Preparation to be the guide job

There are 4 main steps for the tour guide’s operation as follows:

  1. Preparation before performing duties It is very important to prepare before performing this duty because in order to work as smoothly as possible, you have to plan and study the information well first. Preparation means studying knowledge in various fields on a regular basis to keep up. To the situation that is going on Must have a study of the affairs of a travel agency And what is indispensable is to build good relationships with the affiliated travel agency and other relevant parties. Human relations No matter who you work with, it will always be a good thing for us.
  2. Accepting a job target from a travel agency Accepting assignments from a travel agency is usually considered by the travel agency operating department. According to the ability and aptitude of the guide But if the tour guide has confidence in working experience Able to offer himself as a tour guide of any desired location The guides should not use telephone calls to inquire details of the work. To avoid confusion and communication may be incomplete. The information that the guide must know and understand clearly. When receiving assignments from the company The details are as follows:
  • Details in the worksheet (Job Order or Tour Order)
  • Number and information of tourists
  • Complete tour guides such as travel dates and times Vehicles used to travel in each location Accommodation, hotels, restaurants, attractions And various souvenir shops
  • Details of the payment of expenses during the tour
  • Documents and equipment required during the course of their duties
  • Company policy in case of any problems or unusual events
  1. Document verification Preparing the equipment And preparation for work Examination of documents contains
  • Worksheet
  • Tour guide items for tour guides
  • Voucher or contract for purchasing a tour service
  • A copy of business correspondence between travel agencies and various establishments.
  • Travelers lists for both car and airplane seating arrangements
  • List of tourists for room arrangement called Rooming listFor an Outbound Tour, additional travel documents are required.
  • Tourist plane tickets
  • Immigration Form and a form to declare items to the customs of the traveling countryPrepare necessary equipment for the tour including
  • Name label or sticker (Tag) for attaching tourist luggage
  • Bright colored ribbons for attaching to traveler’s luggage
  • Tourist badges for tourists to attach to themselves
  • paraphernalia for serving and facilitating tourists
  • Food and beverages
  • Various equipment for organizing activities for tourists to enjoy during the trip
  • First Aid Kit
  • portable audio amplifierWork preparation
  • Information preparation
  • Prepare to coordinate with relevant agencies, agencies that the guide may need to contact before performing duties, such as the National Park Division, Royal Forest Department; Accommodation and Tour, Fine Arts Department; In terms of visiting historical sites, Department of Highways, Highway Police, Tourist Police Tourism Authority of Thailand Insurance company
  • Prepare yourself before work, should prepare in various areas such as health, personal care, personal documents.
  1. Performance of duties during travel On the first day of the journey before departure:
  • Tour guide should arrive at the travel agency at least 4 hours prior to departure.
  • Then travel to the tourist meeting point about 1 hour before the scheduled time.
  • if it is a domestic tour Most often arrange an assistant guide to accompany the guide.
  • The tour guide should check the car’s neatness. Equipment and items, as well as the driver
  • In the case of a rental car The guide should ask the company to coordinate with the car rental company. In order to manage the car neatly before leaving
  • Tour guides should wait to welcome tourists near the parked car.
  • In the event that a lot of tour buses are parked Should remember the name of the tour program to be attached to the front of the car
  • When meeting people who are likely to be tourists Should go in and inquire, say hello, and help carry bags
  • Before bringing any luggage and luggage to the car. Should put a name tag or a sticker for writing tourists (Tag) on ​​the luggage.
  • After that, inform the tourists seat number. Along with helping to open the car door
  • While waiting for other tourists, give out cold towels or serve water to tourists sitting around the car.
  • In the event of an assistant The guide should assign an assistant to carry out this task.
  • Tour guide should check the number and list of tourists who have arrived by using Name List help in checking.
  • When it’s time, the car has to leave on time. But there are still some tourists who have yet to come. The Machats should be waited approximately 30 minutes.
  • After 30 minutes, the tourists still have not come and have not been contacted with any disruptions. The guide must decide to leave. Along with clarifying to other tourists
  • Tour guide must inform the list of tourists who do not travel with the travel agency in order for the company to cancel the room. As well as using other services with various establishmentsIn the first part of the journey, before the arrival of attractions or hotels The opening remarks include
  • Greet and welcome tourists as well as introduce themselves and colleagues.
  • Instruct tourists how to use the facilities on the car. Along with informing of the services provided
  • Organize activities for tourists to know each other
  • Clarification of tour items

5. Getting to tourist attractions, sightseeing and or facilitating travel during the trip. The guide should give tourists a brief summary of the travel program.
What guides should be careful in the tour is that tourists must travel strictly according to the itinerary. and in the event of force mature or any necessity that causes the need to change the tour program Should notify tourists, bow and explain the reason as well
When traveling close to the attractions according to the tour program The guide should explain the knowledge and information about the place to tourists.
The technique of speaking on the car.

  • Choose a location on the car that you are comfortable with to use as a description.
  • Eye Contact with tourists when speaking
  • holding a microphone It should be held close to the mouth, but not too close to the mouth.
  • Do not hold the paper while speaking.
  • You should not be serious about explaining something heavy. Or overly stressed
  • Always keep in mind that Most people concentrate on listening for about 25 minutes.
  • If the path that the car is passing there is nothing interesting Should be common
  • in speaking any matter Should analyze tourists.

When arriving at the attractions

  • Before getting off the car, you should agree on time with tourists first. By telling the time at that time and when to get on the car again
  • Treatment of tourists: Remember that all tourists must be treated equally.
  • When the number of tourists get off the car The guide begins to conduct the tour and lectures at various points as described on the bus.

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