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Chapter 1239 Time is running out

Chapter 1239 There is not much time.

“Is it true that I can never see you again in this life? You just want to leave so resolutely? This is where you lived for nineteen years, don’t you have any nostalgia?” Brother He’s hand slowly dropped, the complex emotions that could not be expressed in the words.

“Of course, I’ve been thinking of you all the time, but compared with family love, I have to give up you, even if I can’t bear it, I have to do this.

My son is only ten years old now, and he is alone with me. Really don’t worry! Brother, if you have an adventure another day, maybe you can also cross to that continent, then we will see you again, otherwise we should not see it in this life.”

Xiao Su’er turned to look at the Ghost Doctor Valley behind him. She is very familiar with all the plants and trees here, and even after ten years, the place has not lost its brilliance in her heart.

She bid farewell silently in her heart, turned to leave Guiyi Valley and returned to the Sixth Prince’s Mansion, only to see Bo Qingang lying on the bed in pain.

She immediately rushed forward, “Aang, what’s the matter? Did you commit the ice poison again? I remember the leaf that I only ate for you two days ago. It seems that the time for this leaf is getting shorter and shorter. Let’s go back. Huaxia Continent! I know where to find Ice Cold Grass, I think of a way.”

She was so frightened that her tears fell, and she entered the Yaolingyu space again, pulled two leaves from Xiaoyi’s body and stuffed it into Bo Qingang’s mouth. . The painful look on his face eased a bit, but this time he was still unable to speak. Xiao Suer immediately held his pulse, and found that his ice poison was even more ferocious this time, and both leaves were completely complete. Can’t hold back.

“Aang!” Xiao Suer’s hands were trembling slightly, and Bo Qingang forced her to endure the pain to comfort her, “It’s okay, nothing will happen! I just feel the pain again suddenly. Isn’t this normal? Han Bing Poison has been following me for so many years, and I’ve long been used to it, don’t be afraid. How about, did you go to the Ghost Doctor Valley to find the ice cold grass?”

Bo Qingang sat up from the bed and Xiao Su’er helped him sit. When I arrived at the table, I thought about it and told him everything, including the existence of the medicine spirit jade space that had not been told to him all these years, and the medicinal materials planted in the medicine spirit jade space.

Bo Qingang was surprised but didn’t have any doubts. He just looked at her and smiled, “So we are hopeless? You have never seen ice cold grass grow in the space with medicinal spirit jade for so many years. I can’t grow up anymore. It’s okay. It’s enough to have you with me. It’s okay if I can’t pass this hurdle in this life.”

“But, but we said we want to be together for a lifetime, you can’t leave me alone! We have just reconciled, it’s only a few months, why should we go through all this?”

“Don’t cry, who can change God’s decision? Tomorrow we will leave here and return to China Mainland and return to our son. Of course, the last part of life is to reunite the family. Su’er, in fact, you don’t talk about me. I also know that my time is running out.”

Bo Qing is as clear as a mirror. In fact, his physical condition is clearer than everyone else. He can feel that the ice poison is getting more and more fierce these few times, even he People with such a strong willpower can no longer resist.

Even if it is terminally ill, there is no medicine and no spirit. The day when he must die, not to mention the extremely poisonous, and now even the herbal medicine Xiao Suer gives him can not suppress the toxin, it means that he has reached the last moment of life, he does not He knew how long he could last, but he didn’t want to watch Xiao Su’er wash his face in tears all day long.

“Aang, I will save you, I will definitely save you! Don’t worry, I won’t let the two of us separate again. What’s more painful than birth and separation is death. We have been in love for so many years, but it’s true The time spent together is less than three years, and it’s impossible for God to be so cruel.” Xiao Su’er pressed Bo Qingang’s hand and the two hands were overlapped together, you can see that the love between the two is stronger than that of gold.

“I like to have you stay. Go, the two of us together to look at the scenery this Halloween continent it, we should not come back. Tomorrow we go, I have found the place through the back.”

“In the Where?”

“Just behind Ghost Doctor Valley, I have been looking for a place to travel back these days, which is very close to the place I traveled over! The two points of time and space connection will not disappear in the future. I will go. In the past, I felt that it was attractive. I tentatively cut my wrist and got sucked towards it.

There is nothing wrong with it. We will go there tomorrow . I will explain to everyone in the Six Palaces tonight, we both want Take a trip to the far door. I will also leave a letter in this room, and when the real Sixth Prince comes back, he will explain what this is all about like a man in the world.”

Seeing Bo Qingang return home. With the appearance of the arrow, Xiao Su’er only nodded and said yes, she also wanted to be with her son, although she didn’t know how long she could be with him.

Bo Qingang almost couldn’t hold it anymore, and Xiao Su’er didn’t know if she had the courage to survive in this world again when he could no longer go on.

She had already experienced the pain of being separated from the yin and yang of her beloved one before. This time, if she came again, she didn’t know if she would be defeated in a single blow, and she might lose hope of life, and leave with him, then his Xiao Wang would become a child without a mother.

Xiao Su’er was very heartbroken and didn’t know what to do. Although she was lying on the bed at night, she closed her eyes and entered the medicine spirit jade space. She sighed inside, holding the medicine spirit wood and watching its lush leaves sink. He asked, “When will you grow ice cold grass? I have followed me for more than ten years, and I have never seen you grow a herb!”

She talked a lot about this tree, Xiao Suer had no idea beside her, so she asked next to Caojing Xiaoyi, “Xiaoyi, you are a spirit grass, and you have become an elite, can you tell me? , What should I add to this tree or how to fertilize it to grow ice cold grass?”

“This…” Xiaoyi heard her words, the leaves closed like mimosa, “I don’t know. Ah! Master, I think you are upset, and I want to help you too. But I have never seen ice cold grass, don’t think I’m already mature, but in fact, I’m very young, and I’m here in the forest of another world. I haven’t seen ice cold grass for several years. It is precious, more precious than me. I really don’t know how to make it grow.”

“Oh…” Xiao Su’er lowered her head, in fact, she already knew it was. This is the result, but I still can’t help but want to ask.

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