing gritted his teeth and said:

“You are so anxious and want to go back, why don’t I give it?”

She was planning to get a divorce, but now looking at Raschel like this, she didn’t want to leave.

008 divorce (eight)

When Wan Qing said this, how much she had been dazzled by her hatred. What use is it for her to maintain such a marriage?

“Xia Wanqing, with your status as the mayor’s daughter, most of the wealthy and wealthy come to ask for a kiss, why bother to bind me?”

The ridicule behind the backside, the familiar voice, it’s not Mo Lingtian, who else can it be?

Wan Qing felt cold all over her body, especially her heart cold.

The heart that was sad at this moment is not at all sad at all, only anger, only contempt, only inexhaustible bitterness, ha ha, Wan Qing laughed at herself in her heart, and looked back coldly at Mo Lingtian:

“If you want to get a divorce, let’s notarize the property first!”

When Wan Qing said this, Mo Lingtian and Laixue’s faces changed slightly. Although Wan Qing has helped a lot in the past three years, the person who paid the most was Mo Lingtian. Without his hard work, how could there be any? A career that is in full swing today.

“Why, are you reluctant? Reluctant to leave, it is never too late to leave after two years, the child will not be able to make soy sauce!”

Wan Qing’s words are rarely mean. She exhausted all her imagination and did not expect that she would have such vicious words.


Mo Lingtian squinted his eyes and looked at Wan Qing’s seemingly smiling appearance. After all, he didn’t say anything, but the cold eyes became even more icy.

“This is your love for Ling Tian, refuse to let him be free, refuse to sacrifice for him?”

Laxue’s voice was sweet and crisp, and she even asked mockingly, her brows and eyes were full of condescending contempt.

Haha, despise, isn’t this the funniest?


How can she, Raisle Hod, despise her? Does she think she is an ancient woman? So that the man can leave willingly, give up his beloved man?

“You are great, you are great, you will make us perfect, don’t come back for the rest of your life, don’t show up in front of me!”

Wan Qing felt that she would have to be schizophrenic if she continued to talk to Laysue. Is this normal human communication?

“Why do you deceive yourself? Ling Tian doesn’t love you. He hasn’t fallen in love with you for three years. It’s not because of me!”

But because you are not worthy of his love, you cannot attract him!

That’s what Laxue had in her eyes, Wan Qing trembled, really wanting to wave her hand and slap it out.

“Xue’er, enough!”

Mo Lingtian shouted that Xueer was so intimate. For the first time in three years, he felt that he was blocking others as if he was defending himself, but it was the most cruel maintenance. Should she be grateful for Mo Lingtian’s “kindness”?

If possible, Wan Qing really wanted to take a knife and kill the pair-the dog and the man, the right is the dog and the man.

Wan Qing trembled, sorrowing for herself, she had never been so sad before.

“Mo Shao, have an appointment with the beautiful lady?”

In the distance, there was a teasing cry from someone in the corridor on the second floor. Three or four men, all dressed in decent casual clothes, looked like a wealthy and noble man. Mo Lingtian followed the call and turned his head. Waved.

“If Xia Wanqing wants to discuss divorce matters, you can go directly to my lawyer, complete the relevant procedures, and then come to me to sign. If it belongs to you, you can give it to you!”

The look between Mo Lingtian’s eyes turned, there was no indifference, only some unspeakable strangeness.

“There is too much that should belong to me, you can’t afford it!”

Wan Qing followed a step closely, and as Mo Lingtian passed away on the stairs, she followed, and was not prepared to compromise and find a lawyer.

“Xia Wanqing, don’t think you are the mayor’s daughter, just be aggressive, Ling Tian doesn’t owe you anything~”

Laixue followed anxiously behind her, and the soft Daiyu’s face was anxious, she was too close, and Wan Qing even felt the smell of perfume on her disgusting!

“This is between me and Mo Lingtian, what are you~”

He stretched out his hand to push, and didn’t use much strength, but Lasher had already rolled down the stairs with a loud noise.

009 Divorce (9)

The stairs were not very high, but Laixue still rolled down, and Wan Qing was taken aback by the sound of her body colliding with the stairs. She hadn’t turned her face yet, and she already slapped her face with a fiery slap.

“Xia Wanqing, you vicious woman!”

Mo Lingtian’s voice was like a volcano, and that slap almost slapped Wan Qing, hot and painful, he staggered and supported the handrail on one side, and his tall figure rushed down quickly.

Laixue’s face was pale and curled into a ball, and even from between her legs, he could see bright red blood flowing along her slender legs.

Wan Qing’s heart was cold, but there was some fear in her eyes. She didn’t push hard just now. If she wanted to stand firm, she only needs to hold on to one handrail, but she fell so alive.

When Laixue covered her lower abdomen, her anger was like silk, her pale face looked at her pitifully, Wan Qing felt the fear of a woman for the first time!

“Xia Wanqing, if Laixue has any shortcomings, I won’t let you go!”

Mo Lingtian’s eyes were enough to kill people, that kind of ferocious beast-like, it was like eating her.

