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Chapter 1240 Travel home

Chapter 1240

Is there really no possibility at all? Xiao Su’er opened her eyes and looked at Bo Qingang who was lying next to her. She stretched out her hand and stroked his cheek.

Such a handsome face is simply a gift from the Creator. You are a treasure placed on earth by the heavens. Will the heavens take it back now?

Xiao Su’er still couldn’t help crying. She didn’t know what to do. Now he can say that the medicine stone is ineffective, even using Xiaoyi’s leaves to suppress the toxins for at most one day.

Her medical skills have cured so many people with intractable diseases in these years, and brought back many terminally ill people to life, but it has not been able to save the one she loves.

Sora has a medical skill, it is useless at all! Xiao Su’er turned around and bit the quilt under him tightly, wet with tears.

The Bo Qingang next to him also shed tears. The man did not flick his tears, but he didn’t get to the point of sadness. Perhaps he would never be able to escape this time.

God gave him a chance to come back from the dead five years ago, perhaps just to let him say goodbye to Xiao Su’er!

Su’er, this time I will say goodbye to you! Bo Qing’ang clenched his fists.

the next day.

After the two confessed all the guards and subordinates of the Six Kings Mansion, they left the Six Kings Mansion after leaving the letter, and went to the back of the Ghost Doctor Valley hand in hand.

Once here, Xiao Su’er really felt an inexplicable suction, and sucked her towards a cave. I looked at the cave, but I couldn’t see what it really looked like inside. The cave seemed to hang on the mountain out of thin air, which didn’t fit the structure. Xiao Su’er took a deep breath, “It looks like this is the place, there can be no mistake,”

She took out the antidote of Yi Rong Pill and took it, Su Xin’er’s face slowly began to change, returning to her original appearance. This place may only appear in dreams in the future! She took Bo Qingang’s hand, “Are you ready? I’ll start when I’m ready.”

Today, she has figured out the secret of traveling through time and space. It may not be the reason why Catharina has pursued the lineage for so many years. It is just that a certain period of time just touched the secret of time and space, so she passed through.

Moreover, people who have traveled through it once are more likely to be attracted by the secrets of this time and space, so now the blood of both her and Bo Qingang can touch the switch of time and space and bring them back to China Mainland.

“Prepared a long time ago, Xiao Wang should miss his parents too!” As soon as Bo Qingang’s voice fell, he had already lifted the knife and cut a hole in his wrist. The moment the blood flowed out, the attraction of the cave It became bigger in an instant, and the two people were attracted by this powerful force and headed for the cave.

“Ah!” Xiao Su’er felt her feet vacant, and couldn’t help screaming. Bo Qing hugged her tightly. The two of them were rolled up to the entrance of the cave as if they were being rolled by the wind. To the cave.

This time it was only a month from the last time I crossed over, but this month seems to have been a few years later. The two people held their wrists tightly during the crossing and smiled at each other.

“Su’er, after you go back, you can give your clinic full authority to someone else. I won’t go to the company anymore, and give it all to Zhang Song. We both went on a trip and brought Xiao Wang. It is a genius, skipped twice. In the past two years, let him make time to accompany us. Our whole family will travel around the world.” Bo Qingang tightened her hand and said softly.

“Well, it’s time to make up for this trip to the world. You said that you would take me to many places, but we didn’t have time. There have always been various things holding us back. Now we don’t care about other people. You are the most important one.” Xiao Su’er also looked at him and laughed.

There is no need for much words between the two. Just thinking about it is that they can get everything about each other with a smile. This time seems to be longer than the last time they crossed. They don’t know how long it has been, but they just feel that there is a bright stimulus before them Make them dizzy.

After a while of dizziness, the two opened their eyes, holding each other’s hand in their hands, and took a closer look. This is the place they are familiar with: the place where they crossed the past last time!

“Su’er, are you okay?” Bo Qingang immediately hugged her and asked carefully after reading it. Xiao Su’er gently shook her head and chuckled at the clothes that did not match the Chinese mainland. “Bo Xiao, the two of us are still Find a place to change your clothes first! Otherwise, walking on the street would be too attractive, you are already a shining person.”

“Let’s go.” Bo Qingang led her into a shop on the side of the road. A very ordinary clothing store, there is no famous brand in the store, let alone advanced customization, the most expensive piece of clothing is only priced at 500 yuan.

Xiao Su’er walked into the store and found it very strange. She turned her head and looked at him, “Aang, are you sure you want to buy clothes here?”

“Of course you are sure! As long as there are any clothes you are wearing, you can have clothes in the shop. It’s no different from high-level customization, just wear it on.”

Bo Qingang picked up a skirt with a price tag of only two hundred yuan and gestured in front of Xiao Su’er, “Su’er, I think you must wear this long skirt very well. It looks good, go in and have a try.”

Xiao Suer looked at this skirt, not as good as those big-name materials, not to mention the tailoring, but it was better than the fresh style and it looked good. She took the skirt and walked in with a smile. Fitting room.

The owner’s daughter in the shop kept taking pictures with her mobile phone after seeing Bo Qingang. She also excitedly sent it to her friends. She kept talking to herself, “Wow, is such a handsome person an actor? Isn’t it cool to wear ancient costumes! And it looks like a thin boy? How come there are so many handsome guys?”

Bo Qingang picked up a t-shirt and jeans at random and went into the fitting room. The two changed their clothes and stood there. In front of the mirror, they are like two ordinary people without big names, let alone the calm and domineering when facing troubles, just like two ordinary people living ordinary lives.

“It’s very beautiful, let’s go!” Bo Qingang took Xiao Su’er’s hand and prepared to leave the store, but the owner stopped two people, “The two forgot to pay, so they can

leave after paying.” Looking at each other, they were stunned for a while, but suddenly burst into laughter two seconds later. The two people are really used to spending money. Even if they crossed to the Continent of All Saints, they are still people of identity. They actually forget that they have no money. How to pay without a mobile phone?

“Bo Shao, do you think it’s useful to brush your face now?” Xiao Su’er looked at him helplessly.

“I don’t know, I’ll try it.” Bo Qingang walked up to the owner in a serious manner, and said something that broke Xiao Su’er’s eyes. “Boss, we didn’t bring a penny with us today. Can you let me? I will pay you when I come next time?”

Xiao Su’er’s eyes widened in shock, a little unbelievable, Bo Qing’ang actually said such things to others, it was really strange that he called others the boss.

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