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Chapter 1238 Growing place

Chapter 1238 The Place of Growth

“Why? Isn’t there any ice cold grass in the Ten Thousand Saints Continent? I remember that Master once mentioned it before.” Xiao Suer is extremely anxious, she is not as serious as Bo Qingang, but Bo Qingang really The situation was very critical, and he might not last a month if he couldn’t find the ice cold grass.

“I did get it. It was more than ten years ago, and it was the only icy grass we had, but it has been used up in the past ten years. There may be but no second one in this world.”

“Why can’t you find it? If there is, it proves that the Continent of Ten Thousand Saints can grow it. Master, you said where you got it, no matter how difficult it is, even if it grows on the top of a snow-capped mountain or at the bottom of a cliff. , I want to go too!” Xiao Su’er was extremely anxious, and now finally got such a little news, she already has hope, and she doesn’t want to be disappointed anymore.

“Child, the place where it grows is more difficult to find than the two places you mentioned. Do you know the space of medicine spirit jade? It is unique in the world, and it is rare in a thousand years.

Its owner once gave it to After passing me a icy grass, I never saw him again. There is no clue in the vast sea of people. Where are you going to find this person?”

The ghost doctor looked at Xiao Su’er with distressed eyes. He couldn’t save his disciple. He was really powerless. His name as a genius doctor had spread throughout the Hallowed Continent more than ten years ago.

But now he can’t even save his disciples. Everyone says he is a genius doctor. No matter what kind of incurable disease or poison, he can easily resolve it, but only he knows that the ice poison is him. The pain in this life can’t be touched at all, and he can’t handle it at all.

When Xiao Su’er heard his words, thousands of thoughts came to her heart, surprises, surprises and shocks. The ice cold grass grows in the medicine spirit jade space, but the medicine spirit jade space is here, and she can go in at any time. .

In these years, I have never seen any plants growing in it. She has planted those herbs. If she hadn’t planted it, there would only be a tree called Lingmu in it!

“Master, are you sure that ice cold grass can grow in the medicine spirit jade space? Does it require people to plant seeds in the space to grow? But we don’t have its seeds, even if there is space, it will be of no use.

” That person told me that if the time comes, the medicinal wood in the medicinal spirit jade space will naturally grow ice cold grass, if it fails to die, it may not be able to wait for it for a lifetime, so it is fate to get ice cold grass. . “

after the”

But in recent years, apart from a few fruits, I haven’t seen any herbs grow from it. What does it mean? Is she the one who has no fate? Even if he became the master of the medicine spirit jade space, there was no way to get ice cold grass.

“Heh, heh…” Xiao Su’er sat on the ground and laughed helplessly. She searched for so long, and even crossed back from the Huaxia Continent to the Ten Thousand Saint Continent to find the ice cold grass, but she learned from Master The only place where ice cold grass can grow has been by her side, but she is the one who has no fate, really stupid!

Walking out of the ghost doctor’s room, Xiao Su’er walked out with vain steps, feeling extremely sad, what is going on? Why does it become like this? Give her hope but let her be disappointed, is this God’s destiny to kill her and Bo Qing? I don’t want them to live anymore!

“Junior Sister…” Senior Brother He whispered to her from the side.

Xiao Su’er turned to look at him and smiled slightly, “Brother, I may not stay here anymore. Since I can’t find ice cold grass here, then I have to answer where we used to live. My son is still there. .

you and Sue every evening, good life, he’s also been poisoned Ice Master just said that this world is no cure, but the only point that some have also been dashed hopes, the last moments of her life, She should be very happy to have someone like you who has been taking care of her with her.”

“Sister, I said that she had remembered everything. She said that you didn’t have the poison of icy ice, and you were infected by your husband. Are you really happy now? Is he treating you well?”

Senior Brother He Looking at Xiao Suer’s eyes there is pain and sadness. It should be a kind of fate that two people can meet in this life. If Xiao Suer didn’t travel to China Mainland, then the two should have been married, right?

“I was not infected by him, but I voluntarily drank his blood and contracted the poison with him. He didn’t want to hurt me at the time, and kept repelling me. We have experienced a lot between the two, he will get infected. This poison has a lot to do with me. Originally, his poison has been detoxified, but he relapsed to save me. He can’t even kill me for my sake. Brother, do you think I’m fortunately happy?”

“Sister, you stayed. Right.” Brother He grabbed her hand and said, “You stay here to cure the disease slowly. Even if you can’t find the antidote, we can also regulate your body. I will search every place in the world for you. Deep in the mountains, you will be able to find detoxifying herbs!”

“Brother…” Xiao Su’er looked at him holding her hand, then looked at his eyes, and suddenly understood something, thinking about what Senior Brother looked like these days and what he said. Xiao Su’er finally reacted with hindsight.

“Brother, there are some things and some people may really have no destiny! God gave me the opportunity to be your junior sister. It is enough time for us two to get along for 19 years. And now Su Wanwan, although I don’t know her Who is it? She may really be a person who slowly grows wisdom in my body. You two have been together for ten years. Your feelings for her must be deeper than mine. Don’t pay the wrong feelings.”

“Senior sister, brother .” Now I just want to ask, if all these bizarre things hadn’t happened, would you…”

He wanted to talk and stopped, but Xiao Su’er had already understood. She recalled how Brother He was taking care of her all day when she was a child. He was a few years old, and he really loved him as his own sister.

At that time Xiao Su’er relied on him very much, and once thought that it would be better if Senior Brother He was by her side for the rest of his life, but he had never felt the same way for him as for Bo Qing’ang.

“Brother, it’s the fate of heaven to be brothers and sisters, but we can’t bet on anything else, let alone be a husband and wife! I only love my husband in this life, and we should never see each other again. I had feelings like that, and it should have completely disappeared.”

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