Wan Qing’s heart was in a desert, and she met these eyes and explained instinctively.

“I didn’t expect she would fall, she did it on purpose! I didn’t use much strength at all!”

In addition to her face, Wan Qing felt hot, but her heart was burned, but the only thing that responded to her was the look in Mo Lingtian’s eyes that believed in you, and the tall back who hurriedly left.

When Laixue was hugged and left by Mo Lingtian, Wan Qing could even see the woman lying in Mo Lingtian’s arms, looking at her with a triumphant smile.

Obviously it was her trick, but who would believe her, from Mo Lingtian’s point of view, she gave Laixue a big push, wouldn’t it?

“Miss Xia, this is too unkind!”

The few men who had just called Mo Lingtian and didn’t have to leave, they looked contemptuously with an invisible look. Wan Qing only felt that the world was spinning, how could this world be turned upside down!

“Believe it or not, she rolled it down by herself!”

Wan Qing didn’t know who would say this to, whether it was useful, and who would believe it.

The feeling of desolation and powerlessness made her feel that her life had encountered the most incredible destruction.

Raschel is a nightmare in her life.

I want to cry, but stubbornly don’t want to cry, let alone cry in front of these people who don’t want to believe her.

“I believe!”

A clear voice came from the upper right corner of the second floor. The voice was not too high, but it was enough for Wan Qing and the men to hear, and they couldn’t help but look over.

Late Qing froze!

The man was wearing white casual clothes, just like the elite man in the aisle on the left, he was obviously here for leisure and entertainment.

But even if the same white clothes were worn on his body, that kind of dusty and refined aura is definitely not comparable to the few men here.

He Xin was long and straight, with a big hand in his trouser pocket casually, his gaze was like a lake under the moonlight, and he couldn’t find any waves calmly, revealing a clear temperament.

It’s not the wheatish color that is popular nowadays. His skin is slightly white, his nose is straight and tall, his eyebrows are sharp, his face is almost perfect, and his lips are closed. It makes people suspect that the person who just spoke is not the same as him.

He looked so quiet, like a nobleman in the Middle Ages, elegant and quiet, outstanding and elegant.

010 Divorce (ten)

Such a man appeared with an attitude that did not belong to Mo Lingtian. Compared with Mo Lingtian’s natural beauty, the man in front of him is naturally clean, just like walking on the ground after the rain. The same as the prince. Not only does his dark and floppy hair seem to have been carefully washed, but even the air around him seems to be clean.

Such a man, to describe it as excellent, is obviously too pale.

In addition to being clean on his body, he also has a sense of outstanding cultivation and full of connotation.

“Yo, isn’t this Young Master Qiao? Fortunately, I will be lucky!”

It was the man who had been assigned to Wan Qing just now, who was the first to recognize the man’s identity, and the surprise and respect in his eyes were obvious.

But the man just nodded slightly, his gaze fell on Wan Qing’s face again.

He didn’t say anything, but made Wan Qing believe that he really believed what she said, although his mind was chaotic, but with that Qiao Shao’s gaze, Wan Qing also understood the basis for his believing her.

It was completely opposite to the angles of the men here, he could see Lexue’s movements more clearly.

Isn’t this a coincidence, it turns out that fate did not completely retreat her into a dead end.

When God closed all the doors, he still left her a window.

Even though this window is only a cool breeze blowing in, instead of light and hope, it is still enough to feel comfortable in late Qing.

“Thanks for your trust!”

At this moment, she was completely squeezed down by Xiao San, and she was completely included in everyone’s eyes. If she said she was embarrassed, it would be the ultimate, but Wan Qing’s face was numb and calm, and things couldn’t be so bad. ?

Wan Qing’s eyes were calm, and in her dark and bright eyes, it was like an interstellar that was about to end. This marriage would eventually end.

Mo Lingtian’s slap was so hot and painful that it burned her dignity, and there was still a moment of unending heart.

When Wan Qing turned around and was about to leave, only the clear voice rang again.

“Sunny evening in summer!”

Wan Qing was startled, and suddenly looked back at the man standing on a high place. It was inconceivable that he could call out her name so smoothly, and they didn’t know him.

But just now when Mo Lingtian drank so hard, it is estimated that the only people who didn’t know her name were the deaf, and the only people who couldn’t call her name were dumb.


Wan Qing frowned, and didn’t think he was in the mood to pay attention to any man at this time, even if he looked outstanding and had an extraordinary bearing.

“Your phone is forgotten with me, please come and get it!”

The man smiled slightly, as if the breeze was passing by, the bright moon was empty, and the clearness was graceful and noble. There was no time for Wan Qing to question and question, and he had already turned and left.

Wan Qing was stunned, and the men over here couldn’t help being stunned. Looking at Wan Qing thoughtfully, their eyes were not as pure as before.

If Shao Qiao helped Wan Qing to speak just now, it made them think that Xia Wanqing was wronged.

So what they suspect at this moment is whether there is an unusual male-female relationship between Qiao Shao and Xia Wanqing?

Otherwise, a woman’s mobile phone falls into the hands of a man, which makes sense.

